Sripped Naked At The Bar

Naked woman in a public bar

Louisa was feeling much less confident now. It was one thing being an exhibitionist by dancing around in a short dress, but another entirely to be sitting there naked. She’d never thought Tania would go through with this, not even right at the end when every button was undone. Even then, she thought Tania would back down and call an end to the joke. Her face started to redden and Trisha and Rebecca both started to feel bad for either not helping or for helping too much.

“Well,” Rebecca said, “Shall I get another drink in.” Trisha laughed, as much for a release as anything.

“I don’t know,” said Tania, “Isn’t it Louisa’s round?”

She received a hard stare in reply.

“Oh no,” Tania continued, “Louisa got the last one. Shame.” She looked down at Louisa’s bare legs. She wasn’t sure how mad Louisa really was now. She’d seemed to be going along with it for a while. Maybe she’d gone too far after all.

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