The Naked Girl I Met In The Woods – Second Excerpt


My new book is coming out next week, but in the meantime here’s another excerpt to whet your appetite.

She took my hand and we swung our arms as we walked. We were still drawing attention, but for different reasons: me, for being still partially dressed, and Kathy because she just looked amazing.

Kathy barely missed a step as we passed a fully-clothed couple walking in the opposite direction, but the smirk on her lips told me all that I needed to know: she was enjoying this. So was I.

We continued to walk in silence and every now and then I glanced over at Kathy, strolling confidently naked, barefoot, and as happy as I’d seen her in a long time. Nobody else came our way, but an unfamiliar sound from behind us caught my attention and it took a few seconds before I registered what it was: horses hooves on sand. I glanced over my shoulder and noticed they were a couple, their horses walking side by side along the path between the dunes.

“It would be a lovely place to ride a horse,” Kathy said as we stepped off the path to let them by. I was just imagining Kathy riding here, still naked, when one of the riders called out.

The Naked Girl I Met In The Woods will be listed on my Amazon page as soon as it’s out.

Knowing What’s To Come


“‘I’m going to tie your hands, and then I’m going to put on a long dress, and then we’re going for a walk.” She would always tell me what she was going to do to me. The anticipation alone drove me wild. But where would this walk take us?”

Nude Photography


“It had taken a while to talk her out of her clothes for a photo, and I was damned if it wasn’t going to be impossible for her to do the same to me, no matter how tempting she was making it.”

Silly Rules


“We used to make up all kinds of silly rules, just so I could break them and be punished. One time I think I put an empty glass on the counter instead of in the dishwasher and had to do the dishes by hand, naked, for a week.”