Exhibitionist Diary – Thursday 30th April 2020


Tonight was another setup night! This time I was already “home”, naked, and talking to Ha in the kitchen when there was a knock at the door. I was half-expecting something already when Lily returned with an absolutely tiny woman in tow who introduced herself as Laura with a slightly flushed face. I have to admit, I feel a bit better about being naked sometimes if the other person is embarrassed about it, because then I have the upper hand, and I definitely did here. It was like she didn’t know where to look!

We had dinner together again, the four of us, but Laura was a lot more shy than Sam and I ended up doing more of the talking, which Ha and Lily took as a sign that maybe I liked her! I mean, she was nice, but really! Although I can see myself spending time with Laura more than Sam again, just because it didn’t seem like I’d be at risk of having my bum groped at any random moment, but I couldn’t say we really hit it off.

Ha and Lily teased me afterwards and said they’d keep on introducing me to new friends unless I told them where the red marks on my wrists came from on Monday. I said fine, they could do what they wanted to, and Ha said that if that was the kind of thing I was into then they had plenty of silk ropes and tape in a drawer somewhere, and that if I didn’t behave towards my mistresses then perhaps they’d have to bring them out! It made me feel quite horny though and I went to bed feeling a little bit frustrated, and more so when I could hear the two of them having sex in the next room. Maybe I’ll actually have to think about those photo uploads just to be free from Mel’s rule.

You Approve?


©Ruslan Lobanov

“Screw it,” she said quietly to herself, “I’m not going to let one small thing ruin our anniversary night.”

She unfurled the towel from around herself, wrapped the skirt around her waist and tied it at the side. It had a slight flare and covered to halfway down her thigh, but at least there was a large overlap where the fabric wrapped over itself. She still felt very exposed, though, and she was about to take the skirt off and put a pair of tights on underneath when she felt a tingle inside: this skirt, and no underwear, is what the Alison of her stories would wear. Alison wouldn’t care that she had nothing on underneath.

She picked up the black crop top and shrugged it over her shoulders. She pulled the front closed and zipped it from the bottom. The zip started just above her belly button and stopped again at a low, square neckline. The material was elasticated and pushed her breasts together so she had something of a cleavage even without a bra to help.

Alison looked in the mirror, feeling sexier than she had for years. She hadn’t bared her stomach like this since before they were married, and she’d never gone out without underwear before. Fictional Alison would approve, she thought with a smile.

The bathroom door opened and Malcolm emerged, wrapped in a towel at the waist. He was still in good shape, Alison thought, so maybe they could skip going out and have plenty of fun in the privacy of their hotel room.

“Woah!” Malcolm said, stopping in his tracks as he saw his wife standing there, looking just the same as she had all those years before.

Alison put one hand on her hip and adopted a coquettish tilt of the head.

“You approve?” she asked him.

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Exhibitionist Diary – Tuesday 28th April 2020


Ha and Lily had something extra planned for me today. After work I went back with Ha, and she pretty much made me get undressed in the hallway while she stood and waited, and then I followed her to the kitchen and as well as Lily there was someone else there!

She gave me the biggest smile when she saw me, looked me up and down as if she wanted to eat me alive, and said “I’m Sam, and if you’re not Kate then there must be more naked women around than I could ever dream of.”

Sam was tall and had a bigger frame than the three of us and, let’s be honest, from the back she could just about pass for a bloke, although from the front absolutely not. Lily explained that she was joining us for dinner, and I could tell from the look on Ha’s face that she knew she’d be there.

Anyway, to say that Sam paid me an awful lot of attention would be an understatement, and it became pretty clear that this was Ha and Lily’s idea of trying to set me up! And I’ve told them so many times I’m straight, and I haven’t told them about Ana (or my times with Mel), so they have no idea to think otherwise.

I got a really big hug from Sam when we said goodnight, and it went on for long enough that I was wondering if I’d ever get away. She said she really hoped to see me again sometime, and if I ever wanted just to hang out naked and chat, no pressure, I should come round, or she could come round to mine! I didn’t know what to say.

Ha and Lily grilled me afterwards and I told them that I was absolutely not looking for a girlfriend!

Exhibitionist Diary – Monday 27th April 2020


It took a while to get to sleep last night because I could hear Lily and Ha (my mistresses!) having sex in the other room. I don’t think it’s reaching too far to imagine that perhaps having a naked woman in the house is spicing things up for them.

Then in the morning I got up, had a shower, and emerged for breakfast without putting a stitch of clothing on. It made them smile and they both said good morning, and I said “Good morning mistress Ha. Good morning mistress Lily” and that made them smile some more.

Then I realised I had a small problem. I’d never told Ha and Lily about my sessions with Mel, but now I had to tell them I was going to be back a bit late. I made up something about meeting a friend and don’t wait for me, and I might snack on some things when I got back. I think they knew I was covering something up but they didn’t dig.

Then this evening it was Mel who answered the door (after making me wait, as usual). Mel said we’d do the session in the front room tonight so she got me to sit on the floor. Then she took out some ropes and as she talked she tied one wrist to each ankle, and then each forearm as tied to each knee and I ended up bent forwards sat on the floor and unable to do much except move my left leg and left arm at the same time, or my right leg and my right arm, but no matter what I did my legs splayed apart and the best I could do to preserve any modesty was to try to rotate my thighs inwards and get my knees closer together. Mel had conjured yet another way of making me feel incredibly vulnerable and unable to cover myself.

She sat opposite me on the couch in black leggings and a long-sleeved top and began to ask me about what I’d been up to for the past few weeks. And when you’re that vulnerable you can’t help but say everything, so I told her about Mark, and about staying with Ha and Lily, and about work and the Belarusian company, but I held back talking about Ana.

It was a pretty intense session, to be honest, because I had a lot to share. I guess the way I was tied up meant I was going to have to open up in every possible way.

Then it was suddenly over and I took a cab home (because it’s further from Mel’s to Ha and Lily’s than from mine), and thankfully I could head straight to my temporary room and take my coat off there without either of them wondering why I was already wearing nothing underneath.

They’d left me some food, which was really nice, and we sat and chatted for a few minutes at the kitchen table, and then Lily looked at my wrists and saw a light red mark around them and said something like “Has someone been having fun tonight then?” and it made me more embarrassed than you could believe. Ha said she’d ask me about that some other time. And there I was thinking I’d gotten away with it.