Happy Birthday


“Oh, relax,” Judy said. She reached over the top of the chair and put her arms on Lisa’s sides and kissed her neck again. Georgie and Nhu couldn’t take their eyes off the display, and they watched as Lisa’s mouth fell open and her eyes began to close. They weren’t sure if they heard a small whimper as Judy’s lips touched Lisa’s throat.

Lisa’s arm fell to her side and she nearly dropped her champagne glass before Georgia caught it for her and placed it on the table. Then she was distracted by Lisa’s beautiful, erect, pink nipples. She glanced at Nhu and saw that her own partner was similarly transfixed.

“It is your birthday, after all,” Judy said, and she slipped her fingers into the thin elastic at the sides of Lisa’s panties and pushed down her hips. This was the true test of how far Lisa was willing to go, as she wouldn’t be able to get them off unless she lifted herself out of the chair.

Lisa later blamed the kiss on her neck, and the champagne, but she obligingly lifted her buttocks from the seat. Judy took her opportunity and slid her hands down Lisa’s thighs, carrying the small panties with her as she did. She bent beside Lisa and pulled them down her calves. Lisa lifted her feet a little as they passed over them, and Judy tossed the tiny item of clothing towards the bra.

Lisa definitely whimpered this time, her eyes still closed.

“Oh my god,” said Georgie from the chair beside her, looking across at Lisa’s naked body. She could only see as far as the tops of her thighs, but it was an exhilarating view.

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Nude Lodger


“He had a fantasy about older women and seemed to think it funny to walk around in the nude and hope I dropped his rent. My friends found it just as amusing.”