Exhibitionist Diary – Monday 22nd April 2019


I need to buy some more clothes. Everything I have is all wintery, and it’s getting warmer week by week.

I had a meeting with Jo and Rachel this morning about all the new clients. But for the parts you might care about: am I supposed to dress conservatively now I’m the boss? I’m not sure I’m willing to make that sacrifice, to be honest. Today I had a top with a scoop neck and I can tell from the look of the guy who was looming over me on the tube that you can see quite far down it from above! Although I had trousers on. (What is it coming to that wearing trousers seems odd?)

I felt in need of inspiration when I got home so ended up reading some stories and blogs about women getting naked in all kinds of public situations. I know it’s all fiction and quite silly, but I like the fantasy. The biggest problem is that you know all your friends will think less of you if they know you like being naked, and then you also don’t know whether strangers will behave respectfully with a naked woman in their midst. Maybe fiction is the only place it all works, outside of some very small circles. I’m lucky that I’ve had the experience with Kieran, Ha and Lily. Oh, and Kieran’s flatmate Andrew too. So far it’s worked out very well.

Exhibitionist Diary – Sunday 21st April 2019


The weekend has kept getting better! Firstly, I’m on a new record of well over thirty-six hours without putting a stitch of clothing on, unless you count drying myself with a towel.

But this morning I woke up and Kieran was snoring. It wasn’t that early so I got up and went to the kitchen and made myself some tea. There was still no sign of Kieran so I was rummaging through cupboards for some muesli and then I heard him behind me so I said “Shall I make you some tea?” and he said “Err, sure?” except it wasn’t quite right. So I turned around and the person I was talking to was wasn’t Kieran, and I was standing there naked in front of him.

He said he was Kieran’s flatmate, and I said I thought you weren’t back until later. And he looked me up and down and said “I guessed. I told Kieran I’d be back Sunday. I flew in last night, but couldn’t sleep much.” It turns out he’d been in Bangalore (he’s a computer programmer) and the time difference had messed up his sleep patterns. Oh, and his name is Ben. We shook hands while I stood there naked.

Anyway,  I put my arm over my chest and said I’d better get dressed, and he shrugged and sat down and said “It’s a bit late now,” so I thought “what the hey”, because I know he’s got a long-term girlfriend, and decided that since he’d seen it all, and I kind of liked it, I might as well just sit down too.

He’s nice anyway, and he stared at my breasts just the right amount, if that makes any sense. Enough to make me think he wanted to touch them, but not so much that I thought he would. That alone made me like him.

Then Kieran came in, and was mildly freaked out by seeing his flat-mate (Andrew) talking to his nude girlfriend (that’s me). Then Andrew seemed a bit uncomfortable, mentioned his girlfriend about a million times and went back to his room. Then I climbed on top of Kieran and we had amaze-balls sex in the kitchen.

I said goodbye to Ben on the way out and said I’d make sure to bring more clothes next time. He said “please don’t” and smiled and my stomach churned a bit because he’s just so nice, and so not-single, and also a bit handsome, and just the perfect person to be naked for because he’d never touch me or do anything without an invite. I’m looking forward to spending more time with Ben and I hope I’m not wearing anything for most of it.

I’m disappointed to be home now, and having to end my nude-streak record by clothes on for the journey home. I’m sitting here now with just a shawl around me and wishing there was someone around to stare.

Exhibitionist Diary – Saturday 20th April


It’s only Saturday lunchtime and this weekend is amazing already! Last night at the office I decided to surprise Kieran, knowing how much he was into these boots, so on the way out I went into the bathroom and took off my dress and put my coat back on over it. Yes, that’s right: I just had a coat and boots. Then I walked back out and had to say goodnight to a couple of people on the way through, because I was wearing almost nothing in the office and could feel my face turning red already.

But of course one of those people had to be Ha, and she was dragging a couple of people to the pub and we were going the same way, and she told me I had to come for a drink. I said I couldn’t because I was meeting someone, and Ha made some joke about my boyfriend being more important than her work friends, and then she leant towards me and said “and if you don’t I’ll tell them what you’re not wearing under that coat”, because she’d already worked it out. The cow! I said “You wouldn’t!” but she just raised her eyebrows, because we both know she would.

So I ended up in the pub, clutching my coat to my chest with a gin and tonic in my hand and Ha kept on saying I might as well take my coat off and I kept on frowning at her, until it became a standing joke, then Helen looked between us and worked out something was going on but hopefully not what.

At least I got out of there quickly and was at Kieran’s by eight. He’d ordered a takeaway and, well, there was a knock at the door just as I was standing in his hallway with my coat on the floor and his arms around me. He dared me to answer it, but that wasn’t going to happen, so the takeaway turned up and I was already nude and we were both gagging for sex but ate dinner instead. I can’t remember a thing I had, but I do remember that Kieran had me for dessert, working magic with his tongue again. I’d wear those boots, and nothing but those boots, every single day of my life if that’s what happened.

