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I wrote this Ladies Day a long time ago for Indian Outlaw’s Stripping Naked Story Board. I’ve recently been collating stories the I posted on other websites and re-posting them here, and Ladies Day has been added to the collection.

It’s a story of an aristocratic English woman with a rather dangerous addiction to betting on horse races. The introduction below is just a teaser and you can read the rest in my Exclusive Stories section. Sign-up is free and I’ll send you the password.


Ladies Day – An Extract

“But where was I… Oh yes. You see, I gave Mishka lots of pieces of paper with different horse names written on them this afternoon, and she has distributed them to many of the ladies attending today. Some have ignored them, some have placed bets and won, never to return, and some have lost at the first or second bet. Lady Jessica was satisfied to wager her jacket and she left with some of my money, but unfortunately I could not entice her to make a second bet.”

That part of it made sense to Lady Jane. Jess had won money and her jacket back and had sensibly stopped there.

“And then there was Lady Fortnum, who is now without a jacket. That one will soon be hanging in Mishka’s wardrobe. Unfortunately, I did not guess the winner correctly and so, having been given an incorrect tip, she was not drawn to place another bet.

“Then Lady… what was her name Mishka?”

“Lady Porchester,” Mishka replied in an accent that was even thicker than Sergey’s.

“Yes, Lady Porchester… Her jacket is now very tightly buttoned as she was willing to stake her blouse on a second wager, although unfortunately no more. Oh how I wish she had been wearing a… what is it you call it?… a bolero rather than a jacket. But unfortunately her state of undress is not apparent at a glance, and she retained her bra in any case. Perhaps if I had been lucky with the horse I had chosen for her second bet she would have taken a third and we would have seen a bit more.” Sergey shrugged with a wistful look on his face.

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Party Centrepiece


“I could hear voices around me, but I had no idea who or even how many people were in the room. I hoped no-one would recognise me, but was that my name I heard whispered?”

Sitting in Chains

Chained woman sitting on the floor

“The metal handcuffs were cold on my bare ankles, but I didn’t dare complain. I’d never dared to complain, not since the first Sunday afternoon when Elaine closed the cool steel around my ankles and wrists, the collar around my neck, and chained them all together and left me sitting on the floor. She had not said a word, and neither had I, and now it was just part of our routine: she would sit and read her book, and I would lay, or sit, chained at her feet, in whatever clothes she had left me with.”

Pareia and Helena

Woman sitting naked at a bar

Helena followed Pareia into the crowded bar. It had only been a few weeks since the nymph inside her had been awakened and she felt that she had so much to learn. Tonight, Pareia was going to show her some more of what her latent powers were capable of.

Helena had already learnt to become partially invisible, although she still needed Pareia’s help with this. She had also learnt that she could sense the thoughts of some women once she had touched them. Pareia had not told her what tonight’s lesson was going to be, but from the glint in her eyes she surmised that it was something that Pareia was very much looking forward to. Mischief was just part of being a nymph, or so it seemed, and Helena had felt herself increasingly susceptible to it as well.

Pareia looked around the bar as if she was searching for something.

“What are we looking for?” Helena asked her.

“No-one in particular,” Pareia replied, her eyes still scanning the room, “But I’ll know her when I see her.” Her eyes fixed on a slim red-haired woman sitting on a stool at one end of the bar. “There,” she said, “She’s the one I’m looking for.”

Pareia began to walk across the bar, and already she had taken on that semi-invisible state that she had adopted the first time that Helena had met her: not exactly invisible, but no-one would remember having seen her, and no-one would give her a second thought. It had to be this way as two women as beautiful as Pareia and Helena would not be able to deflect attention otherwise.

Pareia paused a few feet from the woman she had identified and looked her up and down.

“Is she a nymph?” Helena asked from beside her. This was how she had been approached just a few weeks before, and she imagined she must have appeared much the same way: plain, easily overlooked, and wondering why everyone else in the bar was having fun and she wasn’t.

“No,” Pareia said, “Or maybe part of her is, or was; a very small part, which is why nobody is paying her any attention.”

Helena looked around the room: indeed, the attractive redhead was all alone, with nobody giving her so much as a second glance.

“She’s dressed very plainly, though,” Helena observed. The woman was wearing a dark blouse and faded blue jeans that hid her figure.

“Yes,” Pareia said, “Nothing a true nymph would ever wear.”

