The Naked Girl I Met In The Woods – Out Now


My latest ENF novel, The Naked Girl I Met In The Woods is out now for the Kindle.

It’s a story of love and lust for youth, but also of rekindled marital love. After a series of sensual encounters with the naked young woman Phillip pushes his wife into increasingly daring situations. Yet will he ever be able to truly put the beautiful young woman, and her beautiful nude body, out of his mind?

You can read excerpts from it in my first three previews here, here and here. And if you like it, please let me know in the comments, or at

The Naked Girl I Met In The Woods – Third Excerpt


Only a couple of days left before my next book is out! So here’s one last sneak preview of the kinds of things you can find in it:

“Let’s take a walk down the garden,” I said, taking her hand before she had a chance to answer.

She giggled and her chest bounced.

“You’re going to get me in trouble,” she said.

“That’s the plan.”

I led her down the grass lawn and we inspected the few wild flowers that grew within it, taking our time to reach the other end. The fence that stopped us at the bottom had a wooden gate in the centre.

“This looks like it could go somewhere fun,” I said, opening the catch. I felt a tug of resistance from her hand in mine.

“I don’t want to go too far from the house. Not like this,” she said, but her eyes flashed with excitement.

“We won’t go too far,” I promised.

She giggled again and followed me through the gate.

“This is very silly,” she said as we walked along the edge of a field that was obviously a footpath, a hedgerow on one side of us to guide our way.

We slowly descended into the valley and at the end of the field passed through another gate. The lit windows of the cottage were visible further up the hill and as our eyes were accustomed to the twilight I decided we had enough time before full darkness to lead Kathy on some more.

We walked for ten minutes, Kathy sometimes giggling and staying close to me, her breasts brushing against my upper arm as she stayed close. I was close to turning back when I heard running water from just below us.

“There must be a stream,” I said, leading Kathy down yet further.

It was a picturesque bubbling stream that ran along the bottom of the valley, and a well-made path that our stony trail joined onto. A bench had been placed opposite the junction, looking out over the water as it bubbled over small stones. It was as if it had been made for us.

“Come,” I said, leading Kathy around the bench and taking a seat, “Before we have to climb back up again.”

“I thought you were going to keep leading me astray for a minute there,” she said. We were maybe half a mile from the cottage, and half a mile from Kathy’s clothes. It was like a dream come true.

The Naked Girl I Met In The Woods will be listed on my Amazon page as soon as it’s out.

Excerpt From The Naked Girl I Met In The Woods


Only a few days until my next book is out, so here’s a second excerpt to give you a hint of the kind of things you can expect:

She was as beautiful as ever in denim shorts, a checked shirt and trainers. A nearly empty shopping basket was on the ground beside her. She looked up at me and beamed and I couldn’t help but beam back.

“I didn’t expect to see you here.”

Then I remembered Kathy was beside me.

“You all know each other?” she asked with a tilt of the head. It wasn’t surprising that I should bump into someone I knew, but it was unusual for Samuel to recognise someone that Kathy didn’t know. I rushed to explain.

“This is Alison. And this is Kathy. My wife.” I paused. “Alison’s the… one I told you about, that I work with… who lives nearby. We bumped into her on a walk so she met Samuel.”

Alison stood and held a hand out for Kathy.

“Very pleased to meet you at last,” Alison said.

“You too,” Kathy replied, “Philip told me he gave someone a lift to work most days. I guess it’s you.” Kathy looked at me suspiciously, but what was I to have done? Tell her just how young and pretty and full of life Alison was?

“It is me,” Alison said as she almost bounced on the spot. “We’ve been working together a lot and Philip’s been so much help to me.”

“I’ll bet he has.”

I didn’t like where the conversation was going.

“But what are you doing here, Alison? You don’t have a garden?” I asked, hurriedly changing the subject

“Oh! Very exciting news! I’ve been given that allotment. It’s already mine and I get the keys to the gate this week. I went down there first thing and there’s so much I need to do!”

“That’s great news.” I turned to Kathy. “Alison’s a keen gardener, apparently, but lives up on the third floor of a block.”

“You could have come and sorted our garden out,” Kathy said, “It’s hard enough to get Philip to put his mind to it.”

“I would have done! If Philip had invited me.”

An image of Alison kneeling in our back garden, weeding away in nothing but a pair of wellington boots, had already crossed my mind.

The Naked Girl I Met In The Woods will be listed on my Amazon page as soon as it’s out.

The Naked Girl I Met In The Woods – Cover Art


My newest book, The Naked Girl I Met In The Woods, is out in about a week’s time, and I have to say: I am in love with the cover image.

So that’s the cover, and the words are coming soon. Here’s a few more of them to keep you going:

And there she was. Sitting cross-legged on her coat on the ground, hidden from most angles by the bushes around her and with her back to a tree, with her wellington boots neatly placed beside her.

She was entirely naked without her wellies. I’d never seen her entirely naked.