Well, I had the most intense orgasm, and we cuddled a bit and he wanted to get started again, because he was like a stick of rock in his trousers. And, guess what? I gave my first blow job in over five years. I hate that word, because it’s not really a job… But last time I did it I didn’t really want to. It wasn’t rape or anything, but looking back I didn’t want to have sex with the guy so I did that instead, rather than make him feel bad by rejecting him. Stupid, because I didn’t enjoy it and it put me off completely.

This time was different, because all the fun was feeling how Kieran reacted to my lips wrapped around his cock. And boy does that thing feel big when it’s in my mouth! I don’t think he’s bigger or smaller than average, and I’ve heard they’re all pretty similar when “inflated” (I know that’s not the right word). But I actually enjoyed it, teasing him and feeling his legs wrap around me as he lost control of himself. He went to put his hand on my neck, and then I’d do something and he’d just go limp (apart from there) and I’d be so completely in control that you wouldn’t believe he was seven or eight inches taller than me.

And to answer the big question: spit or swallow? To be honest, it was a bit of a surprise, so it was either swallow or gag. I didn’t realise that they could all taste different, because last time I ducked out at the first sign of anything happening. But I made such a loud gulping noise, and I think it really turned Kieran on because I almost got stabbed in the throat. I mean: are they sure there’s not a bone in there? I don’t get the physiology of it, but I’m glad it happens.

We cuddled up on the sofa after that, with me still naked (but I took the boots off), and he was too exhausted for more by the time we went to bed. I kind of liked just hanging out nude and not having sex again.

But then I also liked having sex in the morning too. It’s one of the few times that we’re both naked, which makes it sound kind of odd now. Or is it? You tell me.

Exhibitionist Diary – Friday 19th April


My Friday updates are getting worse… I’m going straight around to Kieran’s tonight, and he’s cooking for me. I took a bit of a risk wearing the suede thigh boots into the office, with a dress over the top. Helen said I looked smoking hot, and then at some point Ha grabbed the hem of my dress, lifted it up and exposed my backside! Nobody else saw but she just said “Thought not”, presumably about my lack of underwear. I said “Do you mind” and she said “Not one bit” and went back to her desk.

I sent her a message saying I doubt Lily would approve of her lifting the dresses of other women, and Ha said her only complaint would be that she wasn’t here to see it! They’re a funny pair, and I wonder if their kinks are even weirder than mine. If they weren’t, I’m sure Ha would have told me by now. I had visions of Lily in black leather with a whip and Ha chained to a wall in their basement (do they have a basement?), which was frankly quite a turn-on. I wanted to find an image of it to send to Ha to tease her but was worried I’d set off all kinds of alarms on the company network if I started searching for that kind of thing.

Anyway, I have minimal things for my weekend with Kieran, as is my habit now. I can’t wait.

Exhibitionist Diary – Thursday 18th April 2019


The sun came out today, but since I was at the PR company I ended up wearing a blouse and skirt anyway. Ellie’s blouse was as see-through as anything I’d dare to wear, but she still wore tights so I guess she’s not as much of a free-spirit as I thought.

This afternoon I went to the other meeting, with Jo, and I actually said a bit more this time. Both because she let me, and I’d learned some things from Brian on Monday. I think they’re going to sign with us, and Jo said that would be my account too. Work is piling up! Apparently I’ll have to delegate some of it to Rachel. I guess I’m some kind of team leader now!

On the way back I suggested to Jo that we go and get some dinner, but she said she had something to get back to. Her voice was pretty flat so I’m not sure what it could have been and it made me sad that I couldn’t spend more time with her.

Ha has scheduled the Korean Massage for next Friday so hopefully that will perk her up, if nothing else does before then.

Exhibitionist Diary – Tuesday 16th April 2019


Today started strangely because I opened the curtains and looked across the road to see the woman who lived there (who took the parcel) standing naked at a set of drawers wondering what to wear! She seemed to look up and I pretended not to have seen her, but she just carried on. For some reason I was the one who was embarrassed and went back to the kitchen! Maybe that’s why I never see them when I’m prancing about in the nude.

I wore a skirt, socks and a light sweater to the start-up, and then noticed in the bathroom that if you peered really closely you could just about see my nipples through the weave. Some of the guys had glanced in that direction, but I’m not sure if they were confident enough to peer quite closely enough.

It reminded me that I’ve got some knitted sweaters in the cupboard that really are see-through because of the patterning, so I’ll try one of those sometime. I think I’d need a bra, unfortunately.