Exhibitionist Diary – Wednesday 30th January


I don’t know where to start. I had a dream that I was late getting up and Jo was already dressed and I had to go downstairs in my nightdress, and everyone else was at the conference wearing suits. We were talking to two guys and Jo put her arm around my waist, then then she slipped it under my nightdress and she was touching my skin and hoisting my nightdress up enough to expose me to everyone around! I suddenly felt incredibly horny and woke myself up, and then I realise Jo’s hand really was on my waist and she was still asleep! I didn’t know what to do as I lay there. Do I wake her up? Plus I was feeling as randy as anything and could do nothing about it.

Anyway, I shuffled a bit further away in the bed and she turned over and took her hand away. I was sort of disappointed it went, to be honest, as now I had to lay there and wallow in my own frustration.

In the morning I was woken up by the sound of Jo in the shower. I stayed in bed for another ten minutes and when she came out wrapped in a towel I went in. By the time I came out she was already dressed and putting on make-up and then I suddenly did something very brave and let the towel unravel from around me and dried my hair with it! My stomach was churning a bit as she sat there in her skirt and blouse with me almost next to her fully naked! All kinds of weird fantasies went through my mind, and then when she was ready she started talking to me about her plan for the day. I was still naked and left it for as long as possible to dig my clothes out and start getting dressed!

With Jo watching I had to put on underwear, of course, but it was a nice pair and I hoped she liked it. (I can’t believe I even think that.)

Anyway, the conference itself wasn’t that exciting, and of course as two women we found it easy to find people to talk to. I even flirted with a few older guys and accidentally let a blouse button stay undone.

Jo said I did pretty well anyway and she’d make sure she took me along to any others.

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