Exhibitionist Diary: Sat 20th October 2018


Lovely weather today! I wore my shorter skirt – the one I’d gotten two weeks ago – and a low cut top, and it felt totally amazing to the tube and feeling so free. Although I didn’t dare sit down as the skirt pulls up just above the knee then.

And I discovered a totally new buzz: shopping for clothes without any underwear! I was completely naked in the changing room as I tried things on, and I could even see through to the rest of the store down the gap at the edge of the curtain. I tried on so many things, and bought more than I should… my credit card can take it, and I get paid at the end of next week.

Exhibitionist Diary: Thu 18th October 2018


I’m pretty sure Matthew worked out I wasn’t wearing a bra today! I was at my desk with just a normal blouse on, but the thing is that I’ve gotten so used to fiddling with my buttons that I was doing exactly that when he appeared beside me. I saw where his eyes went as I spun on my chair, and then he made as if he was looking at a spot two feet above my head! It was hilarious! And as I was talking to him I didn’t even do the button back up, because I couldn’t work out how. This has been the best day so far!

Exhibitionist Diary: Wed 17th October 2018


I felt like I had to make up for yesterday so I went all-in: v-neck blouse and nothing underneath. But I took my cardigan with me just in case.

Ha asked me where I got the blouse and I felt very self-conscious as she peered at it, half expecting her to point and shout “you’re not wearing a bra!” Obviously she didn’t do that, and I told her where I’d gotten it. She promised that if she bought one it would be a different colour so we wouldn’t come into the office wearing the same thing.

Exhibitionist Diary: Mon 15th October 2018


It was blowing a gale today so I had a coat and cardigan on, but this was my first day going to the office without any underwear at all. But then I got the fear and kept the cardigan on in the office, which I was glad of as I was pulled into a meeting unexpectedly. I wouldn’t have liked sitting there with my breasts poking against my blouse whilst trying to talk payroll!