Paint The Town



“What if you could walk around naked, but no-one would know? I wished I’d discovered body paint earlier, although I had to be careful with how close I let people get.”

The Lady And Camilla – Chapter 5


Chapter five of The Lady and Camilla is up on Literotica.

I turned my back to her and held my hair out of the way, making it as obvious as I could that I wanted her to unzip me. I couldn’t see the look on her face but there was no pause as she obliged.

“Oh, that’s so much better,” I said as I wriggled out of the tight dress. Even with my back turned I could feel both pairs of eyes on me as I stood there in my black lace underwear and stockings.

“This too?” Victoria asked, and without waiting I felt her fingers pull at the clasp of my bra and unhook it. I smiled while they couldn’t see my face: she was playing along better than I could have hoped.

“Thank you,” I said as I shrugged my bra down my arms and let it drop casually to the floor and turned to face them. “Under-wiring and large meals never mix.”

I could have been saying anything: they were both staring at my breasts as if in a trance. I didn’t have to contain my satisfied smile as no-one was looking at my face.

“Here,” I said, and with gentle but firm hands I turned Victoria around by the shoulders. I felt her tense as I slid the zip of her dress down, but she did nothing to stop me. I pushed the sleeves off of her shoulders and helped slide the tight fabric down her body. It dropped around her ankles but she merely stepped out of it. Neither of us made a move to pick up any of the clothes that were scattered around the hallway.

You can read chapter 5 on Literotica, and, if you missed it (or want to start again), chapter one is here.

Help Me To Write More


The popularity of my website and the nice things people say about my stories has made me very happy over the past couple of years. But now I need to ask for something in return.

You see, writing ENF stories is a lot of fun, but I make my money from writing much less interesting things. I’d really like to spend more time writing the type of stories that you like to read, but when work comes along that pays the bills… Well, you can guess that I have to prioritise. But I’m hoping that you can help to change the balance, just a little.

Sometimes real work just gets in the way

An offer from me to you

I don’t know if you’ve bought any of my books. If you have: thank you! If you haven’t, then the links are down the left hand side of the page. But whether you have or haven’t, I’d like to make you an offer.

That offer is: I’ll write even more stories, just for you, if I can persuade you to pledge as little as $2 each month on Patreon.

An offer nearly as good as this one. Nearly.

What is Patreon?

Patreon is a way for lovely people like you to support writers like me, just like the patrons of old supported artists. But thankfully, you don’t need to be rich to do it nowadays, and you can show your support for just a tiny amount each month.

Patreon is very easy to use, and you can pledge anonymously too. Apart from the warm glowing feeling you’ll get from supporting a struggling artist, for less than the price of a coffee each month you’ll be getting more of what you like as well. That’s because the more I manage to raise through pledges, the more time I can spend writing stories.

My best stories, for less than the price of a coffee

So many stories, so little time

I’m very excited about the stories I have in the pipeline. I’ve finished drafts of a dozen stories for a collection with the working title “Just ENF”. I’m also over halfway through an ENF novel about an Asian student who has two friends who, shall we say, find her nude body rather fascinating.

I’ll eventually complete these two books by myself, but with your help I can get them done even faster. Plus, you might not even have to buy them from Amazon, as if you pledge $5 dollars each month I’ll send you copies of these, and everything else I write, as soon as they’re finished.

My future ideal: the Kara Bryn section of a public library

Thank you

I hope you’ll take the next step on this journey with me. Please take a look at my Patreon page and do get in touch if you have any questions or suggestions.



The Overstay



Tania grinned. “Yeah, but I’m still not lending you any of my clothes. I’ll go and get the wash basket, and you get your kit off.”

Louisa shook her fist at Tania. “There’s always something with you. Well, if you think I’m stripping off in your kitchen, you’ve got another think coming.”

Tania put her arm around Louisa, leant over and bit gently on her ear lobe. Louisa’s eyes rolled in their sockets; that always did it for her.

“I’ll make it worth your while,” Tania whispered.

With that, she skipped out of the room. Louisa thought for a moment. Maybe it would be fun, for an hour while the washing machine ran, to sit around nude with Tania. It wasn’t like Tania didn’t see her naked for half the weekends they spent together anyway.

Before she changed her mind, and not wanting to be halfway through undressing when Tania returned, she pulled her top over her head and dropped it onto a chair. She unfastened her bra and put it on her top, then pulled off her socks, unbuttoned her skirt and slid her knickers down before picking up the lot and piling them together on top of the washing machine.

When Tania came back into the room with a basket of clothes under one arm Louisa was sitting naked at the kitchen table, pretending to study the crossword on the back of the newspaper. Her heart was beating hard in her chest and her breathing was short and rapid as she pretended to concentrate.

“See? That wasn’t so bad, was it?” Tania teased Louisa, who ignored her.

Tania looked admiringly at Louisa’s slender legs, crossed at the knee, and the delicate, pointed foot at the end of it. She crouched down and opened the washing machine door and threw in her clothes and Louisa’s before selecting the coolest wash setting and starting the cycle.

“So, it looks like you’re naked for the next couple of hours, huh?” Tania continued to tease, and Louisa continued to ignore her.

Tania stood behind Louisa, who was still pretending she was solving the crossword puzzle. She brushed Louisa’s blonde hair away from her neck and then ran her hand around her shoulder and back again, then across her perfect, soft breast onto an equally perfect, hard nipple. She felt Louisa’s breath shudder as she cupped her breast. She leant down to Louisa’s ear. Louisa was still facing her crossword puzzle, but her eyes were closed. Tania blew lightly in her ear and whispered. “What shall we do now, then?

Louisa simply sighed in response and Tania ran her other hand across her girlfriend’s bare shoulder and down to gently stroke her other breast. Louisa’s head rocked back and Tania kissed her neck. She moved her right hand down, sliding it between Louisa’s legs, until she felt wonderful soft, moist yielding flesh which she began to rub gently. It had only taken a few seconds and Louisa was starting to pant, but Tania didn’t want this to be over so quickly.

They were interrupted by the sound of ringing and Tania’s phone buzzed and vibrated across the table. “Rebecca” read the name, and Tania decided it was worth answering, as much to tease Louisa as anything. She heard Louisa exhaled deeply as she took her hands away.

Read the rest of the story, and much more, in Naked Women in Shorts, available for the Kindle.