Exhibitionist Diary – Tuesday 15th September 2020


I saw Jo today and all was okay, and we didn’t talk about Saturday, but Jo said good luck for tomorrow at Deborah’s company and she expected me to tell her everything about it on Thursday. So I think we’re fine there.

Other than that I had a really long day getting ready and I’m feeling a bit stressed and very excited. And Elise is moving her things in soon!

One thought on “Exhibitionist Diary – Tuesday 15th September 2020

  1. ctrannik

    I am glad there is all clear between you and Jo, because I really was wishing back ago, you two would be a good couple 🙂 But still, no one never knows.

    Also, your ‘naked mistake’ with Jo was not really one, because there are some photos on some web site and the reveal event rolls like a steamroller, and Jo will be probably the only one to help you out, and now you probably can talk to her easier.

    And Kate (as author), thank you for keeping your diary up for us and sharing such hot stories 🙂 Even short entries need work because it is a daily one. And even when short they still are hooks for the story line and can give it a twist one probably fully realizes only days later.

    So I feel a little guilty when giving your short entries only 4 starts, but it is not because the entries are short, it is because the long entries are really so hot and I’d not knew how to reward them more.

    Please keep up the great work,

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