Exhibitionist Diary – Wednesday 16th September 2020


A lot happened today.

I thought that since I was going to a stuffy office I should wear a bra, but I was still feeling sexy from last night and the weekend so who needs knickers? I felt a right little minx beneath the grey skirt and blouse.

I got to Deborah’s office for 9am and was taken straight up to the top floor and waited outside her private office. Ten minutes later I was sent in.

Her office is huge – about the size of my entire apartment – and has its own bathroom, and a separate room with files and a computer in, and views across the city. Deborah was sitting the other side of her desk and came around to meet me. We shook hands, which felt very formal, and she said in her wonderful silky voice “It’s wonderful to have you here, Kate, and I think you’re really going to enjoy working here”. I really felt like I might, if I got over my nerves.

Deborah was still standing so I stood too, then she went over to the desk and leant back against the edge and crossed her arms. I guess I still couldn’t sit, because I was going to wait to be asked.

“You know,” she said, “You really remind me of someone I met once at a party.” I said “oh?” and then said that we had met at an office party so it must be that. And she said no, it was somebody who was a lot like me, and it was a Christmas party that a friend called Mel hosted, and did I know anyone called Mel? I pretended to think and said I knew at least one Mel, but I was sure I’d remember if we’d met, and Deborah said she definitely wouldn’t forget because it was very memorable.

But, she said, this Alison said she had a boring day job, and I didn’t think I had a boring day job, did I? I said some people might think it was, but I didn’t think it was. She said that was good, because she had a lot for me to do. And I thought we were now going to talk about work, but she pushed herself upright and walked slowly towards me and said “You really do remind me of this ‘Alison’ a lot, except for a couple of things”, and as she was talking she reached out and popped open the top button of my blouse. And then she did the next button, and I was thinking: am I here to be some kind of sexual plaything for her? And if I am, and I’m getting paid for it, do I mind?

“Yes,” she said, opening another button, “This Alison was really memorable, and I think maybe even someone had called her ‘Kate’ at the time, which must have been a mistake.” I remember that: Mel’s partner, Jason, had called me by name when I’d pretended my name was Alison for the whole evening. Oh, and that was because I was naked and wearing a mask at Mel’s party.

“I remember telling her,” Deborah continued, and she pulled my blouse out of my skirt and unbuttoned the bottom, “That she shouldn’t live life wondering what might happen but should just do things rather than regret not doing them.” She took a step back and looked me up and down as I stood there with my blouse unbuttoned, but at least I was wearing a (white) bra for a change. I didn’t know what to do with myself.

“You look a bit more like her now,” she said, and then stepped towards me again, “But still not quite,” and she unzipped the side of my skirt and as I was thinking “but I’m not wearing any…” she had already dropped it to the ground, and there was a smirk on her face as she saw I wasn’t wearing any knickers.

“She had nice legs like you,” Deborah said, gripping my left wrist, lifting it towards her and unbuttoning the cuff. Then she did the same with the right.

“In fact,” she said as she gripped the top of my blouse and pushed it off my shoulders, “Did I mention that I think she was wearing nothing at all?”

I heard my blouse drop to the floor behind me. Deborah took a step back and then walked around me in a small circle, looking me up and down. I felt immensely self-conscious as she disappeared behind my back, and then I felt her hands on my bra strap. She slipped her fingers beneath the straps and pushed it down my arms and I let it drop to the floor, and yet again I found myself standing naked in a completely strange situation.

Deborah continued her walk around me and returned to lean against her desk, looking my naked body up and down.

“It’s uncanny,” she said, “But now I remember it, she was wearing a mask, a very tiny mask, but other than that I’d swear she looked just like you.”

I didn’t say anything. What could I say? She knew it was me, but I couldn’t just admit it.

“It’s funny, isn’t it?” she said, “How someone can spend an entire evening naked and think that just a little mask will make them unrecognisable.”

“It is,” I agreed.

“But you know what I said to this girl Kate, I mean Alison?”

“I don’t.”

“I’m sure you do,” Deborah said, and my god she is so sexy, even at twenty years older than me, “But I asked her if she did everything naked, because she was at the party naked, and she said that it would be a lot more fun if she could work naked.”

I gave a nervous laugh, and then she said.

“Anyway, let’s get down to work.”

