Alessia Takes Me Out

Beautiful naked woman with choker

I stood in the middle of the room, my hands behind my back, naked except for the shiny, red stilettos on my feet. I caught sight of my reflection in the mirror: tall, slim, a shock of dark hair, red lipstick and dark eyes.

Behind me, Alessia locked the leather cuffs around my wrists. I closed my eyes. It always so exciting when this happened, the moment I became helpless.

It was our routine now: she would bind me, as she saw fit, and then dress me, also as she saw fit, and we would walk the town. My shackles were always concealed, if only barely, but we would both know they were there. Once we returned home the sex would be out of this world.

“Now, what will I let you wear tonight?” Alessia wondered. Her tall, thin heels echoed on the wooden floor as she walked slow, deliberate steps around me.

Alessia was fully dressed in knee-length boots, stockings, a short, black leather skirt and a tight long-sleeved top, also in black. Her hair was short and dyed jet black and her eyes a deep blue. The contrast of her head-to-toe dark outfit and my bare, white skin was stark, and incredibly erotic. She stopped in front of me and we were each lost in the other’s eyes for a second.

“Perhaps, you could wear nothing?” Alessia said. I took a sharp intake of breath: our adventures had become increasingly daring, but not that daring. But the rules of our game were that I was not allowed to comment on Alessia’s decisions.

“Or perhaps just this?” She picked up the thin leather choker she had bought me and fastened it around my neck. It was discreet, but it was symbolic of her hold over me. As soon as she put it on me it heightened my feeling of nakedness.

Alessia leant towards me and we kissed, gently so as not to upset the bright red gloss on our lips. Her hand touched between my legs and she stroked gently. My knees nearly collapsed. She broke off the kiss and smiled at my reaction. There were nights where we had never left the house after this point.

She walked behind me again and I heard the wardrobe door slide open. I was filled with anticipation: Alessia always dressed me so sexily, and often so scantily. The risk of discovery was part of the thrill.

She reappeared in front of me holding the dark woollen cape that I had bought last winter. She wrapped it around my shoulders and fastened the four buttons at the top. I’d worn this before and I knew it covered the handcuffs behind my back. I loved the way the soft wool rubbed against my nipples when I moved. Alessia stroked the wool that now covered my chest; she loved the way it felt too.

Alessia returned to the wardrobe. I wondered what else she would choose. I heard coat hangers banging against each other as she rifled through, and then the door slid shut.

She stood in front of me again, feet slight apart to emphasise her domination.

“Come,” she said, and she threw her bag over her shoulder and turned towards the door.

“What?…” I started. Hadn’t she forgotten something? Again, I looked at my reflection in the mirror. The cape fell part way down my thigh, and the thick flannels of wool were closed over each other. But I’d never been out wearing nothing beneath it before, not without a skirt at least.

Alessia span around and glared at me.

“Did I hear something?” she questioned.

“But…” I started. I wasn’t allowed to comment, but surely this was an exception?

Alessia put one hand on her hip and continued to stare at me.

“Do you not like the cape?”

I knew the implication of this question. I had once before questioned an item of clothing, and as a result it had been removed from me. I bowed my head in submission.

“Yes, Mistress,” I said. It was the answer I was meant to give.

Alessia smiled and opened the door. I walked gingerly across the room, taking small steps so the cape remained folded across my body.

Once we were outside, Alessia put her arm around me. It meant she could steady me as I walked, even though I was used to being handcuffed by now, and since I was only taking small steps there was little risk that I would stumble.

We made very slow progress along the streets as I dare not take a stride of more than six inches. But the thrill of being so close to exposure was exhilarating, and Alessia could see it in my eyes. Once out of the apartment we would talk as if we were any other couple walking the streets of an evening. It was just that I was handcuffed and naked beneath my cape.

“Let’s go in here,” Alessia said as we passed a bar.

We’d done this before too. Being in the middle of a crowd of people, completely at Alessia’s will, was a turn-on for the both of us. She would hold my drink for me and let me sip from time to time.

I was glad there were no steps and Alessia ordered drinks for us. I saw men stare at us, as well they might. They had no idea we were together, and the combination of Alessia’s looks, her outfit and my slim, bare legs was impossible to ignore.

Alessia held my glass and I followed her to the far side of the room in small, tentative steps, the woollen cape brushing against the tops of my thighs as I moved.

I stood beside the bar with my back to the wall. There was a metal handrail running all around the bar and I leant against it and took a deep breath. I’d made it this far without discovery, and now I was standing still it would be fine. I wondered if Alessia was as turned on by this as I was.

She looked around and then, discreetly, she held my drink in front of me. I ducked my head to the straw and took a sip.

“Thank you,” I said with a smile.

