I’m a writer, and now I’m an erotic writer under another name. It’s not just about Fifty Shades of Bandwagon, though, as I’ve found that writing erotica is not only more fun than “normal” writing, but that self-publishing is much harder work. The good thing is that while this is more hobby than job I can let my imagination wander.

I like my characters to come out of my stories with fewer clothes than they went in with. I like women’s bodies, men’s bodies, and nude bodies best of all, so my stories are always ENF, CFNM, CFNF, CMNF or any combination of all of those.

You can find my books on Amazon by searching for Kara Bryn or clicking here.

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16 thoughts on “About

  1. David

    May I say how much I enjoy your writing? I find the softer, erotic style both more exciting and believable. I am not one for the more crude and blatant stories. Your plots and characters are so much more real and therefore so much more enjoyable to read. Thanks you, I look forward to many more times reading your work.


    • Thanks so much David. Thankfully erotica is a very broad church (ahem) and I’m glad there are enough of us who like a slightly softer approach. And I’m very happy that you like my writing :).

  2. Old Uncle Steve (OUS)

    I love the softer erotica of your work! There is a place for the hard core as well but Kara seems to have found her own nieche.

    I love the blog but wonder if any of the posts and pictures are you. I would like to have an actual picture of the author.

  3. Jacqueline Jillinghoff

    Kara: I have just received Just ENF and am reading it with great pleasure — so much so that I’ve also ordered Rules of the Convent. Public nudity is sort of a thing of mine as well. I also publish erotica, and I’d be honored if you’d take a look at “Madam Jillinghoff’s Bedroom Rhymes.”

  4. Joe

    Hello I have read your “diary” and I really like it and would like to read more of your work however I need a password to get to the exclusive section but I cannot figure out how to get one please help!

  5. George Woodside

    Where have you been? If I try to go to WordPress to see what’s up, it just keeps telling me to create a website, which I have no use for. Are you doing OK in these trying times? Will the Exhibitionist stories come back? And how is your latest CFNM book coming along?

    • Itsilikishe

      I am in the same situation as Joe, George and Upanther : I signed up and am asked for a password which was never sent to me.
      Kara, you must still be around since you keep publishing new posts regularly, so why don’t you answer our call for help ? Please, we would love to be able to access your other stories !
      Friendly yours,

  6. Pamela

    I love all your contents. Thank you for your hot work. I also like CMNM, solo naked male, and solo naked female. We do a cfnm and cmnf erotic roleplay with my husband at home and we love it.

  7. Don G

    I have been enjoying your stories and photos. Have you ever been on a CFNM first date? I’ve had several over the years and highly recommend it. Might make a good story and I’d like to hear your perspective of how you think it would go.

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