And, unbelievably, we did. Wearing nothing but my work shoes she led me through to the back office, started up a computer and explained that everything was on here, but it wasn’t linked to a network so I’d have to do it in this room, and that usually I’d have to be searched on the way out of the building, but if I left my clothes outside then that wouldn’t be necessary. So I guess she expected me to work like this every day… it really made my heart race to think about it. What if her secretary came in? What if anyone came in? Did Deborah even care.

But then she got serious and she said there were a few problems we had to resolve first. I suddenly became nervous wondering what she meant.

“Firstly, someone in your position needs to be a lot more careful.” She took our her phone and held the screen out to me. It was the pictures of me, naked and in chains on Mel’s floor, exposing every party of myself, and with my name beneath it now.

I started to say something but Deborah raised a hand. “Don’t worry,” she said, “I’ve put my people on it. The photos are gone.”

“But how…” I asked, and she just smiled and said “I have some influential friends.” It made me nervous for a second and it struck me that, as softly spoken as she was, I wouldn’t want to be on the wrong side of her.

I dropped my head and said “I’m glad”, because she’s right: that could have been a real problem.

“And there’s something else,” she said. I couldn’t think what it could be. “That blog of yours.”

“What blog?” I asked stupidly. She shook her head.

“You know what blog. And it needs to stop. Because even if you don’t use your real name, like Alison at the party you’re only hiding behind a small mask.”

I was about to protest, but she had a point.

“And I do not want to read about my company on your blog. If my people can find it then so can those who want to undermine me.”

I didn’t dare ask how they’d found it. I haven’t used a single real name either. I thought I’d been careful enough.

“Do you want me to delete it?” I asked.

Deborah smiled and said: “I don’t think you need to do that, but if you’re going to be working here then after today you must promise not to continue it.”

I nodded. Of course I would.

But now I’m here writing what’s going to be the last post I feel quite sad about it. It’s been two years exactly too, and quite a journey.

“Well, then,” Deborah said, “With that out of the way I’ll leave you to start work.” After so much strangeness lately being naked in front of Deborah’s computer didn’t seem to be the worst of it. “And if you want anything you can buzz through to my assistant and she’ll have it brought to the outer office. It’s probably best to keep the door closed if you do, to avoid any questions.”

I smiled because I definitely did want to avoid any more questions.

She was about to leave when she turned to me and said.

“Oh, I know I’m confusing you with Alison again, but do you know a woman called Elise?” I didn’t say anything but I’d almost forgotten that she knew Deborah. “Well you’ll be seeing some more of her soon. I’ve just hired her as my new office manager. She asked me if I knew of any friends with jobs going and if she’s been running a pub for the past couple of years she’ll find this place easy. I wonder if she’ll confuse you with Alison too?”

Well, I’m sad that I won’t be writing any more, but Elise is moving in soon, and it sounds like she won’t be going back to France, and I’m going to be working naked three or four days a week in Deborah’s office, so this cloud has a lot of silver linings.

Thanks for reading.

Exhibitionist Diary – Tuesday 15th September 2020


I saw Jo today and all was okay, and we didn’t talk about Saturday, but Jo said good luck for tomorrow at Deborah’s company and she expected me to tell her everything about it on Thursday. So I think we’re fine there.

Other than that I had a really long day getting ready and I’m feeling a bit stressed and very excited. And Elise is moving her things in soon!

Exhibitionist Diary – Monday 14th September 2020


I didn’t get a chance to talk to Jo today to make sure she wasn’t weirded out by my failed seduction attempt. I don’t know what I’d say anyway. But I did do something very decisive.

I was stewing all day about Elise disappearing so soon and I just realised I couldn’t let it happen. I text Mel to say I’d have to come around for a naked run around the streets some other time but I really needed to see Elise. She actually texted back and said “Yes. That’s important.” I felt very grateful to her for that.

So straight after work I went to Elise’s pub. I knew she’d be there, and it wasn’t really empty. I said I wanted to persuade her to stay. She said she really couldn’t because she had no long-term plan, and no idea what she’d do, and just going back to France was the only option. I said it wasn’t because she could stay at my place for as long as she wanted, and she said it was really nice, but she would only do that if she had some idea of when she’d be independent again. I said I didn’t care and we could solve that problem afterwards.

Then some random guy was listening and asked why we were arguing. I said that Elise didn’t believe me when I said I wanted her to move into my flat. He said “oh, you’re friends then,” which is an understatement to my mind, and I blurted out “we’re in love” and he sort of went “oh” because he obviously wasn’t expecting that.

