The Naked Girl I Met In The Woods – Third Excerpt


Only a couple of days left before my next book is out! So here’s one last sneak preview of the kinds of things you can find in it:

“Let’s take a walk down the garden,” I said, taking her hand before she had a chance to answer.

She giggled and her chest bounced.

“You’re going to get me in trouble,” she said.

“That’s the plan.”

I led her down the grass lawn and we inspected the few wild flowers that grew within it, taking our time to reach the other end. The fence that stopped us at the bottom had a wooden gate in the centre.

“This looks like it could go somewhere fun,” I said, opening the catch. I felt a tug of resistance from her hand in mine.

“I don’t want to go too far from the house. Not like this,” she said, but her eyes flashed with excitement.

“We won’t go too far,” I promised.

She giggled again and followed me through the gate.

“This is very silly,” she said as we walked along the edge of a field that was obviously a footpath, a hedgerow on one side of us to guide our way.

We slowly descended into the valley and at the end of the field passed through another gate. The lit windows of the cottage were visible further up the hill and as our eyes were accustomed to the twilight I decided we had enough time before full darkness to lead Kathy on some more.

We walked for ten minutes, Kathy sometimes giggling and staying close to me, her breasts brushing against my upper arm as she stayed close. I was close to turning back when I heard running water from just below us.

“There must be a stream,” I said, leading Kathy down yet further.

It was a picturesque bubbling stream that ran along the bottom of the valley, and a well-made path that our stony trail joined onto. A bench had been placed opposite the junction, looking out over the water as it bubbled over small stones. It was as if it had been made for us.

“Come,” I said, leading Kathy around the bench and taking a seat, “Before we have to climb back up again.”

“I thought you were going to keep leading me astray for a minute there,” she said. We were maybe half a mile from the cottage, and half a mile from Kathy’s clothes. It was like a dream come true.

The Naked Girl I Met In The Woods will be listed on my Amazon page as soon as it’s out.

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