Anything You Can Do


“I really hate you right now,” Iris told her as she leant forwards and, reaching behind her, she unfastened her bra. She quickly pulled it off her arms and dropped it onto the rest of her clothes. She hooked her fingers into the waistband of her knickers and slid them down her legs, letting them fall around her feet. She kicked them to one side.

Selena grinned as she stared across at her friend. Iris’s breasts were even smaller than her own, but still beautiful with round, pink nipples. She watched as they rose and fell as Iris inhaled and exhaled.

“So, here we are then,” she said to Iris.

“Yes, here we are.” Iris felt distinctly less comfortable like this than Selena seemed to. She daren’t look around the room. She leant forwards, rested her arm on the table and picked up her wine glass in her other hand. She involuntarily glanced at Selena’s breasts again. For the first time, she wondered what they would feel like; would they would fell the same as her own. Her lips pursed slightly.

“Here we are,” Selena said, “Just two naked girls having a drink.”

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Exhibitionist Diary – Sunday 29th August 2020


Last night was so weird. Mel came around to my place and as it’s definitely feeling autumnal now insisted that I wear nothing but a jacket to Linda and Tim’s place. It wasn’t even a long jacket. Tim opened the door and looked straight down at my legs, and then as I took my jacket off he couldn’t help but look at everything else too.

Linda was already there, and already naked, and Gary was already annoying from the start, making comments about how great I looked and how lucky he was to have two naked women paying attention to him. Then during dinner he kept making eyes at Mel and started asking her about our relationship. Mel didn’t tell him much that anybody couldn’t have guessed, and certainly not about the sessions.

Anyway, afterwards we were sat in the front room, with me next to Tim on a sofa, Mel on an armchair and Gary on the other armchair with Linda sat across his lap, with Gary’s hands all over her. And that just seem to make him even bolder, and he started trying to get Mel to strip off too! I knew that would never happen and it was a big mistake.

Mel came back with she wouldn’t but why didn’t Gary, unless he was shy and didn’t have much to show. Linda started on that he was all muscle but he really didn’t have a lot down below. Gary complained, and Mel said he should either prove it or shut up. Linda teased him some more… and then Gary just burst into tears. It was so completely unexpected.

Linda ended up hugging him and telling him she was only teasing, but Mel wanted to know more, and then it became a kind of confessional, and I guess years of insecurity all just came out at once and we heard about past girlfriends and boys at school etc etc.

We left by eleven and Mel came back to my place, leaving Tim alone in the house with the pair of them. I needed a drink after that so Mel and I just sat around with some vodka I had in the freezer for another couple of hours just talking.

I woke up with a bit of hangover this morning, but mostly I was stunned by the whole experience.

Exhibitionist Diary – Saturday 29th August 2020


I made sure I was at the park run this morning. The guy who’s already seen me running around in the nude was there again, and he came over and asked whether Mel or I knew anything about the video of the naked woman running the streets with her clothed friend that was on one of the local news websites! I came home and searched for it and there it was… I guess I’m kind of locally famous now, and I’m glad I don’t know many people around here.

I’m kind of dreading tonight with Linda and Gary, though. Mel’s coming to my place first and then we’ll go together. How did I get myself into this?

Exhibitionist Diary – Friday 28th August 2020


Today Ha said that she thought I’d been working far too hard lately and I wasn’t doing anything I had to come back and have dinner with her and Lily that evening. I was really glad for the offer and I definitely needed it, even though it’s only been a couple of weeks since the holiday!

Well, I don’t know what’s come over Ha, but even though I’ve hung around in the nude with them plenty of times it’s always been like there’s some sort of strange protocol about it. Usually I arrive nearly naked, there’s the reveal, and then we have a fun evening together. It’s not like they don’t notice my body, because I’m glad they do, but there’s just more of a boundary.

This time, though, I was only just through the door when Ha was unzipping my dress. She pretty much peeled it off of me in the hallway, and I couldn’t tell if it was more sexual than usual or if she was just so comfortable with me that she didn’t even think about it.

Lily came home soon after and we ordered a Thai takeaway, and they made me go to the door and collect it! Which I don’t mind. May as well give the delivery driver a laugh, eh?

