Exhibitionist Diary – Thursday 25th July 2019


I can’t believe Ha! She called me over to look at her phone today and she had all kinds of me photos sitting around naked, walking along the canal (also naked), in the car (naked)… And she was showing me them right in the office! Anybody could have seen. I told her to delete them, and she said she might just post them onto Instagram or Facebook instead! I don’t think even she’d go that far, but then she said at least she had plenty to blackmail me with if I didn’t do what she said! It sounded kind of sexy, actually, and without thinking I said “like what kind of thing” and she laughed, because she knows me well, and said for a start we’d have to have a girls night out soon. (Which means “don’t invite Kieran” I think.) I said I’d agree to that if she deleted the photos. She said she wouldn’t, but she wouldn’t post them either… which I don’t think she was going to do anyway.

I went home still wishing I could find more places to be nude. Home is good and all, but it feels pretty tame now.

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