Exhibitionist Diary – Thursday 30th April 2020


Tonight was another setup night! This time I was already “home”, naked, and talking to Ha in the kitchen when there was a knock at the door. I was half-expecting something already when Lily returned with an absolutely tiny woman in tow who introduced herself as Laura with a slightly flushed face. I have to admit, I feel a bit better about being naked sometimes if the other person is embarrassed about it, because then I have the upper hand, and I definitely did here. It was like she didn’t know where to look!

We had dinner together again, the four of us, but Laura was a lot more shy than Sam and I ended up doing more of the talking, which Ha and Lily took as a sign that maybe I liked her! I mean, she was nice, but really! Although I can see myself spending time with Laura more than Sam again, just because it didn’t seem like I’d be at risk of having my bum groped at any random moment, but I couldn’t say we really hit it off.

Ha and Lily teased me afterwards and said they’d keep on introducing me to new friends unless I told them where the red marks on my wrists came from on Monday. I said fine, they could do what they wanted to, and Ha said that if that was the kind of thing I was into then they had plenty of silk ropes and tape in a drawer somewhere, and that if I didn’t behave towards my mistresses then perhaps they’d have to bring them out! It made me feel quite horny though and I went to bed feeling a little bit frustrated, and more so when I could hear the two of them having sex in the next room. Maybe I’ll actually have to think about those photo uploads just to be free from Mel’s rule.

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