What She Says Chapter 2: Skype Call



The second part of “What She Says” is up on Literotica. The CFNM action continues, and this time with video:

“If that’s true, then if I asked, say, that you take your jeans off, you wouldn’t be able to resist? No?” I can’t believe I managed to form that sentence. You can’t believe I was brave enough to ask.

Your mouth drops open. “Well… I….”

“Would it help if I said please?” I ask and then cover my mouth as I giggle.

The laugh really does cast a spell over you. A smirk grows on my face. Will you really go through with this? My smirk breaks into a broad grin.

For a reason that you’ll never really understand, you start to unbuckle your belt. I lean forward again, transfixed by the movement of your hands.

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The Steampunk Girl


“‘Have your photo taken with the steampunk model’ the poster said. They didn’t expect me to be wearing my own outfit, or to try to get their model out of hers.”