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The Naked Girl I Met In The Woods

Whilst out walking one day, Phillip encounters a young woman, Alison, wearing only a pair of wellington boots as she sits sketching in the woods. Little does he know that the young woman is to become an increasingly important part of his home, work, and even married life.

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The Naked Girl Across The Street

The Naked Girl Across The StreetMike has never even met the girl who lives across the street. Then, one evening, she comes home from work, strips naked and performs what becomes a regular yoga routine. Mike becomes obsessed with getting to know her, and a chance meeting on the street leads gives him the chance to spend time with the beautiful, alluring woman named Chloe, who seems more comfortable out of clothes than in them.

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The Undergraduate

Beautiful woman in a dress with a naked manDarren’s chance encounter with Mrs Cooper, the mother of his childhood friend, takes an unexpected turn when he finds himself sitting in her kitchen one afternoon wrapped in nothing more than a small towel. Soon the towel too disappears and Darren begins to wonder whether the older woman is flirting with him, toying with him, or simply looking for company.

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Just ENF

Just ENFJust ENF features twelve more entirely new and original short stories from the pen of Kara Bryn.

Follow the experiences of the beautiful women who find so many creative ways to lose their clothes. Each story features a mixture of embarrassed nude females (ENF), clothed female/nude female (CFNF), clothed male/nude femal (CMNF) and a guaranteed only one naked (OON).

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Naked Women in Shorts

Naked Women in ShortsNaked Women in Shorts features a dozen previously unpublished stories of embarrassed nude females (ENF). Meet the girl who decides to spice up the train journey home with an impromptu strip tease, the woman tricked into working a day at the office naked, the shy Asian girl seduced by the perpetual nudist, the piano tutor who has a particular way of releasing the passion in her student, and many more.

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The Rules of the Convent

The Rules of the ConventSarah is barely nineteen years old and has only been at the convent for a few weeks. Nothing she has experienced before can prepare her for the humiliation of being stripped and forced to work. eat and pray, naked and shunned by her fellow nuns.

Even as she becomes less embarrassed by her nude body, Sarah despairs at her isolation. Only Sisters Theresa and Jessica offer her friendship, or are they offering more than friendship? With a young, beautiful, naked woman walking around the convent, can their vows fend off temptation? Or will they succumb and taste the forbidden fruits of this enchanting, vulnerable woman?

The Rules of the Convent is an ENF novelette from Kara Bryn and will titillate your senses, and other parts of you, from start to end.

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Changing Rooms

Changing RoomsSusan is shy, quiet, polite and just an all-round nice person. After discovering her partner’s affair she uses a weekend away to start to make changes to her life, and to herself.

Through the journey of a shopping trip for clothes for a night out, Susan becomes ever bolder in exploring the power of her body and her sexuality. She begins to shed layers, both psychologically and literally, until she finally emerges like a butterfly from its cocoon.

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The Hen Weekend

The Hen WeekendSusan began to explore the power of her body in Changing Rooms, and in The Hen Weekend we follow her journey as she pushes her limits, and tests the limits of those around her.

Susan’s journey is a story of self-exploration and empowerment as she discovers the attention the naked body can command when she is allowed to dictate the terms on which she is revealed.

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Other Stories by Kara

I also occasionally publish stories on Literotica or elsewhere on this blog:

2 thoughts on “ENF & CFNM Books

  1. Jake

    I just read your book ten out of CFNM, and I have to say I really enjoyed it. Some of the stories were absolutely fantastic, I really enjoyed the woman institution particularly because of the slow teasing way you built up the suspense also because you didn’t focus on his embarassment and humiliation either. You instead kept him very musch on equal footing which was hot, it reminded me of you in the exhibitionist diary. Loss of clothes doesnt always equal loss of control. I thought the last story about your husband was a bit similiar to that too haha although the embarassment was more played up. The french vacation was also a hot story, chapter one especially, and I loved picnic fun, and how you worked things up gently. Sometimes I wished that he could have been given the same ability to see them at the end as well or a hint of it to sort of even out the situation but I guess that’s not what the book is about. University life was also cute and the other story about him getting naked for his friends again and again.A few parallels between them too. Altogether a super creative work. Thanks for writing.

  2. J. Jillinghoff

    Kara: Just reread “Interview with an Artist,” which I think is your best story. I esp. love Mia’s dialogue. It’s exactly the sort of self-justifying twaddle that no-talent hacks use to shut down any honest assessment of their work. Mia is a great character — aloof, manipulative and unreachable–but in the end, I think she’s done Rosie a favor. well done.

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