Helena’s own taste in revealing clothes was explained by the spirit she harboured inside her, and both she and Pareia had dressed in short, sleeveless dresses for the evening. But in this place she was glad for the concealment that her powers brought her. She liked to be noticed, but on her own terms.

Pareia stood beside the redhead and, with one finger, she gently stroked the young woman’s shoulder. She stepped around her back, running her finger along her shoulder.

The redhead shrugged her shoulders but seemed otherwise oblivious to Pareia’s attentions. Pareia smiled.

“Very interesting,” she said to herself.

Helena gave her a questioning look.

“Here,” Pareia said, and she took Helena’s hand in hers and placed it on the redhead’s shoulder.

Helena closed her eyes as images and ideas filled her mind. She instantly knew that the woman’s name was Lucia. She was Spanish, but now lived and worked here in Athens. Helena sensed something of the nymph spirit that Pareia had hinted at, but it was just a small part of that spirit, and only that part that resulted in her hiding away in the corner of a bar, seemingly unnoticed, almost unnoticeable.

“Such a shame,” Helena said. She felt the passionate, lively spirit inside the woman, the human spirit that longed to express itself freely, but the remains of an ancient nymph-like essence kept all of this buried and hidden within her.

Pareia nodded in agreement. “She wonders why she’s alone, why every attempt to meet anyone goes nowhere. Why she looks at images of beautiful dresses in magazines and then wears drab jeans and a blouse to a bar.”

It sounded grim, yet Helena could see the sparkle in Pareia’s eyes.

“Can you help her?” Helena asked.

“We can both help her,” Pareia said with a wide smile.

The redhead, Lucia, took put her glass of wine to her lips and emptied it, completely unaware of Pareia’s pacing back and forth behind her.

“She just needs a shock to the system, that’s all,” Pareia said, “It’s like releasing the butterfly from its cocoon.”

Helena could still feel the woman’s thoughts, even though she no longer touched her. She didn’t know exactly how long the bond would last, but it would remain for as long as they stayed close together.

“She’s considering calling it a night and going home,” Helena said.

Pareia stood close beside Lucia and whispered: “Just one more glass.”

Lucia gave a tilt of her head as if she had suddenly made a decision and Helena heard the thought: “What the hell: it’s either that or go home and sit in my apartment.”

Helena felt pity for the young woman, and she felt her face burning at the raging passion within her that had never found a release.

Lucia lifted her hand and called the barman over. She indicated her glass and he refilled it with white wine.

“Let’s start here, shall we?” Pareia said, and she ran the back of her finger gently down Lucia’s neck. Then she blew on the woman’s delicate throat. Helena felt the pleasure that ran through Lucia’s body, and she remembered how it had felt when Pareia had done the same to her.

Pareia smiled at Helena. “I don’t think this will be difficult,” she said, and the young redhead lifted her hands to her neckline and carefully unfastened the top three buttons of her thick, dark blouse. She flapped at the now loose fabric to wash air over her chest and Helena saw that beneath it she was wearing a deep, ruby-red bra. So the passion in her did find some expression at least, albeit to then be covered over again by thick, opaque fabrics.

“You try,” Pareia said to Helena.

Helena stood the other side of Lucia and blew gently into her ear. The young woman closed her eyes and let out a long sigh, and Helena could almost feel the heat burning from inside of her.

“I don’t know how she keeps it all bottled up,” Helena said.

“You managed to,” Pareia said with a wink. She had a point, and Helena knew the conflict that was raging inside Lucia from her own experience.

Lucia took another sip from her wine glass.

“What now?” Helena asked.

Pareia smiled by way of reply and then, from beside Lucia, she reached over and pulled at the long tongue of leather that was threaded through the belt holes of Lucia’s jeans. She unthreaded it and then, with the other hand, she unbuckled the belt entirely.

“Why doesn’t she notice?” Helena asked.

“Because she doesn’t want to,” Pareia replied. It sort of made sense, Helena thought, but she didn’t think she could be so bold without being noticed.

Pareia pulled at the belt and it unthreaded from around Lucia’s waist. She looped the long piece of leather in on itself and placed it on the stool beside her.

“That’s better, isn’t it?” Pareia whispered to Lucia.

“Mmmm,” came Lucia’s reply, not knowing what she was responding to but suddenly feeling more content with her situation.