“You’re welcome,” she replied, smiling back.

We stood and talked for a while, Alessia holding my drink and offering it to me now and again.

“I like it here,” she said to me, “It’s a nice bar. What do you think?”

I shrugged with one shoulder, not wanting to lift the cape any higher.

“It’s okay,” I said, “Although I wish those guys would stop staring at us.”

I indicated a group of men who looked like they were mustering the courage to come and talk to us. We had our way of dealing with such things.

Alessia took a step towards me, leant close, and our lips closed on each other. This always took my breath away, the first time we kissed in public each night, when I was powerless to prevent it. Alessia slipped her hand inside the fold of my cape and the back of her fingers stroked between my legs. I gasped and it was all I could do to remain on my feet. My breath shook as she continued to kiss me. She removed her hand and smoothed the thick, woollen folds of the cape closed again.

She looked around. The men were still looking over at us and talking, but I could tell from their body language that one question had been answered in their mind and they would no longer try to approach.

“We can stay for a while now,” she said, and I smiled. I was ready to go home and let her do what she wanted with me, but I wasn’t allowed to question Alessia’s decision.

She picked up her handbag and looked inside, and then took a furtive glance around the room; no-one was watching us. She pulled out a pair of handcuffs. I wondered what use she had for another pair. Quickly, without a fuss, she crouched down. I tried to see what she was doing but she was hidden beneath my cape. Then I felt the cold steel close around one ankle, and then the other. I felt a kiss on my thigh that sent a tingle through me, and she stood again.

My mouth fell open, but I knew I mustn’t speak; she’d never been so bold before. The cuffs around my ankles were not even hidden from sight. Her eyes sparkled.

My heart pounded in my chest. This was more thrilling than anything she’d ever done to me. I could barely move from the spot, I was virtually naked, and no-one in the bar suspected a thing.

She reached for her bag again and pulled out a short length of rope. What next?

She stepped towards me and slipped her arms into the concealed armholes of the cape. Her hands caressed the bare skin of my waist, around my back. I realised she was tying the rope around the chain between the handcuffs. I dare not ask any questions. A minute later she pulled her arms out. I leant forwards a little, and then I realised what she’d done: I was tied to the handrail behind me.

“I don’t want you running off now, do I?” she teased.

My head rolled back and my eyes closed as the situation sunk in. I felt air on my buttocks as the rope lifted the back of the cape a little. I stood on tiptoes to compensate. At least no-one could stand behind me.

“I’ll get us another drink,” she said casually, and she picked up her purse and walked to the bar.

Even if I could have moved I wouldn’t have dared. The touch of the steel against my ankles sent a thrill up my legs. I tried to move my arms but I could only move a few inches before the rope stopped me. I breathed deeply to try and calm myself. I let out a low, shuddering moan in response to the sexual charge that was building within me.

Alessia seemed to be gone for an age, but finally I saw her leave the bar with a drink in each hand. She was incredibly sexy, striding across the floor in her pencil-thin stiletto boots and black leather skirt. If I wasn’t cuffed and tied I don’t know if I could have resisted her. She put the drinks on the bar.

“How are you doing there?” she asked. My heart was still beating fast and I felt incredibly hot beneath the cape.

“Good, good,” I said, forcing a smile. But I was too nervous about my predicament: what if something went wrong? What if Alessia lost the key?

Alessia held my drink for me to take a sip. I was glad to be able to moisten my mouth. She reached out and put her hand on my chest.

“I can’t tell how hard your heart is beating,” she said with a mischievous twinkle in her eyes. She often did this, when she had me constrained in public. It was her way of telling how excited I was.

“Pretty hard,” I said, laughing a little.

“Let’s see,” she replied, and she unfastened the lower button of my cape.

“That isn’t helping,” I said.

“Don’t answer back,” she said, suddenly very sternly.

“Yes, mistress,” I said humbly. I didn’t want her to think she had to punish me for speaking out of turn.

But she unfastened the second button anyway. She held my gaze and I quivered. She unfastened the third button. A single button held the cape around me. I was thankful when her hand moved away.

She looked around the room again, and then slipped her fingers into the woollen folds of my cape and pressed it to the bare skin over my heart. I closed my eyes at her touch and my heart beat harder still. The air rushed through the large open gap that she had left in my only item of clothing. I wondered how much anyone would be able to see, if they looked. They would surely know I was naked underneath.

“You’re right,” Alessia said, “Your heart is racing!”

She slid her palm sideways and brushed over my nipple. I let out a small yelp and would have collapsed if it weren’t for the ties behind my back. She removed her hand and I was grateful that she straightened the woollen cloak closed around me again. I would not dare to walk anywhere without having the buttons fastened back up, though. And I’d need the cuffs removed from around my ankles in any case. I guess I wasn’t going anywhere until Alessia said so.