Elise said “Kate might think she’s in love but she’ll be fine”, and that was like a red rag to a bull for me. So I said, “If that’s what you think then I’m going to prove it to you. I’m not going anywhere until you agree to move in.” Elise laughed and said she’d have to throw me out at closing time, but until then I could stay as long as I liked.

The guy laughed and said she does have a point, but now he has to go home. But I was determined and a bit crazy, so I stood up, and I was wearing a full-length dress, but not for much longer as I pushed it off my shoulders and wriggled out of it, and stood there naked, with the half a dozen people in the pub staring at me. And I folded up my dress and handed it to the guy at the bar and I said “Take this with you. Because if I’m naked she can’t throw me out.”

Elise laughed even more and came and leant on the bar with her chin on her elbow and said I should just wait and see if I couldn’t be thrown out naked into the street. And besides, she said, it wasn’t far back to my place. I turned to the guy who was holding my dress and said “Weren’t you going to leave?” and he said that right now, with me like this, he didn’t want to go anywhere.

Elise was still laughing and said I win, and my heart jumped, but she said only that she’d talk about it, and that the guy should give me my dress back. He said good, because if he turned up at home with another woman’s dress his wife would have some questions.

I told Elise, though, that I wouldn’t put it back on or go anywhere until she’d agreed to stay at mine, at least for a few weeks. She said that was no incentive, because she was more than happy to have me sitting naked at the bar, and the guy asked if I’d be back next Tuesday or any other time because he’d make sure he was here. I said unlikely as Elise wasn’t going to be managing it much longer and he said “shame” and also a shame that he really had to go home.

Well, I spent the next couple of hours sitting there naked, although I didn’t get to spend much time talking to Elise because all the regulars wanted to talk to me instead. But finally around ten the place was empty enough and we talked, and finally Elise said she’d move in for three weeks but if she couldn’t find a job here she’d have to go back to France. I said that was a start but I wouldn’t let her leave and she said “What are you going to do? Threaten to strip naked everywhere? Isn’t that what you normally do anyway?” I stuck my tongue out at her, but I finally left feeling so much happier.

Exhibitionist Diary – Sunday 13th September 2020


I made a really big mistake and I’d like to blame Elise, which isn’t very adult of me.

I got to Jo’s early afternoon yesterday, with my laptop and a load of books, and we worked straight for about five hours. We still had some to do, because we have to try to think of all kinds of different angles because we don’t have access to Deborah’s accounts yet, as they’re all on her secure system. So all we can do is use what’s publicly available and try to come up with questions that need answering from the private files. But we got to the point where Jo thinks I’ve got enough to go in there, and that will be by myself, on Wednesday! I’m both nervous and excited.

Anyway, Jo ordered a takeaway, and we finished up about nine-thirty, and she said if ever she needed a couple of glasses of wine then today was the day. Then she apologised for taking away the Saturday evening of a “young person”, when I should be out partying. I said I’d had plenty of partying last night and would rather have a quiet evening. She said I could just go home if I wanted to but I said today had actually been quite good fun, which sounds weird but we were working together, and now we get to have a bit of a chat. Jo actually agreed, although she said she’d rather not spend every Saturday afternoon working. I can get behind that.

She asked me about last night and I couldn’t work out what to tell her. I did say I was with this girl called Elise and we went to a gay bar. She said she’d not been for a long time but they could be a bit outrageous. I said that there was this completely naked woman there (that’ll be me!) and she was mouth open and said “that would just be so sexy in my mind but I just couldn’t imagine what it’s like in real life”, and I said “it was even sexier in real life. And she was dancing with everyone, and then she got this other girl naked too,” and Jo was listening attentively, and then without thinking, and because I’d been on the wine, I added “Being naked in front of a load of people is a lot of fun.”

Luckily she didn’t assume that I was talking about myself last night but she said “Wait. You can’t just end like that. When on earth have you been naked in front of a load of people?”

I was giggling now and I had to be careful, but I said it was kind of what turned me on to women the first time, because I was having dinner with a boyfriend at the time and a lesbian couple and between the three of them they somehow convinced me to strip off. I didn’t tell her it was Ha for obvious reasons… But I said since then it had happened a few more times. (A few! Ha! Like hundreds.) and it was always a bit of playful fun, but then I was pretty much seduced by a woman and well, I shrugged and covered it all with “you know”, and then there was no looking back.

