Nude At Work


I’d worn a few fairly skimpy outfits in the office before, although nothing unprofessional, but sitting nude in my chair was an entirely different experience. But still, as I turned on my laptop and started to look through my e-mails, it began to feel almost natural.

There seemed to be nothing more urgent than usual so I stood up and walked to the kitchen to get myself some coffee. A hush fell over the room as heads turned towards me and I realised that, somehow, without even knowing what was going on, I had the upper hand.

Feeling especially mischievous I took a diversion towards Kieran’s desk. He was sitting with his back to me so I touched his shoulder to get his attention. He turned around and stared straight at my breasts, and then down, and then, as the day before, to somewhere far over the top of my head.

“Morning, Kieran,” I said with a smile, and then, seeing the colour rising in his cheeks, I turned myself side-on and leant back against his desk with one leg crossed over the other.

“Erm, hi, Jennifer.” The poor boy could hardly speak.

“That Mitchum case? We have a meeting to talk it through at eleven.” He nodded. I think we would have nodded no matter what I said. “Any chance we could move it forward to ten thirty? My morning’s clear but I know it won’t stay that way for long.”

“Erm, sure. Ten thirty.”

I smiled. “Great! I’ll update the meeting invite so you don’t forget me.” He wasn’t going to be forgetting me in a hurry. “You look a bit distracted this morning. Is everything okay?”

His mouth opened and closed and then a mumbled “Erm, fine, I’m fine,” came out.

“That’s good. But let me know if you’re coming down with something, okay? We’ve got to get back to the client tomorrow and I can always get someone to cover for you.” As I spoke I put a reassuring hand on his shoulder. Well, it would be reassuring, but as my left nipple was now only a foot away from him it was turning him into a nervous wreck instead. I loved every minute of it.

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My Only Set Of Clothes


Tania laughed and mocked holding her nose. “You’ve already got half my clothes up at your place. I know if I lend you something I’ll never see it again.”

Louisa scowled back comically. “Well, you’re the one who has to put up with the smell,” she said.

Tania giggled. “Oh, don’t be such a drama queen. I’m going to put a wash on and we can put your things in it.”

Louisa gave Tania a hug. “Oh, thanks, m’dear.”

Tania grinned. “Yeah, but I’m still not lending you any of my clothes. I’ll go and get the wash basket, and you get your kit off.”

Louisa shook her fist at Tania. “There’s always something with you. Well, if you think I’m stripping off in your kitchen, you’ve got another think coming.”

Tania put her arm around Louisa, leant over and bit gently on her ear lobe. Louisa’s eyes rolled in their sockets; that always did it for her.

“I’ll make it worth your while,” Tania whispered.

With that, she skipped out of the room. Louisa thought for a moment. Maybe it would be fun, for an hour while the washing machine ran, to sit around nude with Tania. It wasn’t like Tania didn’t see her naked for half the weekends they spent together anyway.

Before she changed her mind, and not wanting to be halfway through undressing when Tania returned, she pulled her top over her head and dropped it onto a chair. She unfastened her bra and put it on her top, then pulled off her socks, unbuttoned her skirt and slid her knickers down before picking up the lot and piling them together on top of the washing machine.

When Tania came back into the room with a basket of clothes under one arm Louisa was sitting naked at the kitchen table, pretending to study the crossword on the back of the newspaper. Her heart was beating hard in her chest and her breathing was short and rapid as she pretended to concentrate.

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No Time To Think


“No time to think,” she said, her blouse flapping open to reveal glimpses of her perfect breasts. I felt myself become rigid in my chair. “Just unbutton your dress. Or do you want me to do it?” The seductive look returned to her eyes again. That was one step I wasn’t ready for.

“No! No!” I said, rather too quickly. My hands moved quickly to my top button and unfastened it, and then the second one.

Then I paused and wondered why I was doing this. The choice wasn’t between me unbuttoning my dress or her doing it, it was between me doing it or it not happening at all.

