Exhibitionist Diary – Saturday 12th September 2020


Last night was wild and so much fun and I can’t believe I still haven’t convinced Elise to stay.

We met up for a drink and some food and talked. I wanted to talk more about how we could keep Elise in the country, but she said she really wanted a night to not think about it, because it had worried her all week, and couldn’t we just have fun?

So fun was had.

We headed to the gay club that I’d seen her at once before a long time back at about ten o’clock. It barely even gets going around that time and it’s not until closer to midnight that it really gets busy, but there were plenty of women, and absolutely no men, already in there. As before, outfits went from nice and pretty to mildly outrageous and sexy, with sheer tops aplenty.

We got inside and were just past the corridor to the main dance floor and I said I’d like to drop my coat at the cloakroom. Elise said she had something she was dying to do first and I found myself almost pressed up against the wall and suddenly we were kissing like we were long lost lovers that hadn’t seen each other for years. It was really intense and despite how open the space was because of the kind of place it is it didn’t feel embarrassing in the slightest.

As we kissed I felt Elise fiddling with the buttons down the front of my dress. I still had the jacket on too, but that was unbuttoned. It was thrilling as she unfastened the top two and her fingers stroked my chest.

And then I felt her hands move down and she started at the bottom, and once she had a handful of buttons undone she slipped her hand beneath the cotton and ran her palm across my thigh, and upwards to my pelvis, and I realised that she’d undone a few more buttons than I’d thought and I wondered quite what I was showing to the world, given my lack of underwear.

I was half-hoping she’d slide her hand between my legs, because even though we were in a pretty exposed spot I’d seen more-or-less the same thing going on in here before, albeit groping through clothes rather than under them. But she didn’t, and we kissed some more, but I tried to say something as she unfastened a couple more buttons, and it was only when she ran her hand up my side and pushed my dress away that I realised she’d undone all of them.

I made a noise like “this is really not a good idea”, but our mouths were locked together, and she ignored me anyway, and as she ran both her hands up my sides, onto my shoulders and then down my arms I felt both jacket and dress slip away from me.

So there I was, pinned naked in little heels to the wall on the edge of a gay nightclub, with Elise in trousers and a blouse kissing my lips and caressing my body, and I loved every second of it.

Then she pulled back and I didn’t dare open my eyes, and I felt more than heard her take half a step back, and I left it a few more seconds before I opened my eyes only to wonder where on earth she’d gone to.

There were more than a few women looking at me as I stood there naked, and I felt a slight panic rising as I tried to find Elise, and then some relief when I spotted her, but not complete relief as I saw her hand over my dress and my jacket to the cloakroom staff and take a ticket in return.

She walked over clutching it with a big grin on her face and said “I better not lose this or you’ll be walking home naked”. It made me wonder if she’d lose it on purpose and if I should have it, but I had literally nowhere to keep it.

Like an idiot, I just said “I’m naked”, and she said “yeah, great, isn’t it?” And it was.

She took my hand and we went to the bar and got a drink, and it’s funny how quickly we were served. And it’s funny how there was a lot of semi-nudity around the place, but being completely nude draws a lot of attention. I tried to act as if I was calm but my heart was racing.

We sat on stools at the bar and talked while Elise gently stroked my thigh. I just wanted to pull her into the toilets or anywhere and make love. Or actually I just wanted her to bring me to climax and I didn’t care where or how.

I think she knew it too, by the half smile on her lips. I guess at least it was taking her mind of her problems, and it was taking my mind off everything.

She pulled me up for a dance a while later too. And it wasn’t just a dance with Elise, because I got a lot of attention. And at least one witticism of “I love your outfit”.

We went back and sat at the bar again and Elise said to me “You know what your problem is?”

I shook my head. I mean, I know what about a hundred of my problems are, but not any specific one.

“You don’t realise that as soon as you get naked you could have any man or woman you want.”

I laughed, because I thought that was true about just about any naked woman. Elise shook her head, because she said that was true for men, but not every woman could seduce another woman, even if they were straight. I said I’d never even tried, and she said that was what the problem was.

