Exhibitionist Diary – Sunday 31st May 2020


I went for the button down dress, which was a good choice because it was the first thing Elise complimented me on. She was in trousers and a blouse, which suits her really well because she’s so thin, and Mel was also in trousers and top and entirely in black. I got a nice hug from Elise and a kiss on the cheek.

We went to nice sushi place and somehow the conversation turned to my deal with Mel, where I helped her with accounts in return for some coaching. Mel said I needed help getting out of my shell and Elise said from what she’d seen of me I rarely wore a shell. Mel said that was part of what she was working on and how she kept getting me to push my boundaries. Elise commented that this dress was the most covered up she’d ever seen me, which made me blush.

Then Mel blurted out that we have a rule that I’m not allowed to wear anything for either working or coaching sessions, which nearly made Elise choke, and asked how I felt about that. I couldn’t think of anything but to shrug and try not to blush, but that proved impossible when Mel said I was mostly a good and obedient girl, and then she showed Elise one of the photos of me tied up and helpless on Mel’s floor!

I went a hundred shades of red and Elise laughed and said it was really sexy to see that side of me, and she knew there was something about me from the first time we’d met, because not everyone volunteers to be a naked waitress. I said I didn’t volunteer but Mel made me do it, and she said if she told me to wait tables naked at her pub would I do it. I didn’t want to answer either way in case Mel had ideas about that. But Elise said unfortunately full nudity wasn’t allowed, because she’d asked for her shows.

We went to a bar afterwards and had a bit more of a relaxed talk and a laugh, and then about ten thirty Elise said that she’d been invited to a friend’s party today but had told her she might come later because she was already out, but did we want to go? I said sure, because I was having fun, and Mel said she didn’t want to be out too late so she might head home.

The party was only twenty minutes away, just in someone’s house, and there were maybe twenty or thirty people there who mostly knew each other. Except Elise didn’t know anyone except the host, and I knew no-one, and we just ended up with a drink in our hands and talking in the corner until the host (I think her name was Alice) came and pulled me away so someone else could talk to Elise.

I was talking to a guy called Brian, who seemed more interested in me than I was in him, when I felt an arm around my body, and then a hand on my chest that pushed inside my dress. Just as I was about to turn around I heard Elise’s voice asking “Who’s your new friend?” I managed to answer “Brian”, but I was more distracted by her hand on my right breast, right inside my clothes. Brian was quite distracted by that too.

Elise told Brian quite bluntly that she needed to steal me back, and Brian was to fazed to argue, and somehow I managed to twist around to face Elise, who still had her arms around me, but no longer on my skin.

“I feel like getting out of here,” she said. I didn’t mind that at all because apart from Elise there was nothing else there that was interesting to me.

I asked her what she had in mind, and she said let’s head back to the pub, since it’ll be closed up by now.

We had to take the bus, which was mostly empty, and I caught Elise staring at me. Or rather, at my dress. I asked her what was up and she said “Those buttons. They’ve been getting at me all night.” I asked what about the buttons and she said it was just a thing of hers; that she liked undoing buttons. Then as if saying it made it okay, she reached over, twisted the top button of my dress and popped it out of the hole.

I looked down at her fingers as she moved to the next one. They were large buttons so it wasn’t hard to do. She just kept at it, silently, and there were only seven, and then when she’d opened the entire front of the dress and a thing strip of bare skin appeared she looked at me and smirked.

It was so incredibly sexy. I was glad there was hardly anyone on the bus, and nobody looked around.

I said I’d have to do them up before we got off, and Elise said I wasn’t allowed to, and if I didn’t promise not to she’d just take the whole thing off me now. I said I didn’t want that to happen, although part of me did, and she said then I had to do as I was told.

When it came to getting off I managed to half pull it closed with one hand as I held onto the pole for balance while we came to a stop. We were only fifty yards from the pub when the bus pulled away, and Elise stood in front of me, put one hand on her hip and held the other one out in front of her and said “You won’t be needing that any more so you can give it to me now.”

I knew exactly what she meant and my head spun. What was I to do? I looked around and the street was deserted and I thought, what the hell, and it didn’t take more than a shrug of my shoulders for the dress to slip down my arms. I bundled it up and placed it into Elise’s outstretched hand and she stood and looked me up and down, naked bar for short heels, and then she turned, made a gesture with her head and I followed her towards the pub.

The walk was okay but unlocking the door seemed to take forever, and once inside Elise went behind the bar, turned on one of the small lights and found us two glasses. I perched my bare backside on a stool, and she stayed bar side and poured us a vodka each. And we passed the next hour like that, talking and being silly and getting more drunk, and me being naked not even mentioned.

I wasn’t sure where it was all going, and Elise said I couldn’t walk home in my state, especially since she wasn’t going to give me my dress back, so I’d have to stay the night. I wasn’t sure if I was ready for that, but it turned out that she actually meant the spare room, which at the time was disappointing, but given how drunk we both were I think was sensible.

I was woken up by the sound of rattling bottles downstairs and had nothing to wear to go and see what was going on, and it was a good job as it wasn’t Elise, who appeared around the door twenty minutes later with a night-shirt for me to put on. We had a light breakfast in her kitchen, talked a bit more, and with a smile she finally gave me my dress back and I came home.

