Exhibitionist Diary – Friday 30th August 2019


Home late because I went out for drinks after work. I ended up talking to some people I didn’t know that well and it was nice to spread my wings a bit. No romantic potential, unfortunately, because most of them are at least ten years older, and there are a couple that are a few years younger. Or maybe it’s fortunate because I’m quite enjoying the simple life at the moment where I’ve only got myself to worry about.

I felt good when I came home so I kicked off my boots and coat and clothes in the hallway and spend the rest of the evening in the nude watching Netflix. I don’t know if the people opposite can see in, now that it’s dark enough in the evening to need a lamp or two on, but I don’t care either. If they haven’t worked out I like to hang around in my own flat naked by now then maybe they never will!

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