The Office Christmas Party

The Office Christmas Party

I wrote this story before Christmas and posted it onto Literotica, but I realised that some people may not have seen it there. Plus I like to have everything here on my own site anyway.

The introduction below is just a teaser and you can read the rest in my Exclusive Stories section.


The Office Christmas Party

It had seemed like a good idea at the time. It was all in the name of creating a little more competition between Martin and me, to up the stakes just a little, as if the thirty thousand pound bonus wasn’t incentive enough…

Actually, scratch that: it had never seemed a good idea, even at the time. Even while I was agreeing to it, because I didn’t want to appear weak; unwilling to countenance the idea of being only the second best salesperson in the room. But the online advertising industry is full of bellowing bulls and this was no time to fall back on being the quiet country girl. These young men had had it their own way for far too long and I wasn’t about to back down now. Move over, alpha males, it’s time for an alpha female to take charge.

“Okay, Natalie. You say you like a challenge,” Martin had shouted over the jeers, “So I’ll make a deal with you.”

I’d looked back at him, not wanting to fall into whatever trap he thought he was laying, but not able to think of a face-saving way of getting out of it.

“Whoever has the lowest sales figures by the time the Christmas party comes round,” he’d continued, “Spends the entire Christmas party naked.”

“Only the party?” I’d said with forced bravado, “Why not the whole week? Or are you afraid your tiny dick will shrivel in the cold?”

That increased the volume of the jeers. Fighting fire with fire was the only thing these guys understood.

Martin winked at me condescendingly. “Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, country girl.”

He called me “country girl” whenever he wanted to get under my skin. I tried not to let it show but, like all good salespeople, he was too good at spotting body language and knew how much it affected me.

“You might spend all your days on the farm with nothing but mud to cover your skin, but things are a little different in the big city,” he added.

I scowled at him. I wasn’t even from a farm. I was barely even from the country, but because of my accent, and the small town I came from, Martin’s “country girl” nickname had stuck. I’d tried “city wanker”, “southern tosser” and various other insults, but he just seemed to soak them up. I could read body language just as well as he could and nothing had hit home yet.

“Let’s drink to it,” he said loudly for the benefit of the surrounding group, raising his small shot glass in my direction, “Lowest figures strips there and then when Les hands the bonus cheque to me… Oh, I’m sorry, I mean to say ‘to whoever wins’.”

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