After You Were Stripped, What Happened Next?


Judith pulled up her knees and twisted around on her seat. She put an arm around the back of Christina’s neck and rested her fingers lightly on her bare shoulder. Christina shuddered as she touched her, and then again as their legs brushed against each other, the sensation of sheer tights rubbing against sensitive, naked skin.

“Although if anyone picked Christina up, they’d have brains and beauty, isn’t that right?” Judith said.

Christina was barely able to control herself, let alone respond in any coherent way. She sat stock still, her breathing deep and her heart racing.

“Absolutely,” Elaine agreed, “But I still think it’s a shame that you’re not turned on by other women.”

The four girls around Christina laughed: they laughed because it was pretty clear that Christina was very turned on right now. But she was too busy focusing on controlling her arousal to hear what was being said.

“What was it you said your boyfriend did after he’d stripped you naked, Christina?” Judith asked her, not expecting a reply, “Oh, yes, I remember. You said all he did was to touch your breast gently.” She paused for a second. “Like this?”

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