Begging To Be Touched


©Szymon Brodziak

Mrs Cooper unfolded her sketchbook and sat opposite me and, almost as if I was being interviewed for something, as she drew she began to ask questions about what I had been doing at university. Her pencil seemed to move very quickly, and she spent a lot of time staring at me. I liked that part: her eyes scanning my body. I don’t know if her models usually had erections or not, but there was nothing I could do about it.

She turned the page, shifted position, and I did the same. I tried to look relaxed but I doubt very much that I managed it. The only good thing was that while she was sketching I was able to study her as much as she was studying me.

I wondered how her dress would feel against my skin. The wool looked so soft; my skin tingled at the thought and my cock waved. Mrs Cooper’s eyes were attracted by the movement and suppressed a smile. I felt the colour rising in my cheeks but all I could think about was my desire to hold her against me.

It would only take a minute, I was sure, maybe less, if just one of those delicate soft fingers deigned to touch me. It would be so little effort for her, but mean so much to me. I wondered if the thought even occurred to her as she continued to draw. I watched as her tongue moistened her full red lips. She looked up from beneath her dark lashes as my cock waved again. This was insufferable, and I began to wonder if it was possible to ejaculate without being touched at all. It would be humiliating, but it would be an end to this torture.

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Exhibitionist Diary – Thursday 25th July 2019


I can’t believe Ha! She called me over to look at her phone today and she had all kinds of me photos sitting around naked, walking along the canal (also naked), in the car (naked)… And she was showing me them right in the office! Anybody could have seen. I told her to delete them, and she said she might just post them onto Instagram or Facebook instead! I don’t think even she’d go that far, but then she said at least she had plenty to blackmail me with if I didn’t do what she said! It sounded kind of sexy, actually, and without thinking I said “like what kind of thing” and she laughed, because she knows me well, and said for a start we’d have to have a girls night out soon. (Which means “don’t invite Kieran” I think.) I said I’d agree to that if she deleted the photos. She said she wouldn’t, but she wouldn’t post them either… which I don’t think she was going to do anyway.

I went home still wishing I could find more places to be nude. Home is good and all, but it feels pretty tame now.

Exhibitionist Diary – Tuesday 23rd July 2019


Ha posted some pictures of the four of us on holiday on Instagram and Facebook (and thankfully I’m clothed in all of them! Barely…) Anyway, some of the Facebook ones got a like from Ellie (from the PR company), and I wondered if she recognised the others from the naked bike ride day (where I was the only one naked…)

I still had loads to do at work today so didn’t have much time for anything.

After You Were Stripped, What Happened Next?


Judith pulled up her knees and twisted around on her seat. She put an arm around the back of Christina’s neck and rested her fingers lightly on her bare shoulder. Christina shuddered as she touched her, and then again as their legs brushed against each other, the sensation of sheer tights rubbing against sensitive, naked skin.

“Although if anyone picked Christina up, they’d have brains and beauty, isn’t that right?” Judith said.

Christina was barely able to control herself, let alone respond in any coherent way. She sat stock still, her breathing deep and her heart racing.

“Absolutely,” Elaine agreed, “But I still think it’s a shame that you’re not turned on by other women.”

The four girls around Christina laughed: they laughed because it was pretty clear that Christina was very turned on right now. But she was too busy focusing on controlling her arousal to hear what was being said.

“What was it you said your boyfriend did after he’d stripped you naked, Christina?” Judith asked her, not expecting a reply, “Oh, yes, I remember. You said all he did was to touch your breast gently.” She paused for a second. “Like this?”

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