Exhibitionist Diary – Tuesday 17th September 2019


I had a dream about doing the park run naked last night. It was so weird, and at the start everyone was asking me why I wasn’t wearing leggings, and I only had a pair of trainers on, and I said I preferred it this way. Mel was there and in the middle of the group she gave me a big hug and the stimulation from my bare skin on her running gear was so much I almost came, and I was starting to get embarrassed and I wanted to get running so I could finish and head home. But they said we were running a different course today and we had to get on a coach and I was sat next to Mel, and it seemed we were being driven way out of town and I was thinking that maybe I would have preferred to have some clothes with me but it was too late now.

As we were riding along in the coach Mel put her hand on my thigh, and that was it: I guess hormones and lack of sex pushed me over the edge very quickly, and I almost came in my sleep. It woke me up and there was only one thing to do, obviously.

It was the first thing in my mind when I met Mel at the park this evening and she even made a joke about not knowing from one moment to the next whether I’m going to turn up clothed or not. Actually, I can’t imagine even trying to run naked: sports bras exist for a reason.

Mel took it a bit easier on me to start with tonight, but then the hard efforts were really hard, and while she was springing along beside me giving encouragement I was turning myself inside-out so I didn’t look like a complete flake. So of course by the end of it I was soaked in sweat again and Mel looked like she had barely lifted from walking pace.

But apparently I’ve already improved. Could have fooled me!

Exhibitionist Diary – Monday 16th September 2019


It’s a one year anniversary of this diary!

I’ve just read the first post again: “…(hopefully) I can look back on this day and wonder what it is I was worrying about.”

I think I’ve come a long way in a year:

  • I’ve walked the streets in nothing but a coat and heels
  • Been on a nude bike ride
  • Had a boyfriend; been stripped by the boyfriend; dumped the boyfriend
  • Gone for a walk along the canal in the nude
  • Had a naked car ride
  • Spent lots of evenings naked with friends
  • And spent a few evenings naked with strangers

So I’m actually feeling pretty damn good about things! Now I wonder what else there is to do? I guess I haven’t been nude in big public places, but I can’t imagine I ever will (without being arrested). Although maybe the bike ride counts, because I was nude all the way home after that and nobody else was.

I guess I also haven’t been in many situations where I was helpless to cover myself, although on holiday when we went out to the canal I didn’t have any kind of back-up plan and nobody had any clothes for me. That was a lot of fun.

Also I never got to use the bondage tape, because it never seemed the right time with Kieran, and I wasn’t exactly going to tie myself up at home. So that was an experiment that went nowhere. Maybe it wasn’t for me; perhaps I’ll never know.

I’ve never been naked in the office either, but that’s another thing I can’t imagine being able to do, not unless I want to get fired.

The dream would be just to be able to walk into anywhere I liked naked and not have to worry about repercussions. When you think about it, it seems pretty odd that I can’t, because it’s not like we don’t all have bodies, so why do we have to cover them up? Surely it should be a choice that nobody judges you on, the same as nobody judges on whether you have a blouse or a top on.

I guess I’ll just have to keep pushing myself, but all the same: happy birthday nudist me!

Exhibitionist Diary – Sunday 15th September 2019


Last night was so much fun. Ellie turned up soon after three, and I could tell she was a little surprised when I opened the door already naked from head to toe. I pretended as if it was completely normal (I mean, maybe it is now?), and let her in. We gossiped for a bit and I couldn’t help but smile to myself as I know she kept stealing the odd glance at my body. It made me feel rather nice indeed.

Then we started cooking. Or rather, I got told to chop things up and Ellie did the actual cooking. It was all very domestic, like we were a married couple or something. And Ellie was not only a good cook but a good laugh too.

We opened some wine a little early, and Mel was the first of the others to arrive. She was wearing a long, slinky black dress and again it made me feel almost impossibly fat beside her. She looked amazing, and she was actually kind of surprised that I wasn’t wearing anything. I guess I hadn’t actually prepared her for it this time; I’d just thought she’d expect it by now. But she said something about “oh, it’s one of those nights is it,” with a mischievous look in her eyes and we exchanged a little kiss on the cheek. I introduced her to Ellie and explained about the PR company and the bike ride, but stopped short of saying I was trying to persuade her out of her clothes as well.

We were already having a good time when Ha and Lily turned up, and they looked stunning and petite as ever and I’m beginning to think that maybe I have too many thin friends for my own good. They were both wearing short cocktail dresses and just looked so pretty together. I think even Ellie felt a little put out by the three arrivals, although she looked quite pretty enough in a flowing maxi dress.

I had to admit to everyone that Ellie was the genius behind the meal, and in a slightly inebriated state let slip that she had agreed to help as long as I was the one that got naked again. Ha gave her an intense look and asked why she was so keen on seeing me naked, and then laughed and said not that she minded one bit, but seeing a different body for a change would be nice too, and both Ellie and I blushed.

We had a lot of laughs that evening, and it was a shame when everyone said they had to go. They all left at the same time and I felt a bit sad that even though Ellie had spent the afternoon with me while I was naked she seemed a little uncomfortable at the idea of being the last one left with me when the others said they’d have to go home. I mean, it’s not like I’m going to suddenly jump on her and start ripping her clothes off or anything.

I did get some nice hugs as they all left, though, and I can still remember how different the fabric of each of their dresses felt. Ha’s and Lilys were very sheer and smooth; Mel’s was quite rough and made my nipples stand on end; and Ellie’s was just soft.

I went to bed horny, of course, and somehow seeing to myself just isn’t quite satisfying me at the moment. Maybe I’ll have to get onto some of those dating sites because having someone else touch my skin for even a few seconds today was just too good.

A Morning Welcome


Model: Maria Lipina 

Photographer: Dmitry Lobanov

“You’re awake!” she said with a smile. She pushed the door open and skipped over to sit on the side of the bed. She was, of course, still naked. I instinctively held the duvet tight over my chest to cover myself, and then realised just how silly a gesture that was. Natasha saw it and smiled.

“Did you sleep well?” she asked.

“Like a log,” I replied.

“Good. Well, if you want to sleep a bit more you’re welcome to.” I shook my head; it felt a bit thick-headed, but not sleepy. “But there’s a shower through there,” Natasha indicated a door that must lead to an en-suite, “And I’ve put a toothbrush and washgear in there for you. And a razor, if you need it. Take your time. And there’s a bathrobe on the back of the door too.” That was a nice gesture; I didn’t want to have to get into my tight dress right after a shower.

“I’ll be around somewhere when you’re ready,” Natasha continued. “No rush,” she emphasised and then turned to leave. I watched her lean, naked, colourfully painted buttocks as she retreated out of the room.

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Exhibitionist Diary – Saturday 14th September 2019


I went to another park run this morning and Mel was there again. I saw her at the start, and she was waiting at the finish, but by the time we’d got five minutes into the run itself she was too far ahead of me to pick her out from the crowd. I can’t believe how easy she makes it look.

We chatted for a few minutes afterwards but I hate standing beside her with sweat dripping off of me while she looks like she’s about to parade down the catwalk. We’re set for another “training” session on Tuesday, though.

I think I’ve bought everything for this evening. Lamb, couscous, peppers, butternut squash, a whole load of spices that I’m sure I’ll never use again.

I’m not sure what Ellie has planned for me to do, but whatever it is I better to be able to do it naked, because I already am. She said she’d be here about 3 o’clock and I’m so excited about spending some quality time with her (in the nude) that I had to, um, satisfy myself once already, except now I’m already turned on again and I don’t think there’s much I can do about it.

In case you hadn’t guessed I’m really looking forward to his evening.