Jo said she definitely didn’t know, because she’d never been seduced, naked or otherwise. I said she should try it because I thought she was still really attractive and she said “I noticed you said ‘still'” and I realised I could have worded it better.

Anyway, I said that she should just give up on me, take it from me, and let herself be seduced by a naked lesbian. She said that sounded like the kind of thing that was literally never going to happen to her and she was resigned to her spinsterhood. I said I was actually pretty comfortable naked a lot more now, and she said I was lucky and she said I was very lucky.

Anyway, all those old feelings towards Jo came back, and I thought that maybe it was my job to convert her, and maybe she’d be happier if she just opened her eyes a bit. And Elise had made me promise that if I felt something towards someone I should do something about it. So I said I’d go and get us a wine top up, so I went to the kitchen, and I took a deep breath, and I took off my jeans and t-shirt and put them on a chair, and I picked up the wine bottle and did the most seductive walk I could back to the front room where Jo was sat on the sofa.

I could tell that I’d misread the whole situation from the expression on her face, and she didn’t know what to say. And I didn’t know what to say, because I as naked in front of my boss. But despite the fact that I’m naked in front of people all the time it was Jo that composed herself first. She said it was very sweet and I was really pretty but our working relationship meant no matter what blah blah, and I came up with the most unconvincing reason ever and said that, oh no, I hadn’t meant it like that, but I had tried to tell her that I was really comfortable naked and it was a way of life and I just sort of thought since the conversation was going so well and this was just how I liked to unwind that she wouldn’t mind. And because it would be more embarrassing to think that I was going to try to seduce her, she actually went along with it, and she said oh, right, sorry for misunderstanding, and didn’t she feel a fool for thinking I was trying to seduce her.

So I sat naked across the room on the sofa, curled my legs up and tried to hide behind my glass of wine, and we passed another uncomfortable half an hour before I went back to the kitchen, put my clothes on and left.

I’m such an idiot and I should really not take advice like Elise’s so literally! I hope Jo doesn’t hate me for it.

Exhibitionist Diary – Saturday 12th September 2020


Last night was wild and so much fun and I can’t believe I still haven’t convinced Elise to stay.

We met up for a drink and some food and talked. I wanted to talk more about how we could keep Elise in the country, but she said she really wanted a night to not think about it, because it had worried her all week, and couldn’t we just have fun?

So fun was had.

We headed to the gay club that I’d seen her at once before a long time back at about ten o’clock. It barely even gets going around that time and it’s not until closer to midnight that it really gets busy, but there were plenty of women, and absolutely no men, already in there. As before, outfits went from nice and pretty to mildly outrageous and sexy, with sheer tops aplenty.

We got inside and were just past the corridor to the main dance floor and I said I’d like to drop my coat at the cloakroom. Elise said she had something she was dying to do first and I found myself almost pressed up against the wall and suddenly we were kissing like we were long lost lovers that hadn’t seen each other for years. It was really intense and despite how open the space was because of the kind of place it is it didn’t feel embarrassing in the slightest.

As we kissed I felt Elise fiddling with the buttons down the front of my dress. I still had the jacket on too, but that was unbuttoned. It was thrilling as she unfastened the top two and her fingers stroked my chest.

And then I felt her hands move down and she started at the bottom, and once she had a handful of buttons undone she slipped her hand beneath the cotton and ran her palm across my thigh, and upwards to my pelvis, and I realised that she’d undone a few more buttons than I’d thought and I wondered quite what I was showing to the world, given my lack of underwear.

I was half-hoping she’d slide her hand between my legs, because even though we were in a pretty exposed spot I’d seen more-or-less the same thing going on in here before, albeit groping through clothes rather than under them. But she didn’t, and we kissed some more, but I tried to say something as she unfastened a couple more buttons, and it was only when she ran her hand up my side and pushed my dress away that I realised she’d undone all of them.

I made a noise like “this is really not a good idea”, but our mouths were locked together, and she ignored me anyway, and as she ran both her hands up my sides, onto my shoulders and then down my arms I felt both jacket and dress slip away from me.

So there I was, pinned naked in little heels to the wall on the edge of a gay nightclub, with Elise in trousers and a blouse kissing my lips and caressing my body, and I loved every second of it.