And then she said “See that girl over there?”

I looked at where she indicated and there was a young Asian woman, maybe just a student, and I’d guess maybe India or Bangladeshi, and she looked away as soon as I turned. She was like the definition of the party wallflower, standing at the edge of the room and not making eye contact, and even though she was quite pretty and in a cropped blouse with poppers up the front that revealed a tiny waist and flat stomach and a tight skirt with a split up the side that hinted at some really special legs, nobody was going to talk to her because she didn’t look like she wanted them to talk to her. So why was she there?

“What about her?” I asked.

“She looks like she’s waiting for someone else to make the first move too,” Elise said. “Let’s make a new friend.”

And she just got up, took me by the hand and led me across the room.

The Asian woman pretended not to notice us coming because, of course, nobody was going to talk to her, but when we got right in front of her she couldn’t help it. She looked at Elise, then she looked at me, then she looked at my naked body, and then she looked away in embarrassment.

“Hi,” Elise said, “I can’t help noticing you seemed interested in my friend.”

The girl was really taken aback and mumbled something about how brave, how amazing it was that I was comfortable like that, she’d never be so bold and so on. Elise asked her if it was her first time here, which it was, so Elise said that if she stayed another couple of hours half the room would be naked. I didn’t believe her but the girl said “Really?” as if she did, and then, “My friend never told me about that before.”

Elise asked her about her friend and she pointed to a young white woman across the room who was chatting to another woman who’d obviously taken a liking to the friend. She said they were university friends, and then Elise dug a bit more and said she hadn’t “come out” to her family at all, or most of her friends, so this was all a bit new to her.

Elise got her to come and join us back at the bar and so we sat, our new friend (Amala) sat between us. As we talked I noticed Elise was touching Amala more and more frequently, on the arm, on the thigh, on the knee, and at first the girl jumped a bit but after a while she seemed to be getting used to it, and she was definitely appreciating it.

Suddenly Elise stood up, took Amala by the hand, and said “Let’s get you dancing.” Amala looked nervous but seemed to be going along with it, and Elise winked at me so I stood as well and took her other hand and the three of us walked towards the dance floor.

I started to get a bit jealous actually, as Elise was being really quite friendly with the new girl, dancing behind her with her hands around her waist on bare skin. Elise gestured for me to come closer and we kind of both ended up wrapped around Amala, Elise’s hands on my bare skin, stroking my back and my buttocks, and the young woman almost squeezed between us.

Amala turned around to face me and Elise’s hands were all over her, and then she took Amala’s hands in hers and put them on my sides. I could feel the girl trembling as Elise directed her stroking of my body. It was such an amazing sensation too, to feel such delicate fingers on my skin, and to know Elise was steering them, yet not actually touching me.

Elise took her hands away, but Amala left hers in place, and Elise said “You know this skirt’s too tight,” and the girl tensed as I knew Elise was unzipping the back, and Elise said “I told you half the room is going to be naked in an hour” as if that explained anything.

I put my hands on Amala’s, pressing them into my hips as Elise pushed Amala’s skirt to the floor. She watched it but did nothing, but I was right in my first assessment: the girl had the most amazing legs, and was wearing some pretty hot black underwear too.

Elise was on a roll, running her hands up the girl’s legs as she stood behind her again, and being Elise she just kept going, and the girl trembled as Elise’s hands passed over her waist, and then into her cropped blouse, and then POP POP POP POP POP the entire thing was open, the poppers offering no resistance whatsoever, and I was jealous that she had much nicer breasts than I did, and a sexy black bra too.

Elise just pulled her top down her arms and there she was: very pretty and immensely sexy in nothing but underwear and little heels.

Amala was very giggly now, and she was also getting more attention from other women, although they didn’t interrupt our little dancing threesome. I think it helped that there were other women in there with not much more than underwear on, or something so sheer you could see their underwear, and in one case a complete lack of bra, and, of course, in my case nothing at all.

