Like A New Woman – Part 1

Naked woman in thigh high boots

I’ve written a little four-part story called “Like a New Woman“. All four parts will be added to my Exclusive Stories section, with a little teaser below.

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Like A New Woman – Part 1

“I couldn’t say who was more surprised: me or her,” I told Cassie.

“I see what you mean,” Cassie said, looking at me with wide eyes, “And she was completely starkers?”

I looked around the café to check nobody was listening in on our very intimate conversation.

“Apart from the boots. I didn’t even know she had them. Black leather, right up to her thighs.”

“This might be too much information, but you’re making me wet now.”

I laughed: Cassie was one of my oldest friends, and if it wasn’t for her being a through-and-through lesbian I would have loved for her to have been more than that. I sometimes forgot it, though, when I was telling her about my own relationship. Plus she’d always had a bit of a soft spot for my wife.

“And what did she say?” Cassie asked.

“She said: ‘What are you doing home?'” Cassie laughed. “She obviously wasn’t expecting me back.”

“Obviously. And what did you say.”

“I told her I left work early.”

“That explains it then. And how did she explain standing naked in leather boots in front of the mirror?”

“She didn’t. She just ran her fingers through her hair and said ‘I haven’t worn these for ages. I wanted to see if they still fit.’ I looked her up and down and said ‘They look great.'”

“I bet they did,” she agreed. I grinned at Cassie as I remembered how she had looked: long dark hair, smooth, fair skin and somehow the boots made her look more naked than I had ever seen her before.

“The thing is, it was so out of character that I didn’t really know what to say. I couldn’t come straight out and ask.”

“You could have.”

“Well, yeah, I could. But I didn’t. I was tempted to bang her right there and then in the hallway.”

“An excellent choice as well.”

“I know. Maybe I should have. But I thought I’d have a bit of fun, and if she wasn’t going to explain why she was nude, who was I to ask? So I said ‘If you’ve got your boots on, I thought we’d go out for a drink.'”

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Naked Crowd Surfing – An ENF Short Story

Topless Crowd Surfing

I was inspired by the video below to write a little story about being stripped whilst crowd surfing. Now, before you get your hopes up, the girl in this video doesn’t get anything taken off, but it’s pretty hot all the same.

Obviously, in my story things go a little further… It’s intended as a bit of fun and some pure escapism. I’m sure if it ever happened it would be nothing short of terrifying, but as a fantasy it’s quite exquisite.

You can read the whole story in my Exclusive Stories section, for which you’ll need your password. And if you don’t have a password, then you’ll need to sign up to get one!

Here’s a little teaser of the story:

Crowd Surfing

Have you ever been out with someone who’s just a bit too much of a gentleman? Yes, I know that’s a rarity and I should thank my lucky stars, but the problem with Martin was that even after three dates he still didn’t seem to realise that I fancied him like crazy.

“Thanks for bringing me, Martin,” I said, looking away from the stage for a second and smiling at him. He had lovely grey-blue eyes and an odd mixture of confidence and shyness. He wasn’t at all like the guys I used to date; the big dumb blonds, as I thought of them now. I just wished he had a little of their, shall we say, forthrightness? With them, if I escaped a first date without a hand on my boob I considered myself fortunate. With Martin I was lucky if I saw even the idea of a goodnight kiss flash across his face before nerves got the better of him.

It was my first music festival, and a beautiful summer’s day with it. I wished we’d bought tickets for the whole weekend, and if Martin had any sense he’d have suggested sharing a tent. I’d even have said yes to sharing a sleeping bag, but I doubt he’d ever be so bold as to ask.

And before you ask, I wasn’t just desperate to sleep with him because I’d had a couple of beers; at the start of the day I’d already decided that, one way or another, I was going to find out if he actually found me attractive or not. I’d even planned to start the day with a not-so-accidental towel drop, but when I’d told Martin I wasn’t ready he’d waited out on the street. I just hoped that skinny jeans and a sleeveless top was sexy enough for him, and I guess I’ll have to find another way to get naked before the day was out. I’ve even deployed the wireless pullover bra in case Martin had no idea how to undo a clasp.

My train of fantasy was interrupted by two guys lifting a young woman into the air in front of me. I was about to complain about blocking the view to the band when she fell back towards us and I automatically lifted my hands to stop her.

More hands joined, and the next I knew it we were pushing her over our heads as she stretched her arms above her. She seemed to glide effortlessly over the tops of the crowd, sometimes twisting and rolling, progressing slowly on a meandering path across the park.