Samuel sat directly in front of her, beside her sketchpad on the floor, and she rubbed his head as she talked to him.

“I should have known he’d find me,” she said, looking up at me with a smile.

I couldn’t get over how un-embarrassed she was. The first time I’d seen her she’d had her sketchpad on her knees and an arm over her breasts. Now she seemed uncaring about her nudity, and sitting cross-legged… I don’t think I’ve ever seen a woman so exposed, not outside of Internet porn. (And Internet Porn isn’t something I really care for.)

“I… uh….” I was lost for words.

“I decided to come out after all,” she said, “I didn’t want to bother you with a message, though.”

She didn’t realise that a message from Alison was the one thing I’d wanted to happen all weekend.

“I… uh….” I was trying not to stare. It was impossible.

“Samuel’s been having fun, I see.” She held out her hand, streaked with grime and muddy from rubbing his head. He looked up at me as if he knew he’d done his job in finding her.

“What…. what are you drawing?” I asked, forcing myself to look at the sketchpad. Anything but stare at Alison’s body.

Look out for it on my Amazon listing page.

The Naked Girl I Met In The Woods – Second Excerpt


My new book is coming out next week, but in the meantime here’s another excerpt to whet your appetite.

She took my hand and we swung our arms as we walked. We were still drawing attention, but for different reasons: me, for being still partially dressed, and Kathy because she just looked amazing.

Kathy barely missed a step as we passed a fully-clothed couple walking in the opposite direction, but the smirk on her lips told me all that I needed to know: she was enjoying this. So was I.

We continued to walk in silence and every now and then I glanced over at Kathy, strolling confidently naked, barefoot, and as happy as I’d seen her in a long time. Nobody else came our way, but an unfamiliar sound from behind us caught my attention and it took a few seconds before I registered what it was: horses hooves on sand. I glanced over my shoulder and noticed they were a couple, their horses walking side by side along the path between the dunes.

“It would be a lovely place to ride a horse,” Kathy said as we stepped off the path to let them by. I was just imagining Kathy riding here, still naked, when one of the riders called out.

The Naked Girl I Met In The Woods will be listed on my Amazon page as soon as it’s out.

The Naked Girl I Met In The Woods – Coming Soon!


After a very long dry spell, I finally have a new novel almost ready to release. It’s called The Naked Girl I Met In The Woods and is about an advertising executive, named Phillip, who is out walking his dog, Samuel, when he encounters a young woman, Alison, sitting naked in a clearing with a sketchbook across her knees.

This proves to be the first of many encounters, with Alison in many various states of undress, and although Phillip always wants to spend more time with Alison, it’s the effect on his marriage that is more surprising as he pushes his wife Kathy to increasingly daring heights.

Here’s how it starts anyway:

Samuel always found somewhere new in the forest. No matter how many times I’d walked these paths, or how sure I was that I’d seen every single clearing or lakes or pond to be found, there was always a new sight to be discovered. He might not have the strength of the legendary Samuel, since my Samuel was quite a small dog, but Samuel the Spaniel had a very good nose, and on long Sunday afternoon walkies he would take me roaming far and wide.

Today, however, Samuel led me to something very special indeed. And if I’d seen her earlier, or if I hadn’t been with Samuel, I probably would have turned around and pretended I hadn’t. But Samuel was already making friends, nuzzling her as she looked around anxiously, a sketchpad on her knees, a collection of pencils beside her, green wellington boots on her feet and not a stitch of clothing. She obviously hadn’t brought much with her either as just a green army surplus jacket separated her buttocks from the rough bark of a fallen tree.

As she saw me she put one arm across her breasts, a pencil still between her fingers, and stroked Samuel’s head with her free hand. Her knees were pressed together and the sketchpad across her lap offered at least a modicum of modesty.

“Sorry,” I called over, pretending not to be fazed by her nakedness, “He really likes making new friends.”

“Me too,” she said, smiling at the eager Spaniel, “But I have to admit I thought I was far enough from the path not to meet anyone else right now.”

She looked suddenly sheepish, the ridiculousness of a forty-something man stumbling across a pretty twenty-something naked girl in the middle of the woods starting to get the better of both of us. I tried not to stare, but she was so pretty, and so vulnerable, and as she smiled and her blue eyes shone it was as if a ray of light had found its way through the canopy to light her and only her. Or only her and Samuel, perhaps.

It’ll be out in a week or so’s time on Amazon Kindle, along with the rest of my books here.

No Password Required – Free ENF Stories!


I know, I know… I haven’t written anything for a long time. There has been a pandemic on, you know?

It’s actually not true that I haven’t written anything, but I certainly haven’t published anything. You’ve got me there.

I’ve also been rather lax about sending out passwords to my exclusive stories, so instead of catching up with the backlog I’ve removed the password field entirely.

Yup – now you can read everything on this site without having to type in that pesky password. That’s nearly 20 bits of writing you can now get at without doing anything more than clicking the link.

