I Used To Play Naked Too


Jessica looked back at the photo with fresh eyes, at the low neckline, and the long exposed leg, ending with a delicate foot that she had only just noticed was also bare whilst a pair of small stilettos stood next to the piano. She had never thought of Miss Ashdown as anything but her slightly stuffy teacher. Suddenly she had to readjust to the idea of her as a young woman revelling in taking risks on a public stage.

“I think if I could have played naked I would have done,” Miss Ashdown continued wistfully, not noticing Jessica’s blushes. “I used to practice playing naked, whenever I could. It was just so… free, and raw.” Jessica could feel the intense heat in her cheeks. “You know, so many people love the guitar, because of the way you hold it and close your arms around it, or the cello, because of its sexuality and the power it delivers from right between your legs. But really, there’s sexuality in every instrument, or almost every instrument, and the less that sexuality is given to you by the physical shape of the object, the more it has to come from the musician.”

Miss Ashdown re-focussed her gaze on the reflection of Jessica. “So, yes, I know exactly what’s going on inside that body of yours, and how mixed up it all is, but also just how powerful it all is.” She judged that now was the time for the direct approach. “Tell me, do you masturbate?”

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Exhibitionist Diary – Wednesday 10th July 2019


Ha continued to tease me about the holiday, but I know we’re driving (or I think Lily is), and she keeps telling me I won’t need to pack much, which makes me excited and nervous at the same time. She’s also joked that we probably could do without taking Kieran, not just because of their falling out the other week but because she doesn’t want him in the way! So of course I’ve also been fantasising about being their sex toy for a week, even though they’re both committed to each other, I’m with Kieran, I’m straight, etc etc. The fantasy won’t go away, but I think I’d be too scared if Kieran wasn’t going.

Exhibitionist Diary – Tuesday 9th July 2019


I’m really into one-piece dresses now it’s summer, and if they’ve got a split up the side even better! I was sitting with my legs crossed and I noticed Matthew kept looking over, because I was showing pretty much my entire leg up the side. And it goes without saying that I had nothing on underneath.

You’d have thought he’d be a happily married man, but I guess there’s no time limit on wandering eyes!

Undressing From The Inside Out


She opened the door, turned and exchanged a last smile with Marian, before stepping out onto the pavement and into the mass of normal, fully clothed people.

It was mid-afternoon now, and a relatively warm spring day. Most people would take their coats off on a day like this, she thought, but why not undress from the inside out like she had instead? It made perfect sense, or at least it seemed to at the moment.

A gentle wind blew. It was not enough to disturb the careful arrangement of Susan’s coat, but she could feel it move between her legs, and if she stood just so the cool air would find its way into her coat and drift across her breasts. It felt marvellous.

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