Exhibitionist Diary: Tuesday 27th November 2018


This morning was on-site day at the start-up, and I did something very naughty… I put on a shorter skirt, that didn’t even reach my socks, and packed a longer one in my bag for the afternoon back at the office.

I felt like a little doll sitting at the desk with a couple of young men around me making sure I had everything I needed. All that for just two inches of bare thigh! I reckon they’d give me the company if I took anything else off (although I’m not sure how much their company is really worth, having seen the accounts).

On the way out of their building I changed into the long skirt and went back to my usual desk with a smile on my lips. That afternoon Brian said the start-up had been in touch and they think they might need me in for a full day each week from now on. Result!

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