Attitudes To Nudity

Naked woman at an outdoor cafe

“I’d been commissioned to write a piece on attitudes to public nudity, and it seemed pretty obvious to me that what people say in the abstract might differ greatly to how they reacted when faced with a nudity in the flesh. I have to admit I spent more time researching it than was strictly necessary.”

Like A Dream


Malcolm started walking and Alison was towed along. Her stilettos rang on the wooden floor and she tried to compose herself. She couldn’t believe that she was doing this, walking naked through a bar, led by her husband, almost exactly as her character Alison had in one of her stories.

Out on the street the lights seemed dazzlingly bright. Her head was spinning and only Malcolm’s hand was keeping her steady. Her balance began to waver and Malcolm wrapped his arm around her waist to hold her. She turned into him and pressed her body up against his. The fabric of his shirt rubbed against her nipples, stimulating her even further, and then she felt his hard cock inside his trousers, pressing up against her pelvis. It was all too much.

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Mixing Business With Pleasure


Malcolm reached over and put his hand on the top of her breast. “I think I was trying to distract you with a kiss,” he said, and he leaned towards her and their lips met. Alison’s eyes closed and she felt Malcolm’s hand move down her breast to cup her nipple. She gasped a little, but the kiss continued.

And then Malcolm’s hand moved back up her side up to her shoulder It pushed down her arm, sliding the crop top with it. Alison felt the air on her chest, and the thrill of being exposed, even in this private booth. She shuddered. Malcolm’s hand continued pushing at the material and she lifted her hand obligingly as he pushed the sleeve off. Then, with his other hand, he pulled at the other sleeve, tugging it downwards, all the time teasing at her lips with his tongue. He felt her tremble in the seat and he broke off the kiss, pulling at the sleeve of the crop top as he sat back. Alison felt it slide over her hand and Malcolm crumped it up beside him, out of her reach.

She tried breath steadily, slowly, but she could see her bare chest shuddering. She longed for something to cover herself, but she longed to be touched too. She jumped as Malcom replaced his hand on her thigh. He took another sip of his drink.

“Do you think…” Alison was surprised she managed to even start a sentence, “Do you think you’ve got many more business trips lined up? Maybe I could recommend some stories for you.”

Malcolm smiled. “Next month, I think,” he said. And then, as if absent minded, he slid his hand along the top of Alison’s thigh and over her waist. The fold of fabric fell to one side. He stroked the other thigh, pushing the last piece of her skirt away as his hand moved. She trembled again, willing him to move his hand between her legs, although she might explode even without that touch.

Read the rest of Re-Kindled Desires, and 11 other ENF stories, in Just ENF