Hands grabbed at her and she let out a shriek. She moved her arms to her side and gripped her t-shirt as someone became over-enthusiastic about the presence of a young woman’s body and tried to lift her top.

“Woah!” I said involuntarily. Martin had seen it too and his eyes were wide.

As I looked back at the girl her arms were above her head again, and more hands had pushed her t-shirt high enough to expose her stomach. She didn’t seem to mind, having found a level of exposure that she was comfortable with. Other hands tugged at her jeans and she shrieked again and grabbed her belt.

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The Naked Girl Across The Street – Out Now

The Naked Girl Across The Street

I’m very excited to announce my latest ENF story, The Naked Girl Across The Street, is available now for the Kindle.

It’s a story about a young man, Mike, who lives opposite a young woman who seems to have developed a penchant for exercising nude, cooking nude, eating in the nude, and generally doing anything she likes in the nude, with seemingly no regard as to just how well he is able to see into her flat.

He becomes increasingly fixated with her, but at the same time his affections grow for a co-worker named Alice. She seems entirely the opposite of his beautiful exhibitionist neighbour and he is torn by his desire for both women, yet frustrated by being able to form a relationship with either of them.

The Naked Girl Across The Street is a story about how an uneasy love triangle develops, and along the way Mike learns that his neighbour will go a lot further than just spending evenings at home naked.

I’m really pleased with how the book as turned out and I’m sure you’ll love reading it. Each chapter is built around thrills and erotic nude scenes whilst exploring the complex situation that develops.

And just as a teaser, here’s an extract from the first chapter:

Seeing Is Believing

I barely even knew her to say hello to, let alone her name, but every weeknight she’d come home, turn on the light and I’d catch a brief glimpse of her before she pulled the curtains. I was invariably sat at my small dining table with my laptop open, my face illuminated by the glow from the screen. No matter what movie or box set I was watching I always found myself distracted by her movements across the street. Perhaps it was because I was a single twenty-five year old man and she was pretty. Okay, no “perhaps” – it was certainly because I was a single twenty-five year old man and she was pretty. And because I was soon to be a twenty-six year old man and beginning to worry about how close I was getting to my thirties without meeting anyone.

This evening began in exactly the same way. I can’t remember what I was watching when the light in her sitting room came on but I was transfixed as she strode from one side of it to the other. I don’t know what she does for a living, but she’s usually wearing a grey skirt and white blouse when she comes home at the end of the day. Not that I’m watching in an unhealthy way, you understand.

She walked around the room and disappeared out of sight. Then the bedroom light came on and she crossed back and forth sorting out clothes. It was very rare for her to be in the bedroom with the curtains open and I tried to make it look as if I was staring at my computer in case she looked over. I wasn’t sure how much she would see of my face from the reflected light of the screen but eyes have this funny way of meeting even in the gloom and I didn’t want to be caught staring straight at her.

She began to unbutton her blouse. Yup, you heard that right: she began to unbutton her blouse. Whatever was playing on my screen no longer mattered. Her actions were hurried and she didn’t once look across the street. I presumed her curtains would be closed any second when she realised what she was doing so I had to imprint this moment on my memory while I had the chance.

She pulled the blouse off of her arms and tossed it onto the bed. I licked my lips as I stared across at her. Okay, from this distance she was only really a shape in a white bra and grey skirt, but my imagination was filling in plenty of detail.

She pushed her skirt down over her hips. I couldn’t believe this was happening, but she made such gorgeous shapes as she wriggled out of it. She had rather nice legs. They looked good from here anyway.

She reached behind her back and my heart was pounding as she began to fiddle with the clasp of her bra. As she fumbled she began to walk, and I let out a deep breath of disappointment as she disappeared into another room. Damn: show’s over.

Or so I thought, as she reappeared in the sitting room with her bra in her hand. She dropped it onto a piece of furniture. I wished I had better eyesight, because if her breasts were anything like I imagined them to be then she was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen.

As she pushed her underwear down her thighs I slowly folded down the screen of my laptop, not wanting to make a movement that would attract attention but also not wanting for her to look up and suddenly see me staring across at her naked body. Her. Naked. Body. It still sounds good to say it.

She glanced up as I closed the lid. I froze. Surely her curtains would be closed now.

Yet still they weren’t, and as I watched her she stood, facing directly towards me, naked from head to toe. She raised her hands over her head and stretched upwards.

