Admiring Natasha’s Tattoos


Purp by andersloost: datdeerdoe

“I love your, er,” I said as I looked her up and down, desperate to pay a compliment in return. “I love your tattoos.” Natasha had a magnificent set of multi-coloured tattoos: on her arms, on her shoulders, on the tops of her feet and her ankles, spiralling up her leg and thigh and across her stomach. Oh yes, now I remember the important part of describing Natasha, and why I was surprised, or even shocked, at meeting her. I’m able to describe Natasha’s tattoos in such detail because Natasha was entirely naked.

“Why, thank you,” she said, looking down at herself. I joined her in staring at the young naked body in front of me and wondered whether I was dreaming. “I’ve been collecting them for years. I started with a few small ones like this.” She twisted around and pointed to an owl tattooed on her shoulder before turning back quickly as I tried to tear my eyes away from the way her tiny breasts wobbled as she spun around. “And this was next,” she said as she twisted her leg outwards and pointed to a small butterfly at the top of her inner thigh, although all I could think of was that I was staring directly at her immaculately shaved vagina. “That one was for an old boyfriend, who wanted something that only he would see.” She shrugged and her breasts wobbled again. “I guess everyone gets to see it now.”

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Not Entirely Naked


Georgia twisted herself around to face Lisa. Lisa sighed as Georgia’s skirt rubbed against her bare thigh.

“So, this dream,” Georgia started. Lis turned coy again. “You were naked.”

“I was wearing socks,” Lisa corrected. Georgia looked down at Lisa’s feet and smiled.

“And that was enough to make you cum?” Lisa blushed.

“No,” she said, and squirmed a little in the seat, “We were sitting in a bar.”

Nhu looked over at Georgia: this was one hot story, and she’d never have imagined she’d be hearing it from Lisa.

“And, for some reason, I was holding hands with you two,” Lisa continued.

Georgia took Lisa’s right hand in her left. “Like this?” she said, with a smile. Nhu held Lisa’s left hand. Even to her delicate touch it felt soft and tender.

“Yes…” Lisa said nervously. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. It was just like in her dream, with her hands being held on either side of her.

“Then what?” Nhu prompted. She had to hear the rest of this.

Lisa trembled. “You said,” she paused, “You said to Judy: ‘Does she like having her breasts touched’.”

Nhu grinned and turned to Judy. “Well, does she?” she asked her.

Judy nodded. “Very much so.”

Nhu reached her left hand over her and placed it on Lisa’s bare breast. The nipple pressed into her palm. Lisa gasped and panted a few times. Georgia’s hand pressed onto her other breast. It was wonderfully soft and cool.

“And this fantasy,” Georgia said, “Of you naked in the bar, when we touched your breasts, you came?”

Lisa had her eyes closed and shook her head.

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Exhibitionist Diary – Thursday 6th August 2020


I’m off soon! I don’t know how much I’ll be able to write while I’m away. I didn’t really know what to take, but since we’ve only booked hand luggage for this trip I couldn’t take much anyway. Mostly dresses, and one pair of underwear, because you never know when you’ll need it. It’s going to be hot apparently.

Exhibitionist Diary – Wednesday 5th August 2020


I was feeling far too horny in Pilates today, which usually means an energetic work-out, which it was. It’s something else that I would love to be able to do naked, and I don’t care if I’d be the only one. The class if full of all ages and all shapes, and generally only women, and I wouldn’t care if they were all naked too.

I’ve booked tomorrow afternoon off so I can come home and pack and get to the airport.

Exhibitionist Diary – Tuesday 4th August 2020


Only three days in the office until I go away! I’m so excited.

I had to go over some work with Tim today, and thankfully it was completely fine. No mention of Linda or anything else. I guess I just have to think of him as if I was working with an ex-boyfriend: he’s seen me at my most vulnerable, but that doesn’t mean we can’t move on. It’s still on my mind but I’ll try not to let it stay there.