A Very Grown-up Party

Naked woman standing in front of PVC-clad woman

I looked down at jeans and a t-shirt, and then at Lisa. She was wearing a short, clingy PVC dress with a shoulder cut-out and ankle-high black boots. She had short red hair and, despite us being the same age, I think anyone would have guessed that she was at least five years older than I was. She really looked the part; I did not. But the whole reason I’d turned up at her apartment early was so she could help me work out what to wear. She said she had the perfect outfit in mind.

“Here,” she said, and she turned to kneel on the sofa and grasped the hem of my faded t-shirt. Compliantly, I lifted my arms and she pulled it over my head.

I wasn’t expecting her to reach around my back and unfasten my bra, but before I had time to register what was happening that was exactly what she did. She pulled it off my arms and I resisted the temptation to cross my hands over my chest. I couldn’t remember the last time anyone had seen my breasts; certainly not since I’d been wearing a bra.

“Stand up.” I did as I was told. She began to unfasten my belt and then looked down at my feet. I’d kicked my trainers off when I’d come into her house, out of habit, although I guess it wasn’t necessary since Lisa was wearing her boots indoors.

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Exhibitionist Diary – Monday 21st January 2019


Brian said we got the new work! So I start on Thursday, just for a half day. It won’t be as much fun as the Tuesday start-up, but it’s nice to be out of the office – and nice to have a bit more responsibility.

I wore trousers and a blouse to work today and had a bit of a flirt with Matthew, then on the way home there was a guy on the tube who was kind of cute so I did my best to flash a bit of chest his way under the pretence of scratching my neck. I was feeling pretty damn attractive by the time I got home, I have to say.

I didn’t get to have a run this morning (okay, I just didn’t get up early enough) so I went after work, and this led to a pretty hot exchange of messages with Kieran:

Exhibitionist Diary 21st January 2019

So I said I’d send him a photo and he went quiet… and I took a picture of my photo. I mean, I was really sitting on the edge of my bed naked and with a towel around my head, but I wasn’t quite ready to send him a head-to-toe photo. Not yet! Although it was tempting…

I stood in front of the mirror and – you know what? – this Pilates and running is starting to do some good.

We ended up swapping flirty messages for the rest of the night, but it’s all a bit long and probably not that interesting for anyone else. Needless to say I was masturbating by bedtime, and I wondered if Kieran did too. Such a waste if so.

Exhibitionist Diary – Sunday 20th January 2019


After yesterday’s “back to normal” day I realised I had better try something different, and the weather was better than it had been recently so… I put on my new underwear, a long pair of boots, and the biggest coat I own and went for a walk. It felt so sexy, and I couldn’t get enough of it. I was looking at everyone I passed, daring them to work out how little I was wearing. Of course no-one could, so I went to a coffee shop and almost on automatic pilot started to unbutton my coat! I stopped myself just in time but got a very funny look from the barista as I sat down so quickly.

It’s so addictive, that feeling; the rush from taking a risk of being exposed, although in reality I was in control all the time. Or at least I thought I was, and then I came over all naughty. I went into the coffee shop toilets, took off my knickers and stuffed them into my coat pocket, and walked home in just coat and bra! I don’t know why I didn’t dare take the bra off as well as I had the coat buttoned up tightly the whole time.

Although a nice day, it’s still January and not exactly warm, and that’s probably the only thing that stopped me from being as randy as anything the whole time, because it was a bit nippy “up there”. I hadn’t set the heating timer either so it was quite cool when I got home too, and it was a bit disappointing to have to get dressed as soon as I came in.

Only A Glass To Hide Behind


““Good idea,” Nhu shrugged, and then stood, taking her champagne glass with her. She went and sat at one end of their sofa. Georgia followed her and sat at the other. They looked back at the dining area, for the first time seeing the full length of...

“Good idea,” Nhu shrugged, and then stood, taking her champagne glass with her. She went and sat at one end of their sofa. Georgia followed her and sat at the other. They looked back at the dining area, for the first time seeing the full length of Lisa’s beautiful, naked body with little white socks on each foot. They smiled at each other: this was going to do wonders for their sex life tonight too.

Lisa felt suddenly nervous at the idea of leaving the cover of the table, but from where the two girls sat she wasn’t covered anyway. She stood and picked up her glass. Georgia and Nhu tried not to stare as she walked towards them, but they were unable to control themselves.

Lisa stood in front of them with her champagne glass in her hand, suddenly feeling very nervous again. She didn’t want to sit on the foot stool opposite the couch, and she didn’t want to remain standing on display, although there was some pleasure to be had in seeing the lust in their eyes.

“Here,” Georgia said, shuffling up a couple of inches and patting the spot on the sofa between her and Nhu.

Lisa didn’t see how she could back out of the offer, so she stepped over and twisted herself around to back onto the sofa. She put her champagne glass on the floor and slid back into the seat.

Automatically, she put her feet up on the padded footstool opposite. Georgia and Nhu smiled at each other as they looked down at her slim, shapely legs and the short socks that she still wore on each foot.

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Exhibitionist Diary – Saturday 19th January 2019


I met some friends from past jobs today. I don’t know why, but whenever I meet old friends I revert to the old me, in terms of dress sense, and it was just jeans and a jumper. I even wore knickers, since jeans without underwear isn’t ideal. Some of us stayed around for dinner in the evening and we went to a noodle bar and gossiped, and of course somebody asked me if I was seeing anyone and they could tell from the look on my face… I was grilled for ages, because none of them had ever known me to have a boyfriend. And I’m not even sure if Kieran is a boyfriend… he must be, if we’ve kissed, I guess?