Exhibitionist Diary – Tuesday 27th August 2019


I had a giggle with Ha about the Friday night out today. I wasn’t expecting to feel this good so soon after a break-up! Even Jo said it was good to see me back to my usual self again. Little did she know that my usual self was back to a dress without underwear, and it felt so good! There was a guy eying me on the way home and I flashed a little smile at him (because I couldn’t work out how to flash anything else). He was a bit old for me but it was nice to get attention.

I’m feeling motivated about work again so I arranged a lunchtime meeting with Jo tomorrow, because if she’s going to be managing me it would be good to have some idea about what the company’s planning and to see if I can step up my game.

I spent the morning with Rachel catching up on her clients, which were mainly okay but there were a few technical things I corrected her on. Even that made me feel good about myself like: hey, I know something!

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