Exhibitionist Diary – Saturday 14th September 2019


I went to another park run this morning and Mel was there again. I saw her at the start, and she was waiting at the finish, but by the time we’d got five minutes into the run itself she was too far ahead of me to pick her out from the crowd. I can’t believe how easy she makes it look.

We chatted for a few minutes afterwards but I hate standing beside her with sweat dripping off of me while she looks like she’s about to parade down the catwalk. We’re set for another “training” session on Tuesday, though.

I think I’ve bought everything for this evening. Lamb, couscous, peppers, butternut squash, a whole load of spices that I’m sure I’ll never use again.

I’m not sure what Ellie has planned for me to do, but whatever it is I better to be able to do it naked, because I already am. She said she’d be here about 3 o’clock and I’m so excited about spending some quality time with her (in the nude) that I had to, um, satisfy myself once already, except now I’m already turned on again and I don’t think there’s much I can do about it.

In case you hadn’t guessed I’m really looking forward to his evening.

Exhibitionist Diary – Friday 13th September 2019


I had lunch with Jo again, not that it was planned this time but we just happened to be going out at the same time. It was nice and we ended up talking more about dating. We both moaned about men, and she said maybe those lesbian dating sites I sent her ages ago where a better place to look. I said I was tempted myself now, because I love spending time with other women so much, and our bodies are so much nicer to look at, so maybe there were already the perfect matches somewhere in my life I just hadn’t worked it out yet.

Then it went all kind of awkwardly silent, but I can’t tell if Jo’s awkward silence was for the same reason as my awkward silence, because I suddenly realised that my boss would indeed be about the perfect match. Maybe the age difference is a barrier, but maybe not. I mean, fifteen years is doable, isn’t it?

Anyway, after that we managed to talk about some work things for a while, but I think I made it a bit uncomfortable for both of us. But now I can’t stop thinking about whether maybe Jo thinks the same thing as I do (and maybe about me too?).

Exhibitionist Diary – Thursday 12th September 2019


I was goading Ellie some more about how I was looking forward to seeing how much she liked being naked on Saturday night, and she just came back with taunts about if my cooking was so bad maybe it would be better if we forgot the whole thing and just went to a nice restaurant instead. Which was mean, but funny.

Anyway, when I did try and tell her seriously that she’d really enjoy it if she just took the extra step, she pretty much flat-out said that there was no way she would, not yet, because it might be better if she knew everybody really well, or nobody at all, but at the moment she wasn’t quite sure. I can understand that and don’t want to push her too hard.

I felt a bit sad about that, but she did say she’d make a deal: I’d be the naked one, but she’d come over in the afternoon and help me to cook. I liked that idea a lot, and then an hour later I got a list of things I had to buy on Saturday morning. I recognised most of them individually but would have no idea how to put them together into a decent meal so I’m glad she’s stepping up for me.

Risking It For My Music


“Shall I let you in on a secret?” Miss Ashdown whispered conspiratorially, and then continued without waiting for an answer. “Underneath that evening dress, I had nothing else on.” Jessica’s eyes went wide at the revelation. “Every time I leant over the piano I wondered how much the audience could see down that dress. It was such a turn-on. I channelled all of that energy into my playing.”

Jessica looked back at the photo with fresh eyes, at the low neckline, and the long exposed leg, ending with a delicate foot that she had only just noticed was also bare whilst a pair of small stilettos stood next to the piano. She had never thought of Miss Ashdown as anything but her slightly stuffy teacher. Suddenly she had to readjust to the idea of her as a young woman revelling in taking risks on a public stage.

“I think if I could have played naked I would have done,” Miss Ashdown continued wistfully, not noticing Jessica’s blushes. “I used to practice playing naked, whenever I could. It was just so… free, and raw.” Jessica could feel the intense heat in her cheeks. “You know, so many people love the guitar, because of the way you hold it and close your arms around it, or the cello, because of its sexuality and the power it delivers from right between your legs. But really, there’s sexuality in every instrument, or almost every instrument, and the less that sexuality is given to you by the physical shape of the object, the more it has to come from the musician.”

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Exhibitionist Diary – Wednesday 11th September 2019


My legs ached today after last night with Mel, and I know tomorrow my stomach’s going to hurt from Pilates. What am I doing to myself!

On the plus side it was gorgeous weather again and I brought a nice summer dress and sandals out. I feel so free when I can wear so little. (But I did have to pack some underwear for Pilates.) Although with the stiff legs I did have a bit of a hobble, so there was no chance of heels, and I think I probably looked pretty ungainly with the way I was walking.