Bar Work



“Did I ever tell you I used to work in a bar? No? Ah, well, it was nothing out of the ordinary. Just in case you hear anything.”

The Lady and Camilla – Chapter 2



The second chapter of The Lady and Camilla is up on Literotica. This part is more of a build-up chapter but, hopefully, there’s enough in there for you to enjoy all the same.

I unclipped my bra and dropped it onto the rest of my clothes. I knew she was staring at my breasts but I pretended not to notice as I stepped into the dress and pulled it up around me.

It hugged even my slender figure, and was not particularly easy to get into. It was deep blue and had short sleeves with no straps and I knew exactly how good my chest and shoulders would look in it.

I asked Her Ladyship to zip the back up and she obliged as I turned to look in the mirror.

You can read chapter 2 on Literotica, and, if you missed it (or want a refresher), chapter 1 can be found here.




“As soon as one starts to ask ‘why?’ about everything one does, nothing seems taboo any more. One sunny morning I was about to get dressed and I thought to myself: ‘why?’. And here I am.”

The Lady and Camilla – Chapter 1



I’ve started a new story over on Literotica. It’s called The Lady and Camilla and I hope to see it develop over the coming months. If you like it, then I’d appreciate a little click on one of the star ratings at the bottom of the screen. It’s anonymous and you don’t even need an account.

Here’s a short extract:

“It’s a beautiful day, isn’t it?” I said to Her Ladyship and, conscious of how her attention was on me, I casually unbuttoned the top of my sundress. It only had three buttons, but with them undone the neck fell open and I felt cooler air across the top of my breasts. I was still decent — no nipples on show or anything — but it hinted at so much.

I looked up at her Ladyship, her eyes still eyeing my neckline, and she smiled.

“Truly beautiful, Camilla,” she replied, and I caught the double meaning in her words.

His Lordship returned carrying a low table and three small folding chairs. I’d never been a on picnic with such formality before and we set the table and chairs out and began to unpack the hamper.

You can read all of Chapter 1 over on Literotica.

We’re All Kinky And It’s Fine



“We’re all kinky”. That’s my summary of some new research showing that almost half of respondents to a survey had “…expressed interest in at least one of these eight sexual behaviors that the manual labels as deviant, researchers reported in the Journal of Sexual Research.”

The sexual behaviours include: “…fetishizing objects, wearing clothes from the opposite sex, spying on strangers, displaying genitals to unsuspecting strangers, rubbing against a stranger, pedophilia, masochism and sadism.”  (These are all “paraphilic disorders” apparently.)

Roughly one third of the people surveyed said they had experienced one of these behaviors at least once, the survey found.”

I’m especially happy that “Slightly more than one third of people were interested in voyeurism”.

I’m sure my readers know that it’s perfectly healthy to be into something that other people many not be, but it’s good to have some research to back it up!

If you want to read the full research then it’s here.