“Can’t anyone else see her?” Helena asked, looking around.

Pareia shook her head. “Normally, yes,” she replied, “She’s not nymph enough to hide herself, but with us here… Well, we may as well not be, as far as everyone else is concerned.” She gestured at the rest of the people in the bar with a nod of her head.

“Admit it,” Pareia whispered into Lucia’s ear, “You’ve never liked these jeans.”

Lucia looked down at her pale blue trousers: she never really had liked them. She thought she had nice legs, but somehow she always ended up covering them up.

Pareia gave another gentle blow in Lucia’s ear and the redhead closed her eyes and took another deep breath. Then her hands reached down to her waistband and Helena watched as she unfastened one, two, three buttons.

She stood from her barstool and shuffled the jeans down her legs, pushed them off of her feet and then lay them across the stool beside her. It was strange, she thought, that her belt was already there: she hadn’t remembered taking it off. She shrugged and sat back on the stool.

“She has a fantastic figure,” Helena said, admiring Lucia’s slender, bare legs as she crossed one over the other and took another sip of wine. Helena noted the matching red underwear.

Pareia smiled. “It should be easy from here,” she said to Helena.

Lucia looked around the bar: she was sitting here in her underwear and blouse, and yet still no-one was was looking in her direction? Helena felt a wave of despair wash over her and felt pity for the girl, but Pareia leant towards Lucia and whispered in her ear.

“Look how beautiful you are,” she said, and Lucia stared into the mirror on the far side of the bar.

Helena looked too and saw the three of them, Pareia on one side of the redhead and her on the other. The wave of despair was replaced with, if not contentment, at least some satisfaction as she mentally agreed with Pareia.

“Yes,” Lucia thought, “I can be beautiful.”

She looked down at her bare legs. They were toned and firm, and if no-one else in the bar wanted to look at them, then so be it.

“Take off her blouse,” Pareia said to Helena.

“Me?” Helena asked, suddenly nervous of breaking the spell that Pareia had cast over Lucia. Pareia merely nodded.

Helena stepped closer to Lucia, and the passion that Pareia was fuelling within the woman felt ever more intense. With trembling fingers, she unfastened the buttons down the front of Lucia’s blouse. Lucia was seemingly oblivious, and even took a sip of wine while she was doing so.

“You don’t need this,” Helena whispered into Lucia’s ear as she brushed the thick, dark cotton off of Lucia’s shoulders. Lucia wriggled in her seat as the fabric slipped down her arms, helping it on its way, and Helena tucked it beneath Lucia’s jeans on the stool.

Even after all she had seen over the past few weeks, Helena was still astounded that she was standing here beside a beautiful redhead, sat in a crowded bar in only her underwear, and yet nobody was giving them even a second glance.

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Just ENF by Kara Bryn

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The Office Christmas Party

The Office Christmas Party

I wrote this story before Christmas and posted it onto Literotica, but I realised that some people may not have seen it there. Plus I like to have everything here on my own site anyway.

The introduction below is just a teaser and you can read the rest in my Exclusive Stories section.


The Office Christmas Party

It had seemed like a good idea at the time. It was all in the name of creating a little more competition between Martin and me, to up the stakes just a little, as if the thirty thousand pound bonus wasn’t incentive enough…

Actually, scratch that: it had never seemed a good idea, even at the time. Even while I was agreeing to it, because I didn’t want to appear weak; unwilling to countenance the idea of being only the second best salesperson in the room. But the online advertising industry is full of bellowing bulls and this was no time to fall back on being the quiet country girl. These young men had had it their own way for far too long and I wasn’t about to back down now. Move over, alpha males, it’s time for an alpha female to take charge.

“Okay, Natalie. You say you like a challenge,” Martin had shouted over the jeers, “So I’ll make a deal with you.”

I’d looked back at him, not wanting to fall into whatever trap he thought he was laying, but not able to think of a face-saving way of getting out of it.

“Whoever has the lowest sales figures by the time the Christmas party comes round,” he’d continued, “Spends the entire Christmas party naked.”

“Only the party?” I’d said with forced bravado, “Why not the whole week? Or are you afraid your tiny dick will shrivel in the cold?”

That increased the volume of the jeers. Fighting fire with fire was the only thing these guys understood.

Martin winked at me condescendingly. “Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, country girl.”

