Reading During An Orgasm


This series of women reading some stirring prose whilst being subjected to a vibrator is one of the biggest turn-ons I’ve seen in a long time. And if you can’t wait for the “good bit”, you can skip to the last couple of minutes and enjoy their pleasure:

Dissolving Clothes Are In


I researched soluble clothes a year ago to see if it would make a plausible premise for a story. All I could find was soluble stitching, which most people use in embroidery rather than to spring nude surprises on people.

So I’m very glad to see that real soluble fabric appears to be a reality, as seen in this video from Amsterdam Fashion Week. Once I find out a bit more I shall see if I can come up with an interesting story idea, but for now just enjoy the video:

And if you want the artsy view of it:

The clothes were destroyed and often completely disappeared. The transience of fashion – captured in a show. The poetic statement combined innovation, performance and fashion into a well balanced whole.


Milo Moiré’s Naked Tram Ride


Another video from the amazing Milo Moiré, this time with the clothing she “should” be wearing written on her body. She looks amazing, and the way that so many people try hard to ignore her is even more amazing. Although personally, I can’t thinking how cold she must be!

From her own description:

THE SCRIPT SYSTEM – Dusseldorf, Germany (2013)
„Daily life is characterized by “human automats ”. Can we break the stereotyped action?“

Always the same way to work, day after day…it is early in the morning…FAR TOO EARLY for performance art! Always the same way to work, day after day…it is early in the morning…FAR TOO EARLY for performance art! The semi-automatized operating according to an internalised script…enter, pass through, punch the ticket, sit down… Disturbed by a completely naked woman, right in the middle of it, dressed in words… What will happen? Astonishingly… NOT THAT MUCH!

The own radical nakedness turns in this process into a protective shield against the stereotype and paradoxically makes the artist invisible. If one allows stunning defencelessness, a protective, almost private space arises – even on the tram.