Then she pulled back and I didn’t dare open my eyes, and I felt more than heard her take half a step back, and I left it a few more seconds before I opened my eyes only to wonder where on earth she’d gone to.

There were more than a few women looking at me as I stood there naked, and I felt a slight panic rising as I tried to find Elise, and then some relief when I spotted her, but not complete relief as I saw her hand over my dress and my jacket to the cloakroom staff and take a ticket in return.

She walked over clutching it with a big grin on her face and said “I better not lose this or you’ll be walking home naked”. It made me wonder if she’d lose it on purpose and if I should have it, but I had literally nowhere to keep it.

Like an idiot, I just said “I’m naked”, and she said “yeah, great, isn’t it?” And it was.

She took my hand and we went to the bar and got a drink, and it’s funny how quickly we were served. And it’s funny how there was a lot of semi-nudity around the place, but being completely nude draws a lot of attention. I tried to act as if I was calm but my heart was racing.

We sat on stools at the bar and talked while Elise gently stroked my thigh. I just wanted to pull her into the toilets or anywhere and make love. Or actually I just wanted her to bring me to climax and I didn’t care where or how.

I think she knew it too, by the half smile on her lips. I guess at least it was taking her mind of her problems, and it was taking my mind off everything.

She pulled me up for a dance a while later too. And it wasn’t just a dance with Elise, because I got a lot of attention. And at least one witticism of “I love your outfit”.

We went back and sat at the bar again and Elise said to me “You know what your problem is?”

I shook my head. I mean, I know what about a hundred of my problems are, but not any specific one.

“You don’t realise that as soon as you get naked you could have any man or woman you want.”

I laughed, because I thought that was true about just about any naked woman. Elise shook her head, because she said that was true for men, but not every woman could seduce another woman, even if they were straight. I said I’d never even tried, and she said that was what the problem was.

And then she said “See that girl over there?”

I looked at where she indicated and there was a young Asian woman, maybe just a student, and I’d guess maybe India or Bangladeshi, and she looked away as soon as I turned. She was like the definition of the party wallflower, standing at the edge of the room and not making eye contact, and even though she was quite pretty and in a cropped blouse with poppers up the front that revealed a tiny waist and flat stomach and a tight skirt with a split up the side that hinted at some really special legs, nobody was going to talk to her because she didn’t look like she wanted them to talk to her. So why was she there?

“What about her?” I asked.

“She looks like she’s waiting for someone else to make the first move too,” Elise said. “Let’s make a new friend.”

And she just got up, took me by the hand and led me across the room.

The Asian woman pretended not to notice us coming because, of course, nobody was going to talk to her, but when we got right in front of her she couldn’t help it. She looked at Elise, then she looked at me, then she looked at my naked body, and then she looked away in embarrassment.

“Hi,” Elise said, “I can’t help noticing you seemed interested in my friend.”

The girl was really taken aback and mumbled something about how brave, how amazing it was that I was comfortable like that, she’d never be so bold and so on. Elise asked her if it was her first time here, which it was, so Elise said that if she stayed another couple of hours half the room would be naked. I didn’t believe her but the girl said “Really?” as if she did, and then, “My friend never told me about that before.”

Elise asked her about her friend and she pointed to a young white woman across the room who was chatting to another woman who’d obviously taken a liking to the friend. She said they were university friends, and then Elise dug a bit more and said she hadn’t “come out” to her family at all, or most of her friends, so this was all a bit new to her.

Elise got her to come and join us back at the bar and so we sat, our new friend (Amala) sat between us. As we talked I noticed Elise was touching Amala more and more frequently, on the arm, on the thigh, on the knee, and at first the girl jumped a bit but after a while she seemed to be getting used to it, and she was definitely appreciating it.

Suddenly Elise stood up, took Amala by the hand, and said “Let’s get you dancing.” Amala looked nervous but seemed to be going along with it, and Elise winked at me so I stood as well and took her other hand and the three of us walked towards the dance floor.

I started to get a bit jealous actually, as Elise was being really quite friendly with the new girl, dancing behind her with her hands around her waist on bare skin. Elise gestured for me to come closer and we kind of both ended up wrapped around Amala, Elise’s hands on my bare skin, stroking my back and my buttocks, and the young woman almost squeezed between us.

Amala turned around to face me and Elise’s hands were all over her, and then she took Amala’s hands in hers and put them on my sides. I could feel the girl trembling as Elise directed her stroking of my body. It was such an amazing sensation too, to feel such delicate fingers on my skin, and to know Elise was steering them, yet not actually touching me.

