Exhibitionist Diary: Friday 30th November 2018


I spotted Matthew going out to lunch today so I intercepted him. He was only going for a sandwich but it gave me the opportunity to fiddle with my collar and distract him while the delicatessen made it. I asked him if he was coming out after work and he said he might because his girlfriend’s away. I wasn’t sure if that was an opening to something else or not, but if so then I’m not interested.

Ha came along to the pub and said something about how I was really hitting it off with Matthew and was there anything there. I told her about meeting his fiancée and the wedding and she seemed totally taken aback that we were “just friends”. She told me that she had a male friend like that that she’d known for years and they told each other everything. I sometimes wonder if that’s really true – that neither person wants something else – but I suppose it depends how long they’ve been like that.

Oh yeah: and I ran this morning. It’s just what I do now.

Intimate Pilates

Naked woman being touched by clothed woman

“She said she needed me naked so she could see how I moved. She said she needed to touch my body to correct my posture. She put her hand between my legs and told me about my pelvic floor. I had trouble paying attention, so I’ve booked another class for next week.”

Exhibitionist Diary: Thursday 29th November 2018


It was breezy today so I went for trousers and a sweater, but I took full advantage by going to talk to Matthew and letting it conveniently slide off my shoulder. If that didn’t tell him I was braless underneath then nothing would.

As if he had to make sure I got the message he told me that they’d set a date for the wedding (next June) and I nodded. Somehow we’ve reached some kind of agreement where he’s okay with me flirting with him as long as I’m okay with not getting a response. It’s fun.

A New Benchmark In Exposure


“LR_20152 by lr_production_de:
““Oh my God, no!” Lucy muttered, ecstasy and agony together in one breath. Suddenly she was naked. Worse, she was naked on a park bench, her legs spread wide and her arms tied either side of her,...

LR_20152 by lr_production_de:

“Oh my God, no!” Lucy muttered, ecstasy and agony together in one breath. Suddenly she was naked. Worse, she was naked on a park bench, her legs spread wide and her arms tied either side of her, and there was nothing she could do about it. Now she remembered the video that Kasia had referred to, and how much it had turned her on, watching the young woman stripped and tied, so publicly helpless. She had fantasised about it and watched it over and over again, but that didn’t mean she had wanted to act it out.

Kasia stopped stroking her. Lucy willed her to continue. She was so close to orgasm, and perhaps, if she did, then Kasia would untie her, return her clothes and take her home. She wanted that release so much that she would even endure this humiliation for it.

“Oh God, no no no no no,” she mumbled with her eyes closed. Kasia remained knelt between her legs.

“It was a good video, no?” Lucy heard her ask in her eastern European accent. For some reason, Lucy nodded in agreement.

Lucy opened her eyes. She looked around and saw the sight she most dreaded: people looking back. They dared not approach, but her nudity was too obvious to miss now. Kasia looked around.

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Exhibitionist Diary: Tuesday 27th November 2018


This morning was on-site day at the start-up, and I did something very naughty… I put on a shorter skirt, that didn’t even reach my socks, and packed a longer one in my bag for the afternoon back at the office.

I felt like a little doll sitting at the desk with a couple of young men around me making sure I had everything I needed. All that for just two inches of bare thigh! I reckon they’d give me the company if I took anything else off (although I’m not sure how much their company is really worth, having seen the accounts).

On the way out of their building I changed into the long skirt and went back to my usual desk with a smile on my lips. That afternoon Brian said the start-up had been in touch and they think they might need me in for a full day each week from now on. Result!

Follow The On-Screen Prompts

Naked woman in a crowd with a mobile phone

“It was the most immersive game I’d ever played: real world challenges, as long as the players dared to follow the instructions the app gave them. I was level twenty-five and wasn’t going to let a little embarrassment stop me from reaching level twenty-six.”

Exhibitionist Diary: Monday 26th November 2018


I went for a run before work, while it was still a bit dark. It’s amazing how busy it is, but I suppose six-thirty isn’t that early for some people.

Even if I’m crap at it I do feel energised afterwards and I noticed a guy on the tub staring at the v-neck of my blouse. I had wondered if maybe I should wear a bra, just to get a bit more cleavage, but it seems that men will pretty much stare at any patch of bare skin that crosses their eyeline.

Jo actually wore a dress in the office today. I mean, it was a very nice professional dress, not like a ballgown, but it still stood out. It had never occurred to me before so I guess I’ll be back in the shops again soon. She’s a bit thinner than me, though, the cow. (The lovely cow.) I was brave enough to tell her how much I liked it and she said “thanks” and that she felt like a change, and then she ran her hands through her long hair and I think every man in the office turned to look. (Cow. Again.)