Only A Glass To Hide Behind


““Good idea,” Nhu shrugged, and then stood, taking her champagne glass with her. She went and sat at one end of their sofa. Georgia followed her and sat at the other. They looked back at the dining area, for the first time seeing the full length of...

“Good idea,” Nhu shrugged, and then stood, taking her champagne glass with her. She went and sat at one end of their sofa. Georgia followed her and sat at the other. They looked back at the dining area, for the first time seeing the full length of Lisa’s beautiful, naked body with little white socks on each foot. They smiled at each other: this was going to do wonders for their sex life tonight too.

Lisa felt suddenly nervous at the idea of leaving the cover of the table, but from where the two girls sat she wasn’t covered anyway. She stood and picked up her glass. Georgia and Nhu tried not to stare as she walked towards them, but they were unable to control themselves.

Lisa stood in front of them with her champagne glass in her hand, suddenly feeling very nervous again. She didn’t want to sit on the foot stool opposite the couch, and she didn’t want to remain standing on display, although there was some pleasure to be had in seeing the lust in their eyes.

“Here,” Georgia said, shuffling up a couple of inches and patting the spot on the sofa between her and Nhu.

Lisa didn’t see how she could back out of the offer, so she stepped over and twisted herself around to back onto the sofa. She put her champagne glass on the floor and slid back into the seat.

Automatically, she put her feet up on the padded footstool opposite. Georgia and Nhu smiled at each other as they looked down at her slim, shapely legs and the short socks that she still wore on each foot.

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Naked With Mia

Naked woman in a public bar

I must have been looking away from Mia for no more than two or three seconds but by the time I turned back the fur coat was gone and I was suddenly in the presence of Mia the performance artist. Or, more precisely, Mia the naked performance artist.

I wasn’t sure what the etiquette was, so I said nothing. I was incapable of saying anything as she sat there, seemingly oblivious to her nudity, not even paying attention to how I reacted.

I had seen plenty of photos and videos during my research for this interview but, in the flesh, it was obvious what a truly beautiful woman Mia was. Her skin was a delightful soft cream colour and appeared flawless, although I was trying hard not to stare. There was barely an inch of fat on her and, as she sat with her legs crossed, I wondered if I was just imagining the whole thing.

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Take It All Off


“Tania grinned. “Yeah, but I’m still not lending you any of my clothes. I’ll go and get the wash basket, and you get your kit off.”
Louisa shook her fist at Tania. “There’s always something with you....

Tania grinned. “Yeah, but I’m still not lending you any of my clothes. I’ll go and get the wash basket, and you get your kit off.”

Louisa shook her fist at Tania. “There’s always something with you. Well, if you think I’m stripping off in your kitchen, you’ve got another think coming.”

Tania put her arm around Louisa, leant over and bit gently on her ear lobe. Louisa’s eyes rolled in their sockets; that always did it for her.

“I’ll make it worth your while,” Tania whispered.

With that, she skipped out of the room. Louisa thought for a moment. Maybe it would be fun, for an hour while the washing machine ran, to sit around nude with Tania. It wasn’t like Tania didn’t see her naked for half the weekends they spent together anyway.

Before she changed her mind, and not wanting to be halfway through undressing when Tania returned, she pulled her top over her head and dropped it onto a chair. She unfastened her bra and put it on her top, then pulled off her socks, unbuttoned her skirt and slid her knickers down before picking up the lot and piling them together on top of the washing machine.

When Tania came back into the room with a basket of clothes under one arm Louisa was sitting naked at the kitchen table, pretending to study the crossword on the back of the newspaper. Her heart was beating hard in her chest and her breathing was short and rapid as she pretended to concentrate.

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Being Naked Is Enough


Melissa blushed again.

“Well, I,” she began. I nodded for her to continue again. “I take photos.”

“Of yourself?” I asked, knowing the answer already.

“Yes,” she said, and I felt that it was the first time in her life that she’d admitted it to another human being.

“Naked?” I continued, knowing the answer already. She nodded.

“And what do you do with them?” I knew the answer to this too.

“I share them,” she said, and looked down at her feet. I wanted to step across the short distance between us and put an arm around her shoulder, to tell her that it was okay.

“With friends?” I prompted. I knew the answer was no, but I needed her to say it.

“No”, she said. I let the silence hang so she’d follow up with more detail. “With strangers. Online.”

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Katherine looked around her again and then, arm outstretched, she twisted to the left away from the sight of the bar and my phone buzzed as another message came through.

I licked my lips again. Her blouse was pushed off of her
shoulder and with her left hand she pulled her bra away from her breast and the gorgeous, dark nipple looked back at me from the picture. I could see Katherine’s arousal from how hard it looked, and the look in her eyes left it
in no doubt.

“Nice,” I replied, “But just the one?”

She looked exasperated and typed while she held her blouse
closed with her arms crossed over her chest.

“I’ve only got one hand free!” I read smiling.

“Just lose the bra, then,” I typed, wondering what kind of cutting reply I’d get.

But instead of a cutting reply I watched, feeling the
pressure growing in my trousers, as Katherine carefully glanced towards the bar to check the coast was clear before reaching behind her back and then, first with one arm and then the other, she pulled the bra straps down and out of her blouse sleeves and over her hands. I saw her bundle it into her bag, one arm
crossed across her blouse all the time to hold it closed.

Then, she looked around again, and, turning towards the
wall, she pushed the blouse half off each shoulder and took another picture.

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Tania And Louisa

Naked girl on a sofa with clothed girl

Tania blew lightly in her ear and whispered. “What shall we do now, then?

Louisa simply sighed in response and Tania ran her other hand across her girlfriend’s bare shoulder and down to gently stroke her other breast. Louisa’s head rocked back and Tania kissed her neck. She moved her right hand down, sliding it between Louisa’s legs, until she felt wonderful soft, moist yielding flesh which she began to rub gently. It had only taken a few seconds and Louisa was starting to pant, but Tania didn’t want this to be over so quickly.

They were interrupted by the sound of ringing and Tania’s phone buzzed and vibrated across the table. “Rebecca” read the name, and Tania decided it was worth answering, as much to tease Louisa as anything. She heard Louisa exhale deeply as she took her hands away.

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Victoria And Camilla

Two women in scant lingerie

I leant forwards, holding Victoria’s eyes with my own as my lips closed towards hers. Her face began to flush but her eyes remained open as our lips touched. I let them remain in contact for only the briefest moment and as I broke away I saw her chest rising and falling as she took deep breaths. But she was still rooted to the spot rather than turning away in embarrassment so it didn’t seem that I’d overstepped my boundaries yet. We’d see if that changed soon.

I dared not look at her husband for fear of breaking the spell, but it seemed safe to assume that he was more than happy with the sight of two semi-clad women exchanging a kiss in front of him.

“But there’s the French…” I said, “Which I’m sure you know.”

I leaned towards Victoria again, and this time I put hands on her narrow waist to hold her steady and pull her closer.

Our lips touched and, as soon as they did, I opened my mouth a little and flicked at Victoria’s lips with the tip of my tongue. She let out a small gasp and her eyes closed a little. I took the invitation and pushed my tongue a fraction into the opening, teasing and probing as I did so.

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