Exhibitionist Diary – Thursday 28th May 2020


I did something silly today, which was to get all flirty with Matthew, because I haven’t for a while, but not really for any reason than to make Tim realise he wasn’t anything special. It was so immature, and I’m not sure he even noticed. But Matthew certainly did as I had quite a thin top on and as soon as I saw his reaction it made my nipples go hard, which were about as obvious as you can imagine, which meant he noticed even more, which meant I enjoyed it even more… it lasted about twenty minutes while I pretended to talk about work. It makes me wonder if now he’s a settled married man that perhaps he’s not really having sex any more!

I came home to a message from ENFBoyfriend on the photo forum site, because there were new pictures of me up from Sunday night already. There were some on Elise’s pub website, and even more on that site, and ENFBoyfriend said it was amazing to see me sitting nearly naked in the middle of all those people and he wished everyone wasn’t so stuck up that I could just go the full way. He said he hoped there’d be another performance, but now the link has been made back to Elise’s pub there’s no way I can do that again.

I think I’ll leave it a while before I reply.

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