So it’s not quite the same as a beautiful naked lady on your desk, but if reading my words on your screen do anything for you then I hope it tides you over until that beautiful naked lady does arrive. Or at least until I get around to finishing one of my works-in-progress, whichever arrives first.

Next, A Touch


Georgia twisted herself around to face Lisa. Lisa sighed as Georgia’s skirt rubbed against her bare thigh.

“So, this dream,” Georgia started. Lis turned coy again. “You were naked.”

“I was wearing socks,” Lisa corrected. Georgia looked down at Lisa’s feet and smiled.

“And that was enough to make you cum?” Lisa blushed.

“No,” she said, and squirmed a little in the seat, “We were sitting in a bar.”

Nhu looked over at Georgia: this was one hot story, and she’d never have imagined she’d be hearing it from Lisa.

“And, for some reason, I was holding hands with you two,” Lisa continued.

Georgia took Lisa’s right hand in her left. “Like this?” she said, with a smile. Nhu held Lisa’s left hand. Even to her delicate touch it felt soft and tender.

“Yes…” Lisa said nervously. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. It was just like in her dream, with her hands being held on either side of her.

“Then what?” Nhu prompted. She had to hear the rest of this.

Lisa trembled. “You said,” she paused, “You said to Judy: ‘Does she like having her breasts touched’.”

Nhu grinned and turned to Judy. “Well, does she?” she asked her.

Judy nodded. “Very much so.”

Nhu reached her left hand over her and placed it on Lisa’s bare breast. The nipple pressed into her palm. Lisa gasped and panted a few times. Georgia’s hand pressed onto her other breast. It was wonderfully soft and cool.

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Baring All At Work


As I said before, I’m up for anything, but I was surprised that everyone else was too. Anyone who really objected could take the week off and, to break us in gently, the first day was just going to be down to underwear.

Now, there was a fairly new cute guy in the office, Kieran, who I’d been making eyes at for a while, but he was so shy that he just blushed. All the secretaries flirted with him, but I think I was the only junior partner who did as well. I suppose I was the only female partner anywhere near his age, but he didn’t seem to know how to react to the attention from a senior. I was having quite a lot of fun with him.

So I had an easy challenge for day one of filming: to see if I could make his boxer shorts bulge. Because I knew that, shy boy that he was, he would be wearing the biggest piece of underwear he could find. Actually, why hadn’t he just ducked out of the whole thing? I would have put money on him skipping the week, but there you go.

Monday came around and I went all-out: white lace bra, knickers, stockings and suspenders, some fantastic delicate white heels, and then a simple skirt and blouse over the top for the journey into work. I arrived at the office and was disappointed to see the receptionist was fully dressed. A young woman holding a clipboard came over to meet me.

“You must be Jennifer,” she said.

I raised an eyebrow. How did she know my name?

She smiled. “We’ve been reviewing the other program you were in. I recognised you from that.”

I smiled back: so she knew who she was dealing with.

“How come the receptionists are all dressed up?” I asked her.

“Oh, that’s how we always do things,” she said, “We can’t have people wandering in from outside and being met by girls in their underwear.” She giggled. I couldn’t see why we couldn’t have that, but that was me. “And then when you get into the office we lock the door behind you. Just in case someone tries to wander in.” I shrugged; it made no difference to me either way. She continued to explain the setup.

“We have a few screens around here for you to undress, and I’ll keep your outer clothes until the end of the day.” She showed me around the corner to couple of temporary screens in the corner of the room. “Put your things in here,” she told me and handed over a cardboard box with my name on the top.

I went behind the screen, took off my skirt and my blouse and put them in the box. Holding the box in my hands I stepped out. I saw her eyes go wide as she looked my stockings and lace underwear up and down. There are no two ways about it: I looked absolutely stunning.

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A Surprisingly Compliant Partner


“We’re in room 1418,” I told her. “I need to settle the bar tab. You go to the room and wait for me.”

“But…” her eyes went wide, “Like this?” She looked down at herself. I smiled. “Naked?”

I shook my head. “Of course not,” I said, and she relaxed a little, “I’ll let you keep your boots on.”

“No way!” she said.

I shrugged. “Have it your way. I’ll carry your boots too.”

She tensed up again and glared across the table at me. I had a feeling that I had taken things as far as I could. Actually, I was surprised that things had gone this far at all.

“You owe me,” Katherine said, and then suddenly she was sliding herself out of the booth. “Room 1418?” she asked. I nodded.

She stood by the side of the table with the keycard in her hand. I stared at her tall, thin, golden, perfect body. Her nipples stood on end. I couldn’t wait to feel them in my mouth.

She turned and walked towards the elevators. I shuffled to the end of the seat and watched her retreating figure. And then, I looked around, and saw the remaining twenty or so people in the restaurant, and both barmen, all doing the same. Her hips swayed slightly as each boot struck the floor and I marvelled at the presence of mind she had to maintain such a dignified walk.

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