In Pieces


“The problem wasn’t getting nude in public, it was that I’d have to cover up so quickly afterwards. Then a friend brought some scissors and desiccated my last item of clothing before my eyes. It was the most liberating thing that has ever happened to me.”

Sensitive Skin


Malcolm started walking and Alison was towed along. Her stilettos rang on the wooden floor and she tried to compose herself. She couldn’t believe that she was doing this, walking naked through a bar, led by her husband, almost exactly as her character Alison had in one of her stories.

Out on the street the lights seemed dazzlingly bright. Her head was spinning and only Malcolm’s hand was keeping her steady. Her balance began to waver and Malcolm wrapped his arm around her waist to hold her. She turned into him and pressed her body up against his. The fabric of his shirt rubbed against her nipples, stimulating her even further, and then she felt his hard cock inside his trousers, pressing up against her pelvis. It was all too much.

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More Fun Than Expected


“Oh, it’s fine, really,” I said, and I actually meant it. I would never have dreamt of a naked office day, especially not with me being the only one naked, but I was having the time of my life and it was barely nine thirty. I continued making my coffee.

“Well, anyway,” he continued, “We don’t want to put you through any more embarrassment. Your clothes are over in the small meeting room. I can’t believe you’ve just… I mean, I can, but I can’t… And you’re sure you’re okay with it?”

“I’m fine,” I shrugged and David’s eyes watched my breasts move up and down. “Don’t think twice about it. Honestly.” I said, smiling reassuring.

He smiled and, before the silence became an embarrassing one, he left the room with his coffee.

A few minutes later I walked back to my desk and sat with my eyes on the door to the small meeting room. My clothes were in there; I could go in, get dressed, and then it would just be something else to laugh off for a week or so. It would be a story that would be told to all the new recruits in future about how they tricked me into walking naked around the office for an hour.

But that would mean playing to their script, wouldn’t it? And I’d already left that behind when I hadn’t shriveled into the corner at the start of the day. And besides, now I was here, it was fun, and there was more fun to be had.

So, I resolved to make it through the morning without getting my clothes back, or at least to take it an hour at a time. I was determined that I could make this whole thing work in my favour, as long as I was the one who chose how and when it ended.

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Sleep Tight


“I tiptoed naked into his bedroom, slowly unbuttoned his shirt, removed his shoes, socks, trousers and underwear. As I left the room, leaving him naked and erect on the bed, I wished him a good night and padded back to my own bed with a wicked smile on my lips.”


Naked woman at a cafe table

“The revelation wasn’t so much that I was okay with featuring in a nude performance piece, but that I was starting to enjoy hanging out with the audience in the cafe after the show.”