“Fine,” Elisa said and went to push her blouse off her shoulders. I still couldn’t believe she was going to go through with it, not with nothing to gain. Nothing except the thrill, I guess.

“No!” I said, and quickly set to work on the next button. Elisa pulled her blouse around her again.

I worked my way down the front until each button was undone. The dress was open down to the waist and it hung loosely over my shoulders. If I sat still it would still cover me. I hoped I’d demonstrated enough willingness to join in these games that now we could get back to some semblance of normality.

“I think you may have to stand up to take it off,” Elisa told me with a satisfied expression. It was obvious that Elisa wasn’t going to let me get away with stopping now.

I was still determined not to draw attention to myself, so I pushed the dress off my arms and felt it drop to my waist. I didn’t have time to absorb just how strange it felt, to be sitting topless at the back of an Italian restaurant.

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Holding Hands


Photo by: Sacha Leyendecker (sacha-leyendecker)

Georgia twisted herself around to face Lisa. Lisa sighed as Georgia’s skirt rubbed against her bare thigh.

“So, this dream,” Georgia started. Lis turned coy again. “You were naked.”

“I was wearing socks,” Lisa corrected. Georgia looked down at Lisa’s feet and smiled.

“And that was enough to make you cum?” Lisa blushed.

“No,” she said, and squirmed a little in the seat, “We were sitting in a bar.”

Nhu looked over at Georgia: this was one hot story, and she’d never have imagined she’d be hearing it from Lisa.

“And, for some reason, I was holding hands with you two,” Lisa continued.

Georgia took Lisa’s right hand in her left. “Like this?” she said, with a smile. Nhu held Lisa’s left hand. Even to her delicate touch it felt soft and tender.

“Yes…” Lisa said nervously. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. It was just like in her dream, with her hands being held on either side of her.

“Then what?” Nhu prompted. She had to hear the rest of this.

Lisa trembled. “You said,” she paused, “You said to Judy: ‘Does she like having her breasts touched’.”

Nhu grinned and turned to Judy. “Well, does she?” she asked her.

Judy nodded. “Very much so.”

Nhu reached her left hand over her and placed it on Lisa’s bare breast. The nipple pressed into her palm. Lisa gasped and panted a few times. Georgia’s hand pressed onto her other breast. It was wonderfully soft and cool.

“And this fantasy,” Georgia said, “Of you naked in the bar, when we touched your breasts, you came?”

Lisa had her eyes closed and shook her head.

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Leaving It All


Lucia suddenly tensed and Helena realised she had gone too far too quickly. Pareia gently blew onto the bare skin of the slender redhead and Lucia was carried back under the spell. Her head fell back and she rubbed her neck with her delicate fingers. If it weren’t for their magic, Helena thought, every head in the bar would be watching Lucia now.

“One thing at a time,” Pareia said gently, both to Helena and to Lucia. She ran her finger along Lucia’s slender collarbone and was rewarded by a wriggle of the shoulders.

Then the finger slid down Lucia’s chest, over the soft flesh of her breast, and then stroked the thick red lace that covered her nipples. Lucia trembled in her seat.

“No more hiding,” Pareia whispered to Lucia.

“No more hiding,” Lucia replied out loud, and she put her hands behind her back and unfastened her bra. With a smooth, rapid motion she shrugged it off of her shoulders and dropped it onto her jeans.

“She has a beautiful figure,” Helena said, and Pareia nodded in agreement.

“This is like a dream,” Lucia said quietly to herself, and Helena felt herself overwhelmed by the images of fantasies and dreams that Lucia had kept to herself for all these years.

“You’re almost free,” Pareia whispered to her.

“Almost,” Lucia agreed, and she slid her hands into her underwear and pushed downwards. She needed only a small lift in her seat as she pushed her last item of clothing down her thighs and then let it drop down her legs and onto the floor.

She wriggled contentedly in her seat: who would have thought that the night would end with her sitting naked in the bar? She was glad she had ordered that extra drink now and she emptied her glass.

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