Elise took her hands away, but Amala left hers in place, and Elise said “You know this skirt’s too tight,” and the girl tensed as I knew Elise was unzipping the back, and Elise said “I told you half the room is going to be naked in an hour” as if that explained anything.

I put my hands on Amala’s, pressing them into my hips as Elise pushed Amala’s skirt to the floor. She watched it but did nothing, but I was right in my first assessment: the girl had the most amazing legs, and was wearing some pretty hot black underwear too.

Elise was on a roll, running her hands up the girl’s legs as she stood behind her again, and being Elise she just kept going, and the girl trembled as Elise’s hands passed over her waist, and then into her cropped blouse, and then POP POP POP POP POP the entire thing was open, the poppers offering no resistance whatsoever, and I was jealous that she had much nicer breasts than I did, and a sexy black bra too.

Elise just pulled her top down her arms and there she was: very pretty and immensely sexy in nothing but underwear and little heels.

Amala was very giggly now, and she was also getting more attention from other women, although they didn’t interrupt our little dancing threesome. I think it helped that there were other women in there with not much more than underwear on, or something so sheer you could see their underwear, and in one case a complete lack of bra, and, of course, in my case nothing at all.

We dance a little more, and Elise made the most of having a lot of bare skin accessible to her, and I could see that Amala had maybe never even been touched like that before. And she was getting wilder by the minute.

Elise caught Amala looking over at something and realised it was the friend she’d come with, who was now looking back with a raised eyebrow at seeing her demure partner in crime stripped to her underwear.

“Do you fancy her,” Elise asked Amala, and I realised that an hour ago Amala would have denied it but now she just nodded.

“Does she fancy you?” Amala laughed and shook her head.

“I bet that’s just because she hasn’t seen you properly,” Elise said, “Let’s change that.” She ran her hands up Amala’s sides, pushing her arms up. Elise looked at me, and then looked pointedly down at Amala’s bra. I knew what I had to do so I reached around her back and unfastened it as quickly as I could before she could notice.

She squealed and tried to pull her hands down as it fell away from her, her breasts falling but a little without their support, but it still covered her slightly, and Elise held her arms as she giggled and wriggled, so I took my opportunity and put my hands in her underwear waistband and quickly pushed her knickers down her legs.

She squealed and wriggled again and now Elise let go of her and Amala turned to look at her accusingly, but although she was more terrified than I had been earlier she didn’t really fight it, but just crossed one arm over her chest and put the other over her groin to try to cover herself. I took the opportunity to push her bra straps off of her shoulders, and Elise just took both her hands in her own and held them as I slipped the bra down her arms, and that was it: she was as naked as I was.

Suddenly her friend appeared beside us. “Er, are you okay, Amala?”

Amala giggled and said “Can you believe what’s just happened?” And of course her friend couldn’t, and she asked again if she was okay, and Amala said “well, apparently that’s just what happens here all the time,” and Elise and I laughed and her friend gave us a “what is going on?” look.

Elise said to her “I think you two should dance for a bit. We’ll be over there, and bent and picked up Amala’s clothes.”

By the time we reached the bar and turned around Amala had her arms around her friends waist and her friend, now with a very attractive naked body in front of her, was seeing her friend in a wholly new light.

“See?” Elise said, “That was fun, right?”

I had to agree: it was immense fun, and I was less jealous now that Elise wasn’t groping the younger woman.

Then Elise said: “Promise me one thing,” and I said “anything”, and she said, “Next time you feel attracted to someone, man or woman, just do something about it. And if you can’t think what to do then get naked, because I guarantee that will work.” I nodded and laughed.

“And you know what,” Elise said, “I can bet you those two will go home together.”

I had a feeling that they probably would too. But Elise paused and said “Especially if we take Amala’s clothes with us.”

I said “You can’t do that!” and she started to walk towards the cloakroom and said “Well, if you’re not coming, I’ll take yours too.” And I had no choice.

Even then she would only give me my jacket back, which barely covers anything below the buttocks.

It was still only a bit after midnight but Elise said we should go back to mine now, because she wanted to kiss every inch of my body. That sounded fine by me. But, of course, with Elise nothing is straightforward, because after we walked for a while we took the bus, and although I boarded with my jacket on, as we sat in the seats at the back I was very much peeled out of it by a very persistent woman with a penchant for spontaneous behaviour. I just wanted to make her promise to stay but I also said I wouldn’t talk about serious things.

