Exhibitionist Diary – Sunday 19th January 2020


Morning coffee with Alison and Russ was… something else.

I headed over there at 11am on the dot, knocked on the door, and Russ opened it… completely naked. I’ve hardly seen any men in the nude, and none since Kieran, and it was a bit of a shock. But even though I know he’s with Alison, and I should know better than anyone that naked doesn’t mean sex, I swear that if he’d had a hard-on I’d have turned around and come straight home.

But he didn’t, which then made me wonder if the thought of opening the door to me in the nude was such a turn-off that he had gone completely limp. Or possibly it was nerves.

I did my best to pretend nothing was up, though, and just said “hello” and followed him up the stairs into the rest of their apartment. It was funny, but I’ve never seen a man’s bum from that angle before, and I wasn’t expecting quite so much fluff.

Alison was in a tight skirt, calf boots and a white blouse, and since I was wearing trousers and a top (and underwear again!) it made me really conscious of the naked man in the corner of the room. I resisted saying anything to Alison and he went and made coffee and I sat on the sofa with my neighbour and chatted about Christmas, New Year and work. For some reason I didn’t mind confessing to her about getting down to my rather sexy underwear for the New Year’s party, although I managed to stop myself telling her about my adventures at Mel’s.

Russ came back with a tray and two coffees and slices of Victoria sponge cake, which Alison said she’d made this morning. Russ actually sat down this time, in an armchair just across the room, and I couldn’t help smile at the fact that we had a naked waiter for just the two of us. I had no fantasies of anything else happening: it was just that he was there and at our beck and call.

I was kind of waiting for Alison to say something about him, because this seemed like a big step, to suddenly open the door in the nude, but she never did. And Russ obviously never did. So, of course, I didn’t either.

Russ poured us some more coffee, and I know Alison saw my glance at his crotch as he did so because there was the definitely stirrings of an erection there. And then when he went and sat down he started to turn red in the face and his cock slid slowly up his leg before lurching into the air, one pulse at a time. It made it really hard to keep talking.

Soon he was as stiff as a board and I was getting a bit nervous that Alison had something in mind, then she said suddenly that she was probably keeping me from my afternoon, and then had to be out by three o’clock, so Russ would show me to the door.

This time he followed me down the stairs, cock waving as he walked, and I couldn’t help but say “Let’s do this again sometime” before he closed the door, and there was a definitely twitch down-below. So maybe I wasn’t such a turn-off for him after all.

It was a very odd morning altogether and it kept me distracted for the whole afternoon while I tried to read a book. I guess since the book was on corporate tax law, it’s something easy to be distracted from. And something tells me that Alison will be inviting me over again sometime.

Exhibitionist Diary – Saturday 18th January 2020


The release of sexual tension did nothing whatsoever for my running this morning: I was neither much slower (although a bit slower) and certainly no faster than usual. Mel was there and she said I looked well, and wasn’t it a weight off my mind that I’d finally taken a step forward? I said the weight off my mind was something else, but I suppose uploading my photos wasn’t actually that big of a deal, now that I’ve done it.

And then she said “they seem popular too” and I hadn’t thought to check back, so I did as soon as I got home… They had a lot of views, and a few comments (which were all rather complimentary!) and somebody even asked who the “model” was (lol!). The slightly tricky thing is that they’ve linked up the pictures of me there with the ones from the holiday, and the naked bike ride. And someone has even said Ha looks extremely hot (which she does) and asked if there are any more photos of her. I very much doubt I could get her to upload any more, and now I’m wondering if I’m mad if I have.

I popped out to the shops this afternoon and on the way back bumped into Alison from across the road. She said if I wasn’t doing anything tomorrow morning I should come over for a morning coffee and cake and a chat. Which I guess means more of making her husband wait on us, which I don’t really object to!

Driving Solo


So, yesterday morning, I decided to go for a drive, just as I had done on many other days. I threw my clothes onto the bed, slipped into my luscious black stilettos, put on my sunglasses and walked out to the car. I had plenty of gas to get me out and back, and as the sun was dipping the air was cooling to a perfect temperature.

I was used to cruising naked through the neighbourhood by now; it had become much less of a thrill. Yet, as it had a few times before, as the last set of lights turned to red and I was forced to slow and stop I felt the butterflies rise in my stomach at the idea that maybe someone would walk past and happen to glance into the car. No-one ever did as there was nowhere worth walking to, but the thought was excitement enough.

This time, though, there was something that hadn’t happened before and I heard and felt a large SUV pull up in the lane alongside me. At least I was on the inside and hidden behind the door, but I felt myself sink low in my seat, hoping that the driver’s high position wouldn’t let them see down into the car. I kept my left arm straight on the steering wheel, doing everything I could to block any possible line of sight to my bare breasts.

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Exhibitionist Diary – Friday 17th January 2020


I felt like a new woman today! Although I forgot to ask Mel if last night was a one-time reprieve or if I can do what I like from now on. Perhaps if I don’t ask it’ll just mean I can do what I like!

It was a very dreary January day today, too, so I wasn’t feeling at all frisky. I even wore trousers and a blouse and underwear, like a normal person. Well, I guess I look like a normal person, from the outside, when I’ve got my clothes on…

Exhibitionist Diary – Thursday 16th January 2020


I caved. I did it. I uploaded the photos. There were six in all (three from each of the past two sessions). When they were done I messaged Mel and had the most intense and possibly quickest self-induced orgasm I’ve ever had.

Mel replied to say “Well done” which made me feel good, and then “You’ve taken an important step, but there’s a long way to go yet,” which kind of deflated me again.

I haven’t seen anyone comment on the pictures yet, but there are a few dozen views showing. Also, I can’t delete them! I thought that might be a loophole, since Mel hadn’t said anything about that, but maybe she knew already. It’s kind of weird to see a picture of yourself tied up and naked on the Internet, and to wonder who might be looking at it… I can only imagine how much masturbation might have gone on so far. I’m not sure if I like that idea or dislike it. I think as long as I don’t have to meet any of the men who get off on my photos I’ll probably be okay.