Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Naked

Naked woman kissing clothed woman

I put my hand to the top button of her jeans. “One button.” Pop. “Two buttons.” Pop. “Three buttons.” Pop. I unfolded the flap of denim revealing the plain, white knickers beneath.

“I’m so going to get you for this,” she said to me, but her eyes were sparkling.

“Er, excuse me,” I said, “Which one of us is naked here?”

“Yeah,” she said, “But you like it.”

“Oh, right, you deserve this,” I said, and I pulled at the top of her jeans and shuffled backwards down her legs at the same time. She squirmed even more, although that made it easier to get the jeans out from beneath her. I pulled them down as far as her knees and then shifted my position to sit across her thighs again.

I hadn’t realised quite how slim she was when she was wearing these unflattering jeans, but her thighs were so toned that I decided I was going to have to convince her to wear shorts and skirts a whole lot more after this. Assuming we were still friends after tonight, of course.

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Exhibitionist Diary – Sunday 17th March 2019


I’m back home now. Yesterday was more fun. We went out, but it was still freezing cold so I was wrapped up in plenty of layers. But we had fun as he peeled them off when we got home and this time I made him wait and we made dinner while I wore nothing but an apron (which wasn’t that sexy and felt kind of icky against my skin, and I dread to think the last time it was washed, but he kept patting my buttocks as I stood with the frying pan so that was okay).

At least this time the sex was worth it too because I was plenty turned on by the time I let him inside me. It was quite a thrill to be somewhere unfamiliar and still completely naked and I hope his flatmate goes away some more weekends.

Exhibitionist Diary – Saturday 16th March 2019


I’m just sneaking this in while Kieran is in the shower… But anyway, my plans didn’t quite go as, erm, planned. It was still fun, just not quite what I’d hoped.

So I got to Kieran’s and we were wrapped around each other as soon as we got in the hallway, and I said that since I was naked in my flat all the time, and now we were in his flat I think it was his turn. And I wouldn’t let him take anything off me while I undid his shirt buttons, and then his trousers and everything else. And he was as rock hard as I’ve ever seen him and I could feel his cock throbbing against my stomach, even through my blouse.

But I had this idea of teasing him and keeping him naked for as long as possible, but it was pretty obvious that I wasn’t going to get any further into the flat while he was like that. And of course I was wearing a short skirt and those long socks I know he likes and of course spontaneous sex is so much easier then, if you’re not wearing underwear. I call it sex, but it lasted about thirty seconds for me, and was distinctly unsatisfying. He said sorry, but then it was obvious he was so embarrassed about being naked that he started getting dressed again. That kind of ruined the plan.

At least it’s a differently hallway to have sex in, I suppose, but I guess turning the tables isn’t something that’s going to work out. Plus now that he’d “had his way” he wasn’t interested in stripping me out of my work clothes for another couple of hours either.

We had a nice evening together, but it wasn’t as much fun as sometimes.

Exhibitionist Diary – Friday 15th March 2019


I’m writing this from the office (sneakily) because I’m off to Kieran’s later, but it’s been a bit of a drama. I was in the ladies toilet and I knew whoever was in the cubicle was crying but didn’t want to say anything, but when I was back at my desk I saw Jo came out with puffy eyes and go back to her office.

I know Jo’s one of the bosses and everything and it’s none of my business but I went to her office and knocked on the door and when I went in she did her best to look cheerful but her face was all down and her eyes were red and just sort of staring. I said I just wanted to check she was okay because I could tell something was up so if she wanted to talk to someone about it then we could go out or something, and she just burst into tears. I didn’t know what to do and she said something about people being nice to her made her even more upset, but not to worry about it and she was fine. She didn’t look fine. I guess she doesn’t want to tell me but I said if she changed her mind then me or anyone else would be happy to help her out for all the things she’s done for us, and to be honest she sort of looked better for actually crying properly but it almost made me cry to see it.

Anyway, I knew when to leave but I couldn’t think of anything else when I got back, and I e-mailed Ha and Helen to tell them about it all and they said I’d done a good thing and as long as she knew we were looking out for her then maybe that would help. I’m not sure it is, really, so hopefully she’s got other friends to help her with whatever’s happening. I wonder if someone’s died or something.

Now I have to get my head back in gear to see Kieran later. I have plans!

The Women You Meet On The Train


“Been a tough year, more like,” she answered. Now she had my attention, I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. “They make us wear all this,” she looked down at herself and I followed her gaze, right down to her elegant, shapely legs and the bright red shoes on her feet. “And we all know it’s just to keep the men occupied gawping at us on the flight.” I could see why that would happen.

She suddenly stood in front of me, feet together, one leg slightly bent at the knee and her hand on her hip. “They just make us look ridiculous.”

I looked her up and down again: she looked like a dream come true, but I didn’t think saying so would help. Nor was I about to agree that she looked ridiculous.

“This jacket is always pinching at the waist,” she continued, and as she spoke she unfastened the single button that held it closed, shrugged it off her shoulders, slid it down her arms and held it out in front of her as if she’d found a dead rat in her kitchen. She looked at it in disgust.

“Well, screw them, and their uniform,” she said, and she threw the jacket out of the window. I watched as the wind took hold of it and it flapped into the bushes by the side of the tracks. My first thought was that it looked far too expensive a jacket to be throwing away, but then the thought was erased instantly.

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