How Much Did He See?


©alyosha aloisov

Soon, though, the bikini wasn’t far enough and, once I was on the open road I’d find a quiet spot, pull over and throw the top and bottom on the passenger seat and continue the journey nude. It was reassuring to have the bikini there, just in case, and I’d drive around the quietest roads, taking in the scenery and letting the sun soak into me and the air wash over me. On the way back I’d stop and get dressed again before finishing the last part of my drive home.

There was the time when I went to overtake a truck, and then realised that from the driver would be looking right down on me as I went past. I put my foot to the floor and I think I was reaching a hundred miles an hour as I passed him, so I’m not sure how much detail he could have made out. I told myself I was an idiot, and then realised that I had loved the feeling of danger.

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