Why Isn’t Everyone Else Naked?


“Wearing nothing but a confident smile and the same white stilettos as the previous day, I stepped out from the screen holding my box of clothes. The researcher grinned. I felt more naked than I’d ever felt before as I handed everything over.

Wearing nothing but a confident smile and the same white stilettos as the previous day, I stepped out from the screen holding my box of clothes. The researcher grinned. I felt more naked than I’d ever felt before as I handed everything over.

“Don’t worry,” she said, “Everyone’s nervous, and you look amazing.” I already knew that, but it was kind of her to try to reassure me.

The assistant pushed the door open for me and I walked through. It closed gently behind me and I heard the lock click.

Taking a deep breath, sucking my stomach in and pushing my chest out I took the last couple of steps into the main room of the office. My head was spinning and then, as I looked around, I thought I must be hallucinating or dreaming: why was everyone else fully dressed?

I’ve had this dream a hundred times before and I wondered if I was about to wake up. Heads began to turn towards me and I felt their eyes on my naked body. I froze and was about to turn and run for the door, but I remembered I’d just heard it lock behind me.

David, one of the senior partners, walked past me carrying a box file. I saw his eyes glance down at my breasts. “Hey, you’re looking good today Jen. Have you done your hair?” He kept walking and I saw a smirk on one of the legal secretary’s faces. My fight or flight mode was kicking in, and flight wasn’t an option.

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Exhibitionist Diary: Wed 7th November 2018


I met Jo, the new partner, today. I was worried that she might be really pushy or something but she talked about how important it was that all the women in the office had someone to make their case at senior level and she had a lovely smile and all of a sudden I seem to have a crush on my boss. (She’s not really my boss, because I report to Brian, but it’s close enough.)

She asked if I’d been told I had to wear a blouse and skirt to work every day, and I said someone had told me when I started, but then I turned red as I wondered if she could work out I wasn’t wearing anything underneath. But she just said as long as I was smart and professional I could wear what I liked.

Pilates was exhausting again.

Exhibitionist Diary: Tue 6th November 2018


A new senior partner started at work today. Her name’s Jo and she’s the first woman the company’s ever had in that position. They’d told us about her a while back, and about how they wanted to be more inclusive, and I’d expected her to be some dowdy old accountant but she was probably not even forty and was wearing a nice top and grey skirt that made the rest of us girls in white blouses look distinctly ordinary.

I didn’t get to meet her but I caught myself pulling my blouse tightly shut when she was introduced to the office. I think I’m paranoid that she’ll work out I’m not wearing a bra any more, although it’s not exactly part of the office dress code so I’m not sure what she could do.

Exhibitionist Diary: Mon 5th November 2018


It was bucketing it down with rain from the start of the day and I didn’t want to get drenched and turn my blouse see-through again. I was hoping to give the thigh socks a run out but it was raining so much I wore boots and normal socks instead.

Once I got to the office Ha said she liked my boots! She said this weather was the closest she’d get to Vietnamese weather in the UK, although she’d not spent much time there. She told me about how in Hong Kong a lot of people will just wear shorts and a t-shirt in the rain because although you get soaked you also dry out quickly once it stops. Before I had time to think about it I said you could just wear nothing at all then there’s nothing to dry, but then I blushed and so did Ha!

Exhibitionist Diary: Sun 4rd November 2018


Sunday was chores day and I didn’t get out of my dressing gown until lunchtime. I wasn’t in the mood for much today so I just lounged around in jeans and t-shirt and read and tidied up and generally wasted the day.

I also realised that my idea of going out in the garden and getting my clothes off the line in my underwear didn’t really work in winter. Oh well.

Exhibitionist Diary: Sat 3rd November 2018


I had a revelation today: thigh socks. Better than tights, and much more durable (and warmer) than stockings. I went out shopping and bought a few pairs and then tried them on at home. I’ve only ever worn stockings once before but boy was I amazed at how sexy it felt just wearing these. This is going to sound really weird, but I took a picture of myself wearing nothing but those long socks (right up to the top of my thighs) and, you know what, I reckon I look allright.

I tried a few things on with them. Short skirts looked waaay sexy, and I don’t think I’m brave enough for that, but even longer ones felt pretty good.

Maybe I’ll try stockings sometime after all, if I ever get a date.