Exhibitionist Diary – Sunday 29th August 2020


Last night was so weird. Mel came around to my place and as it’s definitely feeling autumnal now insisted that I wear nothing but a jacket to Linda and Tim’s place. It wasn’t even a long jacket. Tim opened the door and looked straight down at my legs, and then as I took my jacket off he couldn’t help but look at everything else too.

Linda was already there, and already naked, and Gary was already annoying from the start, making comments about how great I looked and how lucky he was to have two naked women paying attention to him. Then during dinner he kept making eyes at Mel and started asking her about our relationship. Mel didn’t tell him much that anybody couldn’t have guessed, and certainly not about the sessions.

Anyway, afterwards we were sat in the front room, with me next to Tim on a sofa, Mel on an armchair and Gary on the other armchair with Linda sat across his lap, with Gary’s hands all over her. And that just seem to make him even bolder, and he started trying to get Mel to strip off too! I knew that would never happen and it was a big mistake.

Mel came back with she wouldn’t but why didn’t Gary, unless he was shy and didn’t have much to show. Linda started on that he was all muscle but he really didn’t have a lot down below. Gary complained, and Mel said he should either prove it or shut up. Linda teased him some more… and then Gary just burst into tears. It was so completely unexpected.

Linda ended up hugging him and telling him she was only teasing, but Mel wanted to know more, and then it became a kind of confessional, and I guess years of insecurity all just came out at once and we heard about past girlfriends and boys at school etc etc.

We left by eleven and Mel came back to my place, leaving Tim alone in the house with the pair of them. I needed a drink after that so Mel and I just sat around with some vodka I had in the freezer for another couple of hours just talking.

I woke up with a bit of hangover this morning, but mostly I was stunned by the whole experience.

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