He called me “country girl” whenever he wanted to get under my skin. I tried not to let it show but, like all good salespeople, he was too good at spotting body language and knew how much it affected me.

“You might spend all your days on the farm with nothing but mud to cover your skin, but things are a little different in the big city,” he added.

I scowled at him. I wasn’t even from a farm. I was barely even from the country, but because of my accent, and the small town I came from, Martin’s “country girl” nickname had stuck. I’d tried “city wanker”, “southern tosser” and various other insults, but he just seemed to soak them up. I could read body language just as well as he could and nothing had hit home yet.

“Let’s drink to it,” he said loudly for the benefit of the surrounding group, raising his small shot glass in my direction, “Lowest figures strips there and then when Les hands the bonus cheque to me… Oh, I’m sorry, I mean to say ‘to whoever wins’.”

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Just ENF Available To Buy

Just ENF by Kara Bryn

My next ENF short story collection, Just ENF, is now live on live on Amazon, and for the first time it’s available both as a Kindle book or as a paperback. The paperback costs $8.99 and the eBook is $2.99, which is a bargain for 200 pages and 12 entirely new stories.

Here’s a little teaser from one of the stories in the book called “On The Bench”:


“Erm, Kasia?” asked Lucy.

“Yeah, hun?” Kasia replied.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m tying your wrist to the back of this bench,” Kasia replied.

“Erm, why?” Lucy asked.

“Don’t ask silly questions,” Kasia told her as she stood. Lucy looked over at her arm: it had been draped on the back of the bench and around Lucy’s shoulders, but now it was tied to the wooden slat against which her shoulder blades rested.

Kasia stepped over Lucy’s long, outstretched legs and took hold of her other wrist. She pressed it against the back of the bench and wrapped another length of cord around it, tying it to the other end of the wooden slat. She stood back and looked at her beautiful girlfriend, her arms stretched out either side of her.

“Yeah, but why?” Lucy asked her partner.

“So I can have my way with you,” Kasia replied and she knelt to straddle Lucy’s lap. She leant forwards and kissed her. Lucy tried to pull her hands towards her but the ties were too strong. It was such a turn-on, having Kasia kiss her while she was helpless, but she couldn’t help but wonder what had come over her; she’d never done anything like this before.

Kasia sat upright, still kneeling across Lucy’s lap. She looked down at the young woman in front of her, Lucy’s dark, beautiful eyes looking back at her. Lucy was wearing an inviting summer dress. It was light blue, strapless and off the shoulder with buttons all the way down the front and tied by a belt at the waist. Kasia put her hands on Lucy’s chest; she could feel her hard nipples beneath the cotton, the dress being too short to wear a bra.

“Okay, can you untie me now, please?” Lucy asked her.

“No, I don’t think so,” Kasia told her as she slipped off the bench to kneel between Lucy’s knees.

“But… what are you doing?” Lucy asked her. Kasia rested her hands on Lucy’s thighs and then slid them into bottom of her dress, right up to Lucy’s hips. Lucy trembled at her touch.

“I found your browsing history last night,” Kasia told her, “I see you’ve been fantasising about other women.”

Lucy started to mouth a denial, and then realised it wasn’t going to hold up, not if her browser history had given her away. And she had been watching a couple of videos…

“I clicked on one and watched it,” Kasia continued, “There was a woman tied to a bench. It was very entertaining.”

Kasia hooked her fingers into the waistband of Lucy’s knickers and pulled. Lucy yelped and tried to squeeze her knees together, but Kasia was between her thighs and had a strong hold of the flimsy underwear. She pulled it out from beneath Lucy’s dress, down her legs and unhooked it from her dainty heeled sandals.

Lucy clamped her knees shut. “Oh, I’m going to get you for this,” she told Kasia, although the tease was certainly turning her on. But this dress was far too short not to be wearing knickers.

Kasia remained kneeling at Lucy’s feet. She slid her hands up the outside of Lucy’s thighs, feeling the soft skin beneath her palms. She pushed her fingers up beneath the summer dress, enjoying the feeling of bare skin. Further up she went, over Lucy’s hips, until she was stopped by the tight band of Lucy’s belt around her waist.

Lucy’s eyes closed as her body was caressed. If only they weren’t in the middle of the park, this could really be fun. She would be sorely tempted to open her thighs a little, to invite Kasia within.

You’ll have to get hold of Just ENF to read the rest of the story 🙂

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