At some point when we were talking and I told them about my holiday, and how I wore nothing at all for days, Lily said ever since the naked bike ride she’s been making Ha stay naked more, sometimes for the whole day on a Sunday, and that it was doing wonders for their sex life. I said she would have to invite me around on a Sunday, then, without telling Ha I was coming, and despite Ha protesting Lily said it sounded like a good plan. Now I’m not sure if that would be fun or weird

I got a cab home by eleven because I didn’t want to be late for the park run tomorrow, or be so hungover that it was painful to do!

A Performance


Her shoulders shrugged beneath the thick coat. “Why not,” she said, “This café has a good selection.”

She looked around the room with her strange manner again. She was like a bird, watchful for predators perhaps, and her eyes seemed to rest on each other customer for a fraction of a second before dismissing them as a threat.

I turned around in my stool to look for a waiter and put my hand in the air to attract his attention. I had lost some of my English reserve during my time as a journalist, but, as was to become apparent, not as much as I thought.

I must have been looking away from Mia for no more than two or three seconds but by the time I turned back the fur coat was gone and I was suddenly in the presence of Mia the performance artist. Or, more precisely, Mia the naked performance artist.

I wasn’t sure what the etiquette was, so I said nothing. I was incapable of saying anything as she sat there, seemingly oblivious to her nudity, not even paying attention to how I reacted.

I had seen plenty of photos and videos during my research for this interview but, in the flesh, it was obvious what a truly beautiful woman Mia was. Her skin was a delightful soft cream colour and appeared flawless, although I was trying hard not to stare. There was barely an inch of fat on her and, as she sat with her legs crossed, I wondered if I was just imagining the whole thing.

I looked around the café. It was obvious from some other reactions that I wasn’t dreaming, but although there were glances in her direction, and comments between groups at tables, it wasn’t quite the seismic reaction that I would have expected.

The waiter arrived and I watched his eyes lock onto Mia’s breasts for a second before he gained enough self-control to address her face.

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Exhibitionist Diary – Wednesday 26th August 2020


Another lead at work today! It was a long time back (last year!) but Deborah, the wife of a client of the company, and who I met at Mel’s party whilst waitressing nude (but with a mask on), wants to have a meeting with us. She said she’s seen that we’re doing more international work now and she wants her existing arrangements looked after, and has asked for me by name! So that’s a buzz.

It was enough of a pick-me-up that I flew through Pilates today!

Intense Arousal



Then she stood, hooked her fingers into her waistband, and quickly pulled her underwear down her thighs, over her stockings, stepped out of the small piece of fabric and dropped it to one side. She sat firmly in her chair with her legs crossed but her hands on the armrest. She stared at me defiantly, but I knew it was largely a defensive response.

“And were you right?” I asked her, “About this being a nine?”

Melissa nodded but said nothing.

“And on the scale of one to ten… is ten an orgasm?” She nodded again. “And have you ever had an orgasm without being touched before.” She nodded again. I paused. “Is this common for you.” She thought for a second, and then nodded again. I noted it down and her breathing became more rapid.

“Now do you mind,” I asked her, “If I take your pulse?”

She shook her head: of all the things I’ve asked of her so far, this was quite a small request. I stood up and walked over to her and put my fingers on her delicate wrist and started to count on my watch. Out of the corner of my eye I saw her breasts rising and falling with each breath. After thirty seconds I had a good enough estimate and wrote it down.

“Ninety six,” I told Melissa.

“Is that high?”

I shrugged. “You’d usually be maybe sixty-something, or seventy if you’re not relaxed.” I smiled. “But there are extenuating circumstances, and ninety six is nothing to be worried about.”

She smiled weakly again, but I could see her mind is elsewhere.

“Now, I’m going to ask you a few more questions,” I told her, “And I’d like you to respond on a scale of one to five this time, okay?” Melissa nodded. “Okay. Again, this is about how much extra arousal you might feel.”

Her chest kept rising and falling and her pupils didn’t appear to be focussing on me.

“So, first. If someone came into the room.”

“Five,” she said instantly.

“If I unlocked the door.”

“Still five.”

“If I told you there was a camera filming us now?”

“Five,” and her eyes darted around the room.

“Don’t worry, there isn’t one,” I reassured her. Her eyes closed in relief for a second.

“And if I photographed you now?” I continued.

“Four,” she said. At least the scale has some variation: not everything was a “five”.

“If I threw your clothes out of the window?”

“Five.” Another instant response, which she then corrected. “No, six.” I smiled to myself: I might have to adjust the scale of her responses later.

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