Exhibitionist Diary – Sunday 14th July 2019


I decided that since I was on holiday I could do what I liked so I went down to breakfast nude this morning, and I think they’re all kind of used to it already, and almost expect it. It was a shame when I had to pull a dress on to go out for the day, and I could see the same idea on the faces of the other three too! We only visited one of the local towns and looked around. It’s very quaint, and we had shopping to do for supplies (including lots of wine), but no sooner were we back than they took their shoes off and I took my dress off and we lounged around in the evening sun drinking and talking and eating.

Then after spending so much time around the other three naked I got to bed with Kieran and we have some amazing sex. I could get used to this!

No Need To Imagine Me Nude


“But to those who see you…,” I said, “If you don’t mind me saying, you have an amazing body, and you wear sexy red shoes, bright red lipstick and dark eye make-up and, for most men, the only time they see a naked – sorry, nude – woman who looks like you do is only in pornography.”

Mia waved a finger at me as if she were about to contradict me. “Yes! Exactly! But you are wearing lipstick, are you not? And eye make-up? And dainty high heels too?”

“Well, yes, but I’m… I’m not naked.”

Mia smiled the smile that I was beginning to learn meant that the discussion was going exactly the way she planned it. “And what do you think clothes are for, eh? To keep warm, yes. Maybe in Finland. And in the UK too, no? But in Spain? Spain is so often too hot. No, clothes are not for warmth. We wear clothes to make ourselves look more attractive. I look at you in your trousers and your blouse and I can imagine the curve of your hips and your narrow waist and your soft yet pert breasts with their small pink nipples. Or maybe brown. I have no idea whether you have those things or not, but what my mind does not do is fill in these missing details with sagging and folds of fat. No, it paints a very pretty picture, imagining what you might look like naked.”

She waved her finger at me again before continuing.

“No. Clothes are not for concealing what we are because it’s shameful, but to force the imagination to fill in the gaps, to imagine perfection beneath them. I could put my coat back on, but then it’s just as easy to imagine me naked underneath, isn’t it? And is that not more titillating?”

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Exhibitionist Diary – Saturday 13th July 2019


I’m all packed and Ha and Lily are on their way! Kieran kept on joking that I didn’t need to take any clothes if I didn’t want to, and part of me was tempted to take him up on that! But of course that would be terrifying and completely unworkable for a week.

I’ll try and write later when I know what’s going on.

We’re in Shropshire! It’s very nice and scenic, and I’m sitting here typing this update with not a stitch on!

We’re in a nice little (remote) cottage down the end of a track and surrounded by trees. Secluded is definitely the word for it. But they were messing me around even we were in the car and I was horny before we even arrived.

It started on the motorway when I saw the signs for Wales and asked if that’s where we were going. I was sitting in the back with Ha, with Lily driving and Kieran’s long legs taking up the passenger seat. Ha said she wouldn’t confirm or deny where we were going, but I could buy a clue. I asked what it would cost, and she said “your shoes”. It already made my stomach churn because I knew it was the start of the game, so I pulled off the sneakers I like to wear for car journeys and handed them over. She threw them over her shoulder into the boot with the rest of our bags and told me it wasn’t Wales.

I said that wasn’t much of a clue, but she said it had eliminated one country, and we were heading in the wrong direction for France, so she thought it was quite a big clue.

I said I needed a better clue than that, and she said she’d give me one for my socks. Of course that was fine with me, and she said it was near Wales, which I’d already worked out and said it was a rubbish clue. She claimed it was a good clue because it could have been the north-west or the south-west, so I should be happy with it unless I wanted another clue.

I told her she owed me another clue and she said I’d have to pay for it, but the price was my trousers. I wear underwear beneath trousers so I actually didn’t mind and I was having fun so I managed to wriggle my way out of them with the seatbelt still on, which actually made me quite horny by itself in a weird not-really-bondage kind of way because there wasn’t much room to move. Plus Ha was watching quite avidly, and Kieran was turned around too, and even Lily glanced in the mirror, but couldn’t actually see anything.

So with my trousers gone Ha said it was a county that ended with the word “shire”. I said that didn’t really help, because there was Gloucestershire, Cheshire, Worcestershire, Staffordshire, Shropshire and Herefordshire all in that direction. In fact, I couldn’t think of a single county near there that didn’t end in “shire”. Even Ha had to concede that, and she said it started with an S, so that narrowed it down to two.

I said “is it Shropshire” and Ha told me she’d neither confirm nor deny it, unless I paid for my answer. I was already down to knickers and blouse and pretty excited about what might come next, and she said the price was I’d have to give her my blouse. I said I wasn’t wearing a bra and she said she knew I wasn’t, but if I wanted to know then maybe I should have thought of that this morning when I only partially dressed.

The thing was that we were flying down the motorway and passing all kinds of lorries and bigger cars that could see right in, and that seemed like a lot of exposure given that we could have a couple of hours left in the car. But it was just too damn tempting, so I started unbuttoning, and managed to wriggle myself out of my blouse, still with the seatbelt on, then sat with my arms folded over my chest and Ha told me that, yes, we were going to Shropshire.

I asked her how long I’d have to be sitting like this, because Shropshire was quite a big county, and Ha said she’d tell me but, you know, it would come at a price. And I thought what the hell, and lifted my knees up and pulled my knickers down and tossed them into her lap and she grinned at me sitting there naked with my arms across my chest and said the price was only going to be that I had to buy them all a drink in the first pub we went to but this will do (and I know she was only joking because she was one hundred percent going to ask for my knickers).

But it turned out it wasn’t too far away, and I finished the last ninety minutes of the journey in the nude! It wasn’t so bad on the motorway, although a few truck drivers definitely noticed, and a few other cars that overtook us tried to peer in but I sunk down in the seat a bit, but it was pretty scary when we went through some small towns and had to stop at traffic lights. I was almost hidden down in my seat and collapsing with giggles, and Ha joked about finding a nice tea room to stop in.

Anyway, at least we’re somewhere out of sight of anyone, so I didn’t have to dress when I got here, and I’ve been naked ever since! It’s glorious.

Exhibitionist Diary – Friday 12th July 2019


Holiday tomorrow! I’m going to take my iPad so I can write while I’m away, but I might end up missing a day depending on what we get up to. And come to think of it: will we even have wi-fi? I can’t imagine Ha doing without it, but you never know.

Kieran’s staying over tonight so it’s easier to arrange pick-ups in the car tomorrow.