Exhibitionist Diary – Tuesday 28th April 2020


Ha and Lily had something extra planned for me today. After work I went back with Ha, and she pretty much made me get undressed in the hallway while she stood and waited, and then I followed her to the kitchen and as well as Lily there was someone else there!

She gave me the biggest smile when she saw me, looked me up and down as if she wanted to eat me alive, and said “I’m Sam, and if you’re not Kate then there must be more naked women around than I could ever dream of.”

Sam was tall and had a bigger frame than the three of us and, let’s be honest, from the back she could just about pass for a bloke, although from the front absolutely not. Lily explained that she was joining us for dinner, and I could tell from the look on Ha’s face that she knew she’d be there.

Anyway, to say that Sam paid me an awful lot of attention would be an understatement, and it became pretty clear that this was Ha and Lily’s idea of trying to set me up! And I’ve told them so many times I’m straight, and I haven’t told them about Ana (or my times with Mel), so they have no idea to think otherwise.

I got a really big hug from Sam when we said goodnight, and it went on for long enough that I was wondering if I’d ever get away. She said she really hoped to see me again sometime, and if I ever wanted just to hang out naked and chat, no pressure, I should come round, or she could come round to mine! I didn’t know what to say.

Ha and Lily grilled me afterwards and I told them that I was absolutely not looking for a girlfriend!

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