So I left the bus naked, which wasn’t too bad as there were only a few people on it by then, and walked the last few streets home hand-in-hand with Elise. And then she made good on her promise and I was begging her to give me an orgasm by the time she’d built up to it.

Elise left mid-morning, and before she left she made me promise again: that if I felt attracted to anyone, man or woman, then I had to do something about it, not care about rejection, and if it ended up with me being naked and left giggling and feeling silly then that was better than missing a chance I could have taken. She’s probably right and I promised I would.

I tried to make her promise to stay, and she said she didn’t think she could. It wasn’t a great mood to part on, but it was a great night.

Now I’ve got to get ready to go to Jo’s later to do all this work for next week. And we have to work out what to do with a skirt, blouse and underwear that won’t fit either of us. Plus I forgot to message Mel about the park run. Meh, I’ve got bigger problems to work out than Mel making me run naked.

Exhibitionist Diary – Wednesday 9th September 2020


It was just me and Jo at Deborah’s office today, and we met her and the company’s finance director. They want us to look at everything their existing accountants are doing and check that it’s legal and also the best thing for their company, and to suggest any other ways they could structure it to avoid having to pay so much in customs duties. It’s quite a bit of work.

And when I say “us” I can boast that she actually said “me”, Kate, by name. It made me feel so good. She said that when she met me at the office party last year and I talked about all of this she didn’t believe I really knew it, because the company had no track record of this kind of work, but having seen the press releases since she realised she underestimated me and didn’t want to make that mistake twice so she thought she’d get in before I was in so much demand she couldn’t afford me.

Also, she’s such a fox! I forgot just how luscious her voice is. She could seduce a gay man I’m sure of it. And I’m sure she knows exactly who I was from the party at Mel’s, when all I was wearing was a mask, because she said that the office party was the second time we met, but really it was the first time she met me as Kate. Anyway, she doesn’t seem to care, and I get the feeling that anything that adds some fun to her life is fair game. It’s amazing that she’s still so sexy when she’s recently turned fifty. (I looked it up as part of my research.)

Jo and I were on such a high after that we went to the nearest bar and worked our way through a bottle of wine, and then some tapas, and, of course, I missed Pilates, but I didn’t care.

We talked about work, of course, and now we have even more to do before we see Deborah again next week, because despite all of that it’s still not certain how much work we’ll get out of it because we’re just being paid for an initial consultation, so that better be good enough to lead to more.

Well, after that we talk relationships, and how Jo had been dumped, again, by somebody who didn’t know a good thing when he saw it. She said she was thinking maybe she should just be a spinster, now she was in her forties, and give up on men altogether. She said that all the women in her life were so much more reliable, like we didn’t really know each other but she appreciated how much I listened to her complaining.

Anyway, I said that it was funny she should mention it, because I said I hadn’t given up on men altogether, but I’d recently had a lot more fun with women. Her eyes nearly popped out of her head. So I told her a bit about Mark and Ana, and how now I’ve slept with both of them, and sometimes at the same time, but that I might have to end things with them as I really liked this girl called Elise, but she might be moving back to France, and Jo said she now wished she had my life. I said she should try it, being with a woman, because at least you know they’re not just thinking about themselves.

I could see the cogs working in her head but she said she wasn’t sure if she could change her ways at her age. I joked that maybe her and Deborah would get along, and she did have to admit that the older woman did pretty much ooze sex appeal, and it can’t just be that voice of hers. I said “I’d do her”, like I was a guy on a building site, and Jo fell about laughing.

But before she left she said more seriously that we’d have to have a date night on Saturday, except it would be the afternoon and not the night, and not so much a date as work to prepare me for next Wednesday when I’m supposed to be going back to meet Deborah – but this time alone!

Well, I wanted life to move along, and it most certainly is.

Exhibitionist Diary – Tuesday 8th September 2020


Today was intense preparing for Deborah’s company tomorrow! I didn’t leave the office until nearly nine and it was just me and Jo left working there. But I think we have everything ready.

The bad news was I got back to a message from Elise saying that the pub really wanted to move fast with the sale and were offering her a payout if she could be out in two weeks. She said she might have to accept it as it’s enough money that she doesn’t have to just take the first job that comes along. I don’t want her to go back to France!