Exhibitionist Diary – Tuesday 29th January 2019


I’ve got a few minutes to myself while Jo is out of the room, but today has gone a bit weird! I was at the start-up as usual, and I couldn’t really wear anything too daring as I was meeting Jo at the station later. And that was all fine and we had a nice chat on the train. Then we got to the hotel and checked into our room and it’s only a double bed instead of a twin! So I’m going from hardly knowing one of the company partners to sharing a bed with her in the space of one day… We’re going out to dinner soon anyway.

We had a pretty small dinner in a Japanese place, and Jo paid. She’s nice, but I think we both feel a bit weird about the sleeping arrangements. She’s apologised for it about a dozen times, but it’s the hotel’s fault and not hers. It’s a good job I wasn’t planning to sleep in the nude!

Jo’s in the bathroom at the moment so I took the opportunity to undress and get into bed with my laptop on my legs and… oh she’s coming out now. And I never thought I’d be live-blogging my boss walking around in her underwear. She looks pretty fit for a forty (maybe forty?) year-old.

Now she’s brushing her hair. Getting something out of her suitcase.

Hang on a sec she’s talking to me.

It was just chit-chat, but it was very distracting that she was getting undressed while she did it. And I wondered if a forty-year-old shaved her pubes and I guess the answer is yes, in this case.

She’s put on a dress now at least. I better finish here in case she sees the screen when she gets into bed.

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