Exhibitionist Diary – Saturday 17th August 2019


That’s it. It’s over. Kate and Kieran are no more, and never will be, and I’m so angry I could punch someone. Well, not just anyone: I’d punch Kieran specifically.

It started nicely enough and I went to meet Kieran after work. He was still out with a couple of colleagues, and I could tell he felt pretty damn good about himself when I turned up in a short dress and heeled sandals. But then he just started to get all cocky with them and treating me like I was just some kind of bimbo, there to make him look good.

I hinted that maybe we could just leave and go somewhere by ourselves, because I actually wanted to have a more serious talk with him, and he said something like “You mean so I can get you out of that dress?” and I said “No, and you’ll be lucky if you see any of it the way you’re carrying on.”

One of the other guys said something about “saving it until later”, which I didn’t like much either, and Kieran said that I was never usually this shy, and then he pulled out his phone and showed them a photo from our holiday in Shropshire, where I was walking along the canal with Ha with nothing on!

All the guys were looking me up and down then, and I was so mad and told Kieran I was going to leave and it was up to him if he came with me, so I put my drink down and turned around and before I knew it he had his hands on the bottom of my skirt and had lifted it halfway up my body!

Half the bar saw everything from below the waist before I had a chance to grab my dress and tug it back down, and I turned around and kind of half slapped him and told him not to ever come near me again. I can’t believe how suddenly it all happened.

I felt so humiliated I just came home and I haven’t even told Ha or anyone yet. I’m upset about it all being over, although now I think about it it felt kind of over already, but I’m more upset about what he did and how stupid I was to let myself get into that situation in the first place.

More Naked Than Naked


“Now,” she said, “How does that feel.”

Her eyes were sparkling and I felt as if she had admitted me into some kind of inner circle. I wasn’t used to being so… accepted and it made me feel warm inside, but my skin was tingling at the realisation that I was nude and helpless, for the moment at least.

“Even… odder,” I said, “I feel… I feel so naked.”

Lisa smiled as if that was exactly what she wanted.

“In case you hadn’t noticed,” she said, “You are naked.”

We both laughed and I took another nervous sip from my glass.

“Here,” she said, and with one hand firmly on the small of my back and another more gently touching my stomach she pushed me gently backwards and I let myself sink down onto the sofa.

Lisa sat beside me and picked up her own gin and tonic. She tapped the glass against my own.

“Cheers,” she said with a wink. Her eyes stayed fixed on mine as she sipped.

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Exhibitionist Diary – Friday 16th August 2019


I’m kind of excited about seeing Kieran tonight. It’s a lovely day so I’ve gone for a short summer dress, which, to be honest, is a bit too short for work. I saw Matthew looking at me (and he’s still newly married!) so I flirted with him a bit before lunch. It was such a buzz when you’re wearing nothing at all underneath.

Then we had a bit of a company meeting where Henry’s retirement was announced, but in a way that didn’t make anyone think it was a big issue. I realised a short summer dress wasn’t exactly the best thing to wear for that sort of thing! Oh well.

Ha said something about me having a big night planned. I guess she knows exactly what’s under this dress!

Only A Photoshoot

Naked man with woman in a dress

“It was only a fashion shoot, but when I whispered in his ear that perhaps we could have dinner together in the same outfits, maybe at my place, it turned into a whole lot more.”

Exhibitionist Diary – Thursday 15th August 2019


I spent the morning in the PR company, but when I got back Jo said I’d have to brief Rachel on it and she can take over from me next week. Since Ellie isn’t there any more I don’t mind too much, although I do quite like getting out of the office every once in a while.

Kieran sent me some more messages today asking what I was going to wear to our date tomorrow. I said he’d have to wait. He suggested maybe I just didn’t bother, because nothing at all suited me very well. I said I’d have to see how the evening went, but maybe I’d have trouble getting in somewhere naked so perhaps I’d start with something. Although it would be fun to find out – maybe it’s a good way to jump the queue!