Alessia held my drink again and I took a grateful sip.

“Thank you,” I said with a smile. Sexual energy coursed through my body. I wondered how long Alessia would keep me like this. I wanted it to end, for us to go home so I could tear that skirt from her, or do anything else she asked of me. But I also knew the longer this continued the more explosive my climax would finally be.

Alessia stood back and looked me up and down with desire in her eyes. I knew she loved seeing my legs, and there was very little of them that was hidden at the moment. She rubbed her chin thoughtfully.

“What is it?” I asked.

She stepped close to me again, leant forwards and kissed me. Whenever I was cuffed and she kissed me, it felt as if she was kissing my whole body. She put her hand on my chest and stroked the soft wool.

“I was just wondering about undoing the last button,” she said, her expression suddenly coy.

“No!” I said quickly, before I remembered the rule: never deny anything to my mistress.

She shook her head slowly in disapproval and reached for the button. My lungs filled as terror overtook me. She pulled at the fabric and gave it a twist. I felt the button pop open. The heavy, woollen cape dropped to the floor. I panted as the realisation of the situation I was in hit me: I was standing naked, wrists and ankles cuffed and tied to a handrail.

I looked around me and, as I knew they would be, all eyes were suddenly turned in my direction. They looked me up and down, and some pointed at the cuffs around my ankles. I wanted to crouch down and hide myself but the rope held me fast.

Alessia picked up her glass and took a sip, and she also looked me up and down. She seemed satisfied with her work.

“Never say no to me again,” she said. Her voice sounded so seductive, even now.

“Yes, mistress,” I managed to whisper, partly fearful of what else she might do if I dissented again.

“That’s better,” she said with a smile.

I closed my eyes to try and shut out the room. I wondered how long Alessia would prolong this torture. I dare not ask, of course.

I felt her close by and her lips touched mine again. I pictured how I must look, standing at the edge of the room, naked and bound, with the beautiful, leather-clad Alessia kissing me, and I nearly climaxed at the mental image. Alessia broke off the kiss.

“We wouldn’t want that happening too soon, would be?” she asked. She knew what would happen if she continued.

“No, mistress,” I said feebly, but I wanted nothing else.

“Here,” she said, and I opened my eyes. She held my glass for me and I put my lips to the straw, knowing that refusing would be seen as a rebellious act.

I looked around again. All eyes were still watching us. I let out a combination of a moan and a sigh as my body yearned for Alessia to touch it, despite everything else. She put my empty glass back on the bar.

“One more drink,” she said.

I nearly protested, but I managed to supress it into another incomprehensible moan.

“Good,” Alessia said with a smile. Then, she turned and walked to the bar, leaving me there.

I closed my eyes for a second, trying to control myself, but the image I had in my mind, the bounds around my wrist and ankles, and the crowd of onlookers became too much. I half-folded at the waist, trying to conceal the orgasm that suddenly pulsed through me. My chest rose and fell as I panted at each wave of pleasure. I have no idea whether my attempt to hide it was successful, but at least Alessia was not here to punish me for it.

She returned a few moments later with two more glasses. She placed them on the bar.

“The barman said we can have these drinks for free,” she said, “Which I thought was nice of him.”

I closed my eyes for a moment: this was a whole new kind of torture she had found for me.

“Well, not exactly free,” she added, and she stepped forwards and our lips met again. Her hand pressed against my breast and she gently caressed my nipple in her palm. I whimpered quietly, trying to form the words to ask her to stop, but her mouth never left mine. If she didn’t stop this soon then the next orgasm would be much more violent, and much more obvious, than the first. But that fear only heightened my excitement, and then I felt her hand between my legs. It pressed gently and my body, using all the freedom it was able to, pushed against her fingers.

My gasps grew into yelps and I lost control of myself. The movements became bigger, faster, and her grip on my breast firmer, and then her lips left mine and my head fell back. Her lips pressed to my neck, then down, onto my chest, and then they closed around my other breast. Her tongue caressed my nipple. My yelps became screams, coming one after the other. I don’t know how many people in the bar were still staring at us, and I no longer cared.

I don’t know how many times I screamed, or how loudly, but I finally let out a long, loud moan that begged her to stop. Eventually she did. My head fell to rest on her shoulders. Her arms were around me, supporting me, and I shuddered as my hypersensitive nipples brushed against her top.

Soon, my breathing slowed and I was able to support myself again. Alessia bent down and picked up the cloak, wrapping it around my shoulders and refastening it.

“Thank you,” I mouthed. Alessia smiled, but I could tell she was keen to return home. I started to think of what I would do to her, what I could do that would match what she had just done for me. I wasn’t sure it was possible.