Exhibitionist Diary – Tuesday 31st December 2019


Party at Sarah and George’s tonight! So I somehow spent half the afternoon getting ready. I’m hoping there are going to be some nice single men there, so I’ve gone for something a bit more figure-hugging than I usually would. It’s very much in the “little black dress” genre. And – shock, horror – I’m wearing underwear! And stockings, of course. Since I bought some nice sexy sets ages ago and hardly ever wear any, I feel like maybe tonight is the time to remind myself how it feels. Plus, if I “get lucky”, I don’t want some guy to be weirded out by finding out I’m not wearing any underwear.

It’s weird, I actually feel sexier than some of the times when I’m wearing almost nothing at all. I’m quite looking forward to tonight.

You Can Stay, But Only Naked


Tania stood behind Louisa, who was still pretending she was solving the crossword puzzle. She brushed Louisa’s blonde hair away from her neck and then ran her hand around her shoulder and back again, then across her perfect, soft breast onto an equally perfect, hard nipple. She felt Louisa’s breath shudder as she cupped her breast. She leant down to Louisa’s ear. Louisa was still facing her crossword puzzle, but her eyes were closed. Tania blew lightly in her ear and whispered. “What shall we do now, then?”

Louisa simply sighed in response and Tania ran her other hand across her girlfriend’s bare shoulder and down to gently stroke her other breast. Louisa’s head rocked back and Tania kissed her neck. She moved her right hand down, sliding it between Louisa’s legs, until she felt wonderful soft, moist yielding flesh which she began to rub gently. It had only taken a few seconds and Louisa was starting to pant, but Tania didn’t want this to be over so quickly.

They were interrupted by the sound of ringing and Tania’s phone buzzed and vibrated across the table. “Rebecca” read the name, and Tania decided it was worth answering, as much to tease Louisa as anything. She heard Louisa exhaled deeply as she took her hands away.

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Exhibitionist Diary – Sunday 29th December 2019


Ellie replied at last and suggested meeting up for a coffee and cake. I was keen, since I hadn’t done much for a few days and, because I’m still as horny as hell, I thought I’d try to turn the clock back a bit (as far as the two of us were concerned) and for the third day in a row went out in only my boots and coat.

The joke was on me, though, as I was halfway there when she added “and I can’t wait for you to meet Stephen” because, yes, he was coming too. Awkward!

Russ was nice, though, if a bit quiet, and he didn’t seem to suspect that I was an arch nudist nymphomaniac today, but Ellie was looking at me like she knew. Then when Russ went off to the toilet instead of asking me what I thought of him she asked if was really wearing nothing under my coat. I laughed and nodded, and she said she hoped she didn’t have designs on her new man! That made me laugh, because I still had more designs on her than him, but I said I had no idea that he was supposed to be coming. Ellie said she had said “us” in the message, and when I checked she had, but I’d assumed it meant “us two” not “us three”. My bad, but it turned out okay.

After I got back home I started messaging her, asking her if she’d gotten any further with him yet, and she said no, because he seemed so shy. I said maybe she should be the one wearing just a coat and she said she wasn’t brave enough, and then I reminded her that she still owed me a dare. I’ll be very jealous if I help the two of them get it together like that, but on the other hand it’s what a friend should do. She said I couldn’t make her do that, and I said she owed me, and I’d let her know a time.

It was all very flirty even though we were talking about her and her boyfriend, and when the message thread went quiet I went back to feel lonely again. And I can’t even masturbate to make myself feel better.

Just Bored

Naked woman on a sofa

“I hadn’t been at work for a week and was fed up with watching movies. I suddenly decided to lounge around in the nude, just to see how my flat-mate would react.”

A Performance To Remember


Jessica couldn’t remember the last time another person had seen her breasts. Her nipples hardened in response to that thought, and even more as she felt the cool air. Miss Ashdown’s voice was soft in her ear. “You can almost hear a gasp from the back of the concert hall as the object of your desire leans forwards to take in the sight of your naked chest. He can’t believe he isn’t dreaming. You want him to imagine what it would feel like to touch your skin, to feel your thin waist within his firm hands.”

Jessica’s breath shuddered again. Miss Ashdown, standing behind her, took Jessica’s hands within her own and moved them up to rest on her stomach, and then slide up along her sides as she breathed in. Miss Ashdown pressed Jessica’s hands onto her hips and slid them up and down her sides with the slow rhythm of each inhale and exhale.

Jessica imagined herself, standing on the stage, barely covered by her underwear, running her hands over her hips and stoking the fire of her passion. She suddenly felt incredibly sexual.

“You act as if you’re alone; this is the most private moment as you ready yourself to give everything to your playing,” Miss Ashdown’s soft voice continued. “You want nothing to come between you and your music.”

As she said this, and as Jessica exhaled, Miss Ashdown’s fingers, flat on top of Jessica’s, slipped into the white knickers. Jessica felt the fabric sliding over her hips as their interlocked hands pushed them down onto the floor. Jessica’s breath shuddered again but somehow she resisted the impulse to try to cover herself. She concentrated on the image of the concert hall, of standing naked on the stage as if no-one was there.

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Exhibitionist Diary – Saturday 28th December 2019


No rest for the wicked! Which means the park run happened today, although Mel wasn’t there. I messaged her to goad her about it and she said she was away visiting Jason’s relatives and wouldn’t be back until the New Year! Which means I won’t see her on Monday! That’s a disaster, because not only is she my only sexual outlet at the moment, but she’s even forbidden me from asking if I can do anything about my own frustration! It makes it even worse, and now I can’t even see an end to it it’s all I can think about!

I don’t know what I was thinking but I went out in the boots and coat again and ended up browsing the post-Christmas sales. But it was kind of hard to pick things up and see if they fitted without revealing that I had nothing on underneath so I came back empty-handed. I probably wasn’t in the right frame of mind to make good decisions anyway.

Exhibitionist Diary – Friday 27th December 2019


Allison and Russ seem to have gone away so I can walk around nude without caring if they even see me. I have to admit (as I told Mel) that I do like to be seen, but sometimes it’s nice not to be.

It was raining this morning but then it turned crisp and sunny, so I put on long boots and my long coat and went for a walk. It was exhilarating, and I need to do it more often. I could have stayed out for ages. I sat in a coffee shop and messaged Ellie to see if she was free but didn’t get a reply before I came home. And flirting with the waiter got me nowhere either.

Not So Alone

Naked girl sitting beside clothed woman at a computer

“I was supposed to be the only one in the office between Christmas and New Year, and I thought: what the hell? And decided to work naked. Then the boss turned up needing help with something.”