We dance a little more, and Elise made the most of having a lot of bare skin accessible to her, and I could see that Amala had maybe never even been touched like that before. And she was getting wilder by the minute.

Elise caught Amala looking over at something and realised it was the friend she’d come with, who was now looking back with a raised eyebrow at seeing her demure partner in crime stripped to her underwear.

“Do you fancy her,” Elise asked Amala, and I realised that an hour ago Amala would have denied it but now she just nodded.

“Does she fancy you?” Amala laughed and shook her head.

“I bet that’s just because she hasn’t seen you properly,” Elise said, “Let’s change that.” She ran her hands up Amala’s sides, pushing her arms up. Elise looked at me, and then looked pointedly down at Amala’s bra. I knew what I had to do so I reached around her back and unfastened it as quickly as I could before she could notice.

She squealed and tried to pull her hands down as it fell away from her, her breasts falling but a little without their support, but it still covered her slightly, and Elise held her arms as she giggled and wriggled, so I took my opportunity and put my hands in her underwear waistband and quickly pushed her knickers down her legs.

She squealed and wriggled again and now Elise let go of her and Amala turned to look at her accusingly, but although she was more terrified than I had been earlier she didn’t really fight it, but just crossed one arm over her chest and put the other over her groin to try to cover herself. I took the opportunity to push her bra straps off of her shoulders, and Elise just took both her hands in her own and held them as I slipped the bra down her arms, and that was it: she was as naked as I was.

Suddenly her friend appeared beside us. “Er, are you okay, Amala?”

Amala giggled and said “Can you believe what’s just happened?” And of course her friend couldn’t, and she asked again if she was okay, and Amala said “well, apparently that’s just what happens here all the time,” and Elise and I laughed and her friend gave us a “what is going on?” look.

Elise said to her “I think you two should dance for a bit. We’ll be over there, and bent and picked up Amala’s clothes.”

By the time we reached the bar and turned around Amala had her arms around her friends waist and her friend, now with a very attractive naked body in front of her, was seeing her friend in a wholly new light.

“See?” Elise said, “That was fun, right?”

I had to agree: it was immense fun, and I was less jealous now that Elise wasn’t groping the younger woman.

Then Elise said: “Promise me one thing,” and I said “anything”, and she said, “Next time you feel attracted to someone, man or woman, just do something about it. And if you can’t think what to do then get naked, because I guarantee that will work.” I nodded and laughed.

“And you know what,” Elise said, “I can bet you those two will go home together.”

I had a feeling that they probably would too. But Elise paused and said “Especially if we take Amala’s clothes with us.”

I said “You can’t do that!” and she started to walk towards the cloakroom and said “Well, if you’re not coming, I’ll take yours too.” And I had no choice.

Even then she would only give me my jacket back, which barely covers anything below the buttocks.

It was still only a bit after midnight but Elise said we should go back to mine now, because she wanted to kiss every inch of my body. That sounded fine by me. But, of course, with Elise nothing is straightforward, because after we walked for a while we took the bus, and although I boarded with my jacket on, as we sat in the seats at the back I was very much peeled out of it by a very persistent woman with a penchant for spontaneous behaviour. I just wanted to make her promise to stay but I also said I wouldn’t talk about serious things.

So I left the bus naked, which wasn’t too bad as there were only a few people on it by then, and walked the last few streets home hand-in-hand with Elise. And then she made good on her promise and I was begging her to give me an orgasm by the time she’d built up to it.

Elise left mid-morning, and before she left she made me promise again: that if I felt attracted to anyone, man or woman, then I had to do something about it, not care about rejection, and if it ended up with me being naked and left giggling and feeling silly then that was better than missing a chance I could have taken. She’s probably right and I promised I would.

I tried to make her promise to stay, and she said she didn’t think she could. It wasn’t a great mood to part on, but it was a great night.

Now I’ve got to get ready to go to Jo’s later to do all this work for next week. And we have to work out what to do with a skirt, blouse and underwear that won’t fit either of us. Plus I forgot to message Mel about the park run. Meh, I’ve got bigger problems to work out than Mel making me run naked.

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