Exhibitionist Diary: Friday 30th November 2018


I spotted Matthew going out to lunch today so I intercepted him. He was only going for a sandwich but it gave me the opportunity to fiddle with my collar and distract him while the delicatessen made it. I asked him if he was coming out after work and he said he might because his girlfriend’s away. I wasn’t sure if that was an opening to something else or not, but if so then I’m not interested.

Ha came along to the pub and said something about how I was really hitting it off with Matthew and was there anything there. I told her about meeting his fiancée and the wedding and she seemed totally taken aback that we were “just friends”. She told me that she had a male friend like that that she’d known for years and they told each other everything. I sometimes wonder if that’s really true – that neither person wants something else – but I suppose it depends how long they’ve been like that.

Oh yeah: and I ran this morning. It’s just what I do now.

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