Exhibitionist Diary: Monday 26th November 2018


I went for a run before work, while it was still a bit dark. It’s amazing how busy it is, but I suppose six-thirty isn’t that early for some people.

Even if I’m crap at it I do feel energised afterwards and I noticed a guy on the tub staring at the v-neck of my blouse. I had wondered if maybe I should wear a bra, just to get a bit more cleavage, but it seems that men will pretty much stare at any patch of bare skin that crosses their eyeline.

Jo actually wore a dress in the office today. I mean, it was a very nice professional dress, not like a ballgown, but it still stood out. It had never occurred to me before so I guess I’ll be back in the shops again soon. She’s a bit thinner than me, though, the cow. (The lovely cow.) I was brave enough to tell her how much I liked it and she said “thanks” and that she felt like a change, and then she ran her hands through her long hair and I think every man in the office turned to look. (Cow. Again.)

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