The Lady And Camilla – Chapter 4



Chapter four of The Lady and Camilla is up on Literotica. Following the late-night cocktail demonstration from Camilla in chapter three, the next morning sees Her Ladyship regretting the way she neglected her husband on the previous night and enlists Camilla’s help in rectifying the situation on his birthday.

I had expected her to turn her back, or even to leave the room, but she unfastened one button at a time in silence. A thought suddenly dawned on me that this was theatre for my benefit, to show me that she wasn’t embarrassed by her body, as she had seemed every time the issue had come up before. She looked up and saw me following her fingers and I caught a flash in her eye that might have meant something else: was she wondering if I would like what I saw?

With this new realisation I took up my new role in the performance and took a step back to sit in an armchair a few feet across the room. I crossed my legs and sat to watch the slow striptease unfold in front of me.

You can read chapter 4 on Literotica, and, if you missed it (or want to start again), chapter one is here.

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