I’ve still got a hangover and don’t really know what to make of it all.

Also, Alison from across the road came and knocked on the door and asked if next Sunday is good for afternoon tea with me and her and Russ and whoever else I wanted to invite. I said I’d find out so have sent messages to Ellie and Ana.

A Step Farther


Then, as if it had just occurred to her, she reached her hands behind her head. Her breasts lifted, looking even more perfect than before. She ran her fingers through her hair and pulled out the scrunchy that was keeping her bun in place. She dropped it onto the table and shook her hair free. It fell in thick, golden locks across her bare shoulders.

“You’re crazy, Selena,” Iris told her.

“Yeah, well, I’m not the one who’s stripped to her underwear but still lost a contest,” she retorted.

“I really hate you right now,” Iris told her as she leant forwards and, reaching behind her, she unfastened her bra. She quickly pulled it off her arms and dropped it onto the rest of her clothes. She hooked her fingers into the waistband of her knickers and slid them down her legs, letting them fall around her feet. She kicked them to one side.

Selena grinned as she stared across at her friend. Iris’s breasts were even smaller than her own, but still beautiful with round, pink nipples. She watched as they rose and fell as Iris inhaled and exhaled.

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Exhibitionist Diary – Saturday 30th May 2020


I made the park run this morning, so I didn’t need to text Mel, and I didn’t need to worry that she’d make me do it naked. Although I’m kind of intrigued by that idea now, I just can’t see that they’d let me do the actual event like that, which makes it a lot less fun. Then Mel said she was meeting Elise that evening, because she’d switched her night off and, did I want to come out. I said absolutely, so I have something to look forward to now.

I’ve spent the rest of the morning and afternoon on chores and now I have to decide what to wear! Mel said something with buttons, and I’m torn between a fairly short button-down dress or a skirt and blouse. We’re going for sushi first, and then wherever else we feel like. I’ve never really been out with Mel and I’m kind of nervous.

Exhibitionist Diary – Friday 29th May 2020


After work I went out for a quick drink with Rachael and Helen (on reception), but there were a few others in the pub already, including Tim. I still managed to avoid him, but we did make eye contact once and he smiled and gave a little nod. I wish I’d talked to him now.

When I got home I was feeling a bit listless so I messaged Mark and Ana, wondering what they were up to. They were out of town (but still in the country), which I said was a shame because I was feeling like doing something fun. I don’t know what I was hoping for in reply but Mark said they were back after the weekend so maybe we’ll meet up next week.

Exhibitionist Diary – Thursday 28th May 2020


I did something silly today, which was to get all flirty with Matthew, because I haven’t for a while, but not really for any reason than to make Tim realise he wasn’t anything special. It was so immature, and I’m not sure he even noticed. But Matthew certainly did as I had quite a thin top on and as soon as I saw his reaction it made my nipples go hard, which were about as obvious as you can imagine, which meant he noticed even more, which meant I enjoyed it even more… it lasted about twenty minutes while I pretended to talk about work. It makes me wonder if now he’s a settled married man that perhaps he’s not really having sex any more!

I came home to a message from ENFBoyfriend on the photo forum site, because there were new pictures of me up from Sunday night already. There were some on Elise’s pub website, and even more on that site, and ENFBoyfriend said it was amazing to see me sitting nearly naked in the middle of all those people and he wished everyone wasn’t so stuck up that I could just go the full way. He said he hoped there’d be another performance, but now the link has been made back to Elise’s pub there’s no way I can do that again.

I think I’ll leave it a while before I reply.

Breathe Gently And Deeply


“Hmmm,” Miss Ashdown said, “So how do we tap this…. well of sexuality… I suppose it worked for me, so… Lift your arms up above your head for me again, draw a deep breath and close your eyes.” Jessica did so and felt one of Miss Ashdown’s hands rest lightly on her stomach and the other on the small of her back. “Now breathe gently and deeply and try to imagine you’re standing on the stage, ready to practice for a big concert tonight. You just want to loosen up and get used to the surroundings before you play in front of an audience.” Her voice dropped to a whisper again. “And since the place is deserted you’ve snuck onto the stage in your underwear.”

Jessica stood, her arms above her, her eyes closed, and barely restrained a giggle. Miss Ashdown felt her stomach move in and out with her breathing, and then continued her story.

“But there’s one thing that you notice, that you’re not supposed to notice. There’s someone sitting in the back row, in the dark, and he’s someone you’ve been trying to attract the attention of for quite some time.” Jessica blushed again. “He was walking through and he saw a beautiful young woman walk onto the stage in her underwear and start to stretch, and he just had to stay and watch, very quietly.”

Jessica’s breathing continued but Miss Ashdown felt a tremble in her stomach. “You can’t let him know that you’ve seen him in the shadows; that would ruin everything. So you decide to make the most of the opportunity that’s fallen into your lap. You decide that you’re going to give him the most passionate performance of your life and you know that, after this, he’ll be at the show tonight, and he’ll come and find you afterwards, and you’ll know that, if you want him, you can have him.”

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