Naked airhostess in an empty plane giving the exit briefing

“When we flew dead-heads – flights with no passengers – we’d have to find other ways to pass the time.”



“They say stage hypnotists can’t make you do anything that you didn’t already want to do, but if you’d asked me if I wanted to be paraded around, naked, in front of a crowded auditorium I’d have said ‘no’. I guess I was wrong.”

No Password Required – Free ENF Stories!


I know, I know… I haven’t written anything for a long time. There has been a pandemic on, you know?

It’s actually not true that I haven’t written anything, but I certainly haven’t published anything. You’ve got me there.

I’ve also been rather lax about sending out passwords to my exclusive stories, so instead of catching up with the backlog I’ve removed the password field entirely.

Yup – now you can read everything on this site without having to type in that pesky password. That’s nearly 20 bits of writing you can now get at without doing anything more than clicking the link.

So it’s not quite the same as a beautiful naked lady on your desk, but if reading my words on your screen do anything for you then I hope it tides you over until that beautiful naked lady does arrive. Or at least until I get around to finishing one of my works-in-progress, whichever arrives first.