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“Who would have thought that my stage career would lead to the delivery of solo monologues. Just me, naked, reciting carefully memorised lines to a packed theatre.”

The Lady And Camilla – Chapter 4



Chapter four of The Lady and Camilla is up on Literotica. Following the late-night cocktail demonstration from Camilla in chapter three, the next morning sees Her Ladyship regretting the way she neglected her husband on the previous night and enlists Camilla’s help in rectifying the situation on his birthday.

I had expected her to turn her back, or even to leave the room, but she unfastened one button at a time in silence. A thought suddenly dawned on me that this was theatre for my benefit, to show me that she wasn’t embarrassed by her body, as she had seemed every time the issue had come up before. She looked up and saw me following her fingers and I caught a flash in her eye that might have meant something else: was she wondering if I would like what I saw?

With this new realisation I took up my new role in the performance and took a step back to sit in an armchair a few feet across the room. I crossed my legs and sat to watch the slow striptease unfold in front of me.

You can read chapter 4 on Literotica, and, if you missed it (or want to start again), chapter one is here.

The Boy Band – An ENF Story Teaser



The two girls stepped through the doors into a large, wood-panelled room containing around forty to fifty people. Sherine felt her legs shaking with fear, fear which grew as heads turned towards them, looked them up and down and smiled.

“Go! Do your job!” the waiter commanded from beside them. Brandy felt a hand in the small of her back that pushed her into the room. “And smile!” the waiter hissed loudly after them.

With fake smiles fixed on their faces, the two young, naked women walked into the crowd.

“I’m going to kill Teri and Nicole next time I see them,” Brandy said to Sherine out of the side of her mouth.

“Yeah. They totally knew what was going to happen and didn’t say anything. No wonder they didn’t want to do it!”

As they walked slowly around the room the guests took glasses and canapés from them. Everyone was wearing designer outfits, either smart casual or sophisticated evening wear, and it was obvious there was a lot of money in the room.

“Do you reckon rich peoples parties are always like this, Brandy?” Sherine asked her friend. “Maybe they all have naked waitresses and we’ve never found out about it before?”

Read the rest of the story, and much more, in Naked Women in Shorts, available for the Kindle.