The Lady and Camilla – Chapter 1



I’ve started a new story over on Literotica. It’s called The Lady and Camilla and I hope to see it develop over the coming months. If you like it, then I’d appreciate a little click on one of the star ratings at the bottom of the screen. It’s anonymous and you don’t even need an account.

Here’s a short extract:

“It’s a beautiful day, isn’t it?” I said to Her Ladyship and, conscious of how her attention was on me, I casually unbuttoned the top of my sundress. It only had three buttons, but with them undone the neck fell open and I felt cooler air across the top of my breasts. I was still decent — no nipples on show or anything — but it hinted at so much.

I looked up at her Ladyship, her eyes still eyeing my neckline, and she smiled.

“Truly beautiful, Camilla,” she replied, and I caught the double meaning in her words.

His Lordship returned carrying a low table and three small folding chairs. I’d never been a on picnic with such formality before and we set the table and chairs out and began to unpack the hamper.

You can read all of Chapter 1 over on Literotica.

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