Exhibitionist Diary – Saturday 31st August 2019


I decided I needed some retail therapy today so I went shopping. I bailed on buying a really nice raincoat because it was nearly two-hundred pounds, but I’m kind of regretting it because I can imagine wearing nothing underneath it and still being nice and warm. Actually, I realised that everything I looked at was with a view to either a) could I get away with wearing nothing underneath it and b) would it feel good against bare skin. Clothes get more expensive that way, it seems, because the nicest fabrics cost the most.

I also resisted a pair of boots, because I haven’t really worn the knee-high boots from last winter enough yet! And I have my ankle boots. Unlike the coat, I think skipping those was wise, because I really don’t need any more boots.

In the end I only came back with a skirt and a really nice soft merino wool sweater that’s going to feel great against my skin. But I suppose money I didn’t spend is money saved…

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