One Button At A Time


“Indeed, Tricia. We’d had this idea of serving in the nude but, until the appeal comes through, we can’t do that. But we don’t want anyone coming to a café called ‘Naked Women in Shorts’ and being disappointed, so we work dressed like this.”

On cue Cassandra grabs the bottom of her t-shirt and pulls it swiftly and smoothly over her head. She’s not wearing a bra underneath and I stare for a second at her perfect, small breasts. Her long hair falls over her bare shoulders and it occurs to me that if the café business ever fails she could easily turn to modelling. She’s almost impossibly thin and the denim shorts cover so little she’s as close to being naked as she can be, and still be legal. I’m suddenly insanely jealous of the combination of brains, beauty and youth.

I turn back to the camera.

“Well,” I say, “I’m sure you’re anxious to find out a lot more of how this very unique business runs. So, without further ado, I’m going to put on my uniform and join Cassandra for ‘A Working Day’ at the ‘Naked Women in Shorts Café’”

I try to look confident as I fumble at the top button of my blouse with my free hand. I pop it open, and then the second, before Jim takes the camera off of his shoulder and I stop. He only has eyes for Cassandra, of course.

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Naked In The Eyes Of The Law


“Ma’am, that’s not the way things work around here. Now, ma’am, I gotta ask this, but why aren’t you wearing any clothes.”

I had no answer to that, or none that I wanted to share. I couldn’t say because I’m a freak who gets kicks out of driving around naked, or if I had done I’m sure it wouldn’t have helped my case. I just shrugged, and realised that every time I made any movement that made my breasts move he was going to end up staring straight at them. I folded my arms across my chest and felt my nipples pressing into my forearms; maybe I didn’t feel turned on, but nobody had told my body that.

“Well, do you have something you can wear now?”

I shook my head. I knew someday that doing this would get me into trouble, and I had always enjoyed the trouble I had gotten into, but not this time.

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Why Get Dressed?


I walked over and stretched out on the lounger and started to read. Time passed easily and it seemed a completely natural way to spend the day; me in my bathrobe, and Natasha in her tattoos, reading in silence.

At some point I paused my reading, and noticed Natasha was staring into the distance, daydreaming.

“What time do you think it is?” I asked her. She twisted around and peered back into the house where I guessed there must be a clock on the wall.

“It looks like it’s something like two o’clock,” she replied.

I looked around me at the sun-baked paving, and then down at my bathrobe. “I really should get dressed at some point.”

Natasha laughed and shrugged. “I don’t see why. I’m not planning to bother.” That brought a laugh from me. “And besides, all you’ve got is that tight dress from last night, and you really don’t want to be wearing that in this heat.” She had a point there. The thought of an underwired bra pressing into my chest and clingy fabric wrapped around my hips did not appeal one bit. I thought for a second.

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A Forbidden Kiss


Together they rose to their feet, their arms still around each other. Sarah’s body was so soft against her own and she could feel her warmth through the thin cotton of her nightdress. If this happened again, she would remember to take it off before she came out: she could easily claim that she had slept in the nude too. Would Sarah like what she saw as much as Theresa did? Theresa shook her head: it was all pure fantasy and she mustn’t let it control her.

They negotiated the entrance back into the corridor, Theresa’s hand reluctant to leave the place it had found around Sarah’s waist. “We can’t let you bump into everything again,” she said by way of a cover story and she steered the girl’s small frame along the hall.

They reached Sarah’s door and they stood facing each other. Sarah could only see the faintest light reflected in Theresa’s eyes but she could still feel and see kindness within them. She wrapped her arms around Theresa’s shoulders and whispered to her: “Thank you”.

Theresa’s arms wrapped around Sarah’s waist and pulled her close to her. She savoured the moment, not sure if she would ever be able to repeat it, and they stood for a few seconds with their bodies pressed against each other.

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Beneath The Coat


Susan paid and then stood admiring herself in her new ruby stilettoes. Her shopping day was done and she had everything she needed for tomorrow night, and she’d had some fun too. She tittered inwardly at how easy it was to shop whilst almost completely naked.

She looked around the shop. The clientele were trying on shoes, pacing up and down in them, or were browsing racks, picking and examining semi-randomly. Why was no-one looking at her now? Could they not see how good she looked in her new shoes? Didn’t they know there was a powerful, naked sexual creature underneath this coat?

Of course they didn’t know. A flash of leg or a hint of cleavage might get a passing admiring look, but she wasn’t showing any more skin than many of the other women, and certainly not as much as she had shown an hour ago in the lingerie shop, despite her nakedness beneath the coat.

She looked in the mirror again. Of course they weren’t looking at her, because she was still beige. Her coat was beige, and next to it her skin looked beige. The bright red lipstick, the ruby red shoes and the dark eyeliner had too much to fight against, and they were defeated by the dull coat. If you looked closely you might be able to see a young, sexy woman inside, but you had to decide to look closely in the first place.

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Driving Free


So, yesterday morning, I decided to go for a drive, just as I had done on many other days. I threw my clothes onto the bed, slipped into my luscious black stilettos, put on my sunglasses and walked out to the car. I had plenty of gas to get me out and back, and as the sun was dipping the air was cooling to a perfect temperature.

I was used to cruising naked through the neighbourhood by now; it had become much less of a thrill. Yet, as it had a few times before, as the last set of lights turned to red and I was forced to slow and stop I felt the butterflies rise in my stomach at the idea that maybe someone would walk past and happen to glance into the car. No-one ever did as there was nowhere worth walking to, but the thought was excitement enough.

This time, though, there was something that hadn’t happened before and I heard and felt a large SUV pull up in the lane alongside me. At least I was on the inside and hidden behind the door, but I felt myself sink low in my seat, hoping that the driver’s high position wouldn’t let them see down into the car. I kept my left arm straight on the steering wheel, doing everything I could to block any possible line of sight to my bare breasts.

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Young, Naked And Ready To Party


Brandy allowed herself to be helped out of the car and stood with her arms crossed over her bare chest. More and more of the people in the line for the club were turning their head towards her and she heard wolf whistles. A light breeze blew across her body and she felt her nipples harden and press into her forearms. She was standing in the nude outside a nightclub, and this was suddenly becoming another bad idea.

She turned her head and saw Sherine standing in the same pose next to the car that had brought her here.

“C’mon,” Damian said, and then she nearly fainted as he wrapped an arm around her waist and drove her towards the main door. His hand felt so good, and so strong, on her bare skin.

The bouncers let them straight through and they walked along empty corridors that skirted the edge of the main dance room. She could hear the music reverberating through the walls.

Damian turned and smiled at Brandy and her heart melted. The smile told her that she’d be alright after all, so she continued to follow.

They arrived at a large balcony area overlooking the dancefloor. There were steps up from the main room but they were roped off. Damian led Brandy over to a sofa on one side of a table and sat her beside him. Russ did the same with Sherine, who sat opposite Brandy.

Suddenly, Brandy broke into a big grin that she directed at Sherine. Maybe now they could have some fun. Sure, they were naked in a nightclub, but what better company to be naked in!

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