I realised I was craning my neck. I daren’t get closer to the window but my eyeballs were trying to drag me there regardless. She lifted one leg off the ground and placed the sole of her foot against her knee, and it dawned on me that I was witnessing the most amazing yoga workout I was ever likely to see.

Read the rest of the story in The Naked Girl Across The Street.

Halloween At The Old Hospital – An ENF Short Story

Nude woman tied to a bed

This is one of the stories that I wrote for a new ENF short story collection to follow up Naked Women in Shorts, but since it’s not going to make it into the final book I thought I’d publish it in my Exclusive Stories section. It could do with a continuation or a follow-up, I think, but inspiration didn’t strike.

I hope you like it anyway,


Halloween At The Old Hospital

“So… this used to be a hospital,” Lily asked Daniela.

“Yup,” replied Daniela, “Why do you think I’m wearing this outfit?”

Daniela struck a pose for Lily, showing off her nurse’s outfit. Although, of course, the “nurse’s outfit” wasn’t one you’d see in any genuine hospital. It was strapless, showing off Daniela’s delicate, smooth shoulders; it was very short, showing off her long, slim legs; and it had a large, prominent zip all the way down the front, undone by just a couple of inches to reveal an inviting cleavage. She wore white stilettos and white stockings that came nowhere near as high as the bottom of the dress.

“I assumed you were just dressed as a tart,” Lily teased her, “Like usual”. Daniela poked her tongue out.

“Well, at least some of us have some imagination,” Daniela teased back.

Lily had come dressed as a witch. But, like Daniela, she was no traditional witch. She had a short black, figure-hugging dress with a low neckline, sheer black tights and tall, black heels. About the only clue she was a witch was the large pointy hat on her head. It would be a cliché, but true, to say that she already had many men bewitched that evening.

“And coming to a party in an old hospital dressed as a nurse is original?” Lily replied, “Did you know, apparently this was a Victorian mental hospital, and I’m really not sure whether you’re supposed to be dressed as a member of staff or a patient.”

Daniela smiled at her friend’s joke.

“Hey, girls!” they heard a voice behind them. It was Becky, who had been busy leading men astray dressed as Catwoman in a black one-piece catsuit with a zip down the front, complete with mask, cat ears and a whip.

“Have you seen the bed they’ve got here?” Becky continued, “Apparently we can have a go on it.”

The old hospital was a tourist attraction by day, and some of the more robust installations had been left out to enhance the atmosphere of the party. And at thirty pounds a ticket, not including drinks, you’d expect there to be at least a little theme to the place.

“Trust you to want a go on a bed!” Lily teased her.

“Not like that!” Becky protested, “C’mon. Let’s get some photos.”

She led them through the crowd, all eyes following the three attractive women as they traversed the room and disappeared through a doorway. They entered a semi-lit room with a large hospital bed in the centre, complete with wrist and leg straps.

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ENF Story: The Empty Flight


Beautiful woman unzipping her top on a plane

I’ve posted a new ENF short story in the Exclusive Stories section called The Empty Flight. What would you do if a beautiful woman came and sat across the aisle from you, and it turned out that she had a habit of, shall we say, expressing herself in her sleep? Would you wake her before things got too far?

“I’m probably going to fall asleep,” she said, “But can you do me a favour?”

“Sure,” I said, eager to please. I guessed she’d want me to watch her bag, although if anything went missing then with the small number of people on the plane it wouldn’t be the hardest whodunit in the world to solve.

“I sometimes get a bit… active in my sleep. Arm waving and stuff…” She glanced at the floor and bit her lip a little. She was so cute. I might just spend the whole flight watching her sleep instead of reading my book, I thought, and then realised that, yes, I really was a weirdo.

“Anyway,” she continued, looking back at me, “If I do, can you wake me up?”

“Erm, okay,” I said. I didn’t like waking anyone, and it would mean touching her, I was sure, and no matter how I did that I was sure to do it wrong. I couldn’t touch her leg, and her arms were bare so that would mean touching skin… I bet it would feel smooth and soft. It looked like it would feel smooth and soft. I tried not to stare.

“Thanks”, she said, “I’ll likely just drift off again. I just don’t want to get too deep and start having vivid dreams.” She glanced down at the floor again. What was she scared of?

You can read all of The Empty Flight from the beginning here. As with all the Exclusive Stories, you’ll need your password to access the story, and if you don’t have one then fill out the form below with your e-mail address and either a real name or an alias you’d like me to use: