Exhibitionist Diary – Sunday 29th December 2019


Ellie replied at last and suggested meeting up for a coffee and cake. I was keen, since I hadn’t done much for a few days and, because I’m still as horny as hell, I thought I’d try to turn the clock back a bit (as far as the two of us were concerned) and for the third day in a row went out in only my boots and coat.

The joke was on me, though, as I was halfway there when she added “and I can’t wait for you to meet Stephen” because, yes, he was coming too. Awkward!

Russ was nice, though, if a bit quiet, and he didn’t seem to suspect that I was an arch nudist nymphomaniac today, but Ellie was looking at me like she knew. Then when Russ went off to the toilet instead of asking me what I thought of him she asked if was really wearing nothing under my coat. I laughed and nodded, and she said she hoped she didn’t have designs on her new man! That made me laugh, because I still had more designs on her than him, but I said I had no idea that he was supposed to be coming. Ellie said she had said “us” in the message, and when I checked she had, but I’d assumed it meant “us two” not “us three”. My bad, but it turned out okay.

After I got back home I started messaging her, asking her if she’d gotten any further with him yet, and she said no, because he seemed so shy. I said maybe she should be the one wearing just a coat and she said she wasn’t brave enough, and then I reminded her that she still owed me a dare. I’ll be very jealous if I help the two of them get it together like that, but on the other hand it’s what a friend should do. She said I couldn’t make her do that, and I said she owed me, and I’d let her know a time.

It was all very flirty even though we were talking about her and her boyfriend, and when the message thread went quiet I went back to feel lonely again. And I can’t even masturbate to make myself feel better.

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