Exhibitionist Diary – Sunday 28th July 2019


Good and bad things happened yesterday and today.

First: the good, and that was the night out. I wore one of the dresses from holiday, and nothing else except heeled sandals, and for half the night Kieran had his hand on my thigh, just under my dress, and sometimes even up near my waist, and it felt like I was close to showing a lot more than I bargained for. It was a lot of fun, and I wished the dress had buttons down the front as I’d have popped a few, but it was more of a throw-on thing so very much all or nothing.

But I told Kieran about how I’d loved going out for a nude walk with him in the evenings on holiday, and I wished there was somewhere we could do that here, and he said maybe we could take the quiet roads home. My heart was racing by that point and I suddenly wanted to leave the restaurant and head home!

So we went down a side road that I hadn’t been down before, and it was pretty quiet, but there were still cars around every few minutes and I was both nervous about doing anything but also knew I’d regret it if I didn’t. Then Kieran, when we were holding hands, stopped and turned him towards me and we kissed, and he had his hands on my buttocks, and then slipped them down beneath the dress, and then he kept on moving upwards, and I felt the cool air on my you-know-what, and then on my stomach, and then as we kissed his hands were up to my armpits, and he broke off the kiss and I lifted my arms in the air, and the dress just came off in his hands, and suddenly I was standing in the middle of the street with nothing on!

I wrapped myself around him and we kissed again, and a car went past but I think I was hidden by Kieran’s body, but then he said “we should get home”, and with my dress bundled up in his right fingers and gripping my hand with his left we started to walk.

It was so exciting! I got tooted at by a car horn! We walked for a couple of minutes, and then as we went around a corner another couple appeared, and at first the guy didn’t see me, but I knew when he did! So I just said “good evening”, and we walked past them giggling.

It wasn’t as much fun as being on holiday, but it was close!

So the next morning I was hanging around naked in Kieran’s place and Ben and Helen came in, and they seem so used to seeing my body now they don’t say anything, but they do look a bit (which I like), and then Kieran came in and Ben said something about won’t Kieran buy me any clothes, and Kieran said he was thinking of banning me from wearing clothes entirely! It was a bit hot, but I didn’t really like it, so I said he wasn’t the one who could decide, and he said he was, and why else have me around if I wasn’t going to be naked and do what I was told?

I was livid, and Ben and Helen knew it but Kieran didn’t seem to care, so I went to the bedroom and got dressed. The other two had (wisely) left and we ate breakfast in very frosty silence, and then I said I had things to do and came home.

It was such a let-down after the holiday and last night and now I’m quite depressed about the whole thing.

On the plus side, Ellie said she’d love to meet my friends! So now it’s four